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Reviews of Glarry GST Electric Guitar White Red Blue Yellow Green Sunset Sky Blue Black
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Customer Reviews(306)

by G***d

on November 15, 2020

After watching a review on You Tube from Doug of The Sound Test Room, I purchased both the GST guitar and the GP Bass. I'm a drummer who after 30 years of gigging, took up the 3 stringed cigar box guitar as a result of not being able to gig due to COVID lockdowns. I loved it and after seeing these decided to buy them and try learning bass and 6 stringed guitar. I've got to say Ive never played a Fender or Gibson but for the money I can't believe how good these are. A functional bass and guitar ...

Service Team:

Thanks for your comment. We will try harder to offer better products and service. Looking forward to your next visit! GLARRY

by J***y

on March 05, 2020

SUPER FUN Strat style guitar! After cranking the truss rod to straighten the neck and lower the action, setting the saddles and intonation, this is a MIND BOGGLING guitar for the price! I have watched several videos on these guitars and heard good and bad things about them. They are made with a lot of machining and fewer human hands than an expensive instrument. You should expect minor imperfections. Mine had the tiniest bit of wood filings coming from one side of the nut slot. Just a little ...

by C***s

on December 16, 2019

I read reviews that Glarry Guitars was a good buy for under 100 dollars so i decided to check it out myself. I ordered a Glarry electric guitar and the shipping was fast and the guitar was package well. The look and feel of the guitar right out of the box was very good. I am 76 year old and been playing music since i was 11 years old, the Glarry guitar played and sound just as good as my Gibson and Fender. I was shock but pleased. Glarry customer service is the best that i ever seen, the fi ...

by B***a

on December 11, 2019

It's a beginner level guitar. It needed a truss rod tweak. New strings and a saddle height adjustment. It is now completely playable. It has one of the nicest necks I have ever seen on a guitar in my 25 years around guitars. There are no sharp fret ends and the neck is rolled very nicely. Great fret size and a joy to play. All electronics are solid and it stays in tune amazingly well. Negatives..finish quality is not the greatest but no glaring flaws. And the tuners are cheap but, as mentioned, ...

by G***h

on November 23, 2020

I was looking for an inexpensive guitar with which to practice fixing guitars. This model is beautiful and very light, which my body enjoys. It had a few things that needed addressed, like a slight tweak in the neck and lowering the action and a bit of fret sprout, but it was well worth the money. It is a great entry level guitar. I wish they had been around when I started playing 55 years ago. But they are now and that will benefit all of those wanting to get into playing guitar but don't have ...

by j***e

on November 18, 2020

This is a beginner guitar. That being said, for the price, it's worgh it! I recommend adjusting the truss rod just a bit and lowering the action. This guitar is VERY light which I like. You can barely notice it around your neck when playing, unlike Les Pauls which feel like you're playing a water buffalo in weight. Im replacing the tuners with locking ones. Highly recommend this guitar though!!!

by E***y

on September 24, 2021

I have been playing Guitar for over 20 years. I have many high-end guitars in my collection. I purchased this Glarry guitar just to see what it was like. I have to say I am very impressed. For less that $90 shipped to my house, it is a great value! I feel confident that after a good set-up, it will be a very excellent performing guitar! People years ago would have loved to have had an instrument of this quality for this reasonable of a price. Thanks, Glarry, for putting playable instrumen ...

by S***l

on September 16, 2021

came quick and in perfect condition, great for the price

by R***l

on September 14, 2021

Very disappointed. Only fair build quality and no setup whatsoever. I'm an advanced player so I could do my own set up. A beginner would have been hopelessly frustrated with even getting in tune. Worse yet the strings were corroded. Filthy dirty and the ends seized in the tremolo block. I had to force them out to restring it.

Service Team:

Sorry for the inconvenience caused to you! We appreciate your support for Glarry. We have already reflected your question to our development department and quality control department. We would censor more rigidly on our products and improve their quality. Our Customer - Service will contact you soon. Glarry

on September 16, 2021

Glarry did make things right with my purchase. Good customer support.

by J***k

on September 11, 2021

Good: Body was good. Electronics work fine. Selector switch was nice and tight. Light gage strings were satisfactory. Not so good: The bridge was floating a little because it was not tightened to the body. I had to tighten all six screws. I had to tighten the trem springs as well. The neck was smooth but had a lot of sanding marks that needed to be finished to look good. Some uneven feel along the neck. The plastic nut was not fully seated in the nut slot, creating an ugly gap and uneven action ...

