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Reviews of Glarry GST-E Rosewood Fingerboard Electric Guitar Black Blue
4.7 5 88

Customer Reviews(88)

by G***o

on July 21, 2023

Love it.

by G***o

on July 21, 2023

Love the look of the guitar. I had to make some adjustments for it to play right. Its to be expected.

by J***D

on January 30, 2023

Exactly as I expected. Great addition to my collection.

by R***i

on January 27, 2023

Love it

by J***e

on January 22, 2023

Grandson loves it, but still waiting for upgrade 40 watt amp???

by A***s

on December 29, 2022

The quality of my guitar, both visually and proformance wise, are epic A.F. especially