Service Team:

Sorry for the inconvenience caused to you! We appreciate your support for Glarry. We have already reflected your question to our development department and quality control department. We would censor more rigidly on our products and improve their quality. Glarry

by M***y

on September 02, 2021

I love this instrument. It looks and plays like a much higher priced guitar. I will be buying more Glarry guitars.

by E***n

on August 21, 2021

The green GTL style guitar feels better playing on the neck but this GST style guitar feels better in my lap, is more comfortable holding for long periods of time and has a broader overall tone. I am glad I bought both. Both came in perfect condition. Very pleased!

by R***y

on July 23, 2021

I purchased the Glarry GST in black with the maple fingerboard. I picked up a tuner and a small amp off the internet. I knew nothing about guitars at the time of my purchase. I can not believe the quality built into the guitar I received. It looks great and it will serve me well during my guitar learning journey. I got a ton of value for the money I spent.

by J***n

on July 13, 2021

Great look and feel, carries great beat and produces vibrant sounds

by R***y

on July 10, 2021

It came super fast , looks great and played great out of the box. Great guitar for someone who wants to learn but doesn't have or want to spend a lot of money. I would highly recommend!!

by l***z

on July 08, 2021

....This was my 1st Glarry. It was a project candidate after I watched an episode of "Trogly's Guitar Show" (Austin isn't a very good player but he does his homework on everything else & that convinced me to buy one). I was pleasantly surprised. I changed out most everything on it (pup, bridge, keys, pickguard, all the electronics) but it's a great player & I use it for figuring out tunes with my computer. It's not a "cheap" guitar. It's a great low-cost guitar especially if you trick it out. It ...

by r***r

on July 06, 2021

This is my second Glarry. Like the last one, it plays quite well once you set the action and intonation. Truss rod was already perfect. The body had some strange blemishes, paint imperfections that it looked like they tried to polish out. Not a huge deal though. There was also a strange rusty spot covering about 1/3 of the first fret, and the nut looks like it got mangled a bit during sizing. Honestly I do not expect perfection from a guitar at this price point. I am quite satisfied, although I ...

by G***n

on July 02, 2021

This is my first guitar and so my experience with guitars is very limited. Overall, this guitar looks very nice. The main reason I bought it was because it looks like the guitar that my father had and it brought back fond memories. The fit and finish is nice for an instrument of this price point. My only complaint is that the tone controls don't do anything. From what I have read, this is because of the use of poor quality potentiometers. I will eventually replace them with quality pots. I would ...

by M***s

on June 30, 2021

Very pleased. Bought for a project and it turned out great and sounds amazing!!! Fast free shipping.

by A***z

on June 24, 2021

If is a very nice guitar and very cheap

by J***i

on June 24, 2021


by D***t

on June 20, 2021

Great value. With just a few neck adjustments this guitar is very playable. Gets pretty good Strat tones.

by R***s

on June 18, 2021

Great value. Very playable.

by g***n

on June 17, 2021

ever thing was good except for the box with no padding

by B***h

on June 16, 2021

Guitar arrived early!! Was done nicely. Frets are all great and everything works as it should. Very good looking. Super light great for a young player. The only issue was one of the strap bolts had been overtightened and cracked the body a little. Still awesome for 80 bucks.

by N***n

on June 13, 2021

Again, Glarry has surpassed all of my expectations!!! This guitar came playable right out of the box!!! The color is more of a butterscotch and is Beautiful!!! Again no sprouting or sharps on the frets!!! Thank You Again Glarry!!! p.s. Ordered on Thursday and received on Sunday via free shipping, wow!!!

by B***y

on June 06, 2021

I love everything about this one, I only have one issue which could be a big one in that the female plug connector bottom screw was inserted on the edge of the cutout and the screw literally fell out because nothing is holding it. Other than this it looks great and I like everything else about it

Service Team:

Thanks for your comment. We will try harder to offer better products and service. Looking forward to your next visit! GLARRY

by W***s

on June 03, 2021

Love this lucky little shamrock!

by R***y

on June 01, 2021

Fantastic guitar for the money! This guitar rivals any higher priced guitar on the market. Nice heavy neck and great resonance on the basswood body. With some fine tuning, this guitar sounds and plays great! I will be buying another! Ray

by L***y

on May 30, 2021

I bought 2 glarry gst for both of my sons for there 1st guitar and they couldn't be happier shipping was right on time and arrived in great condition

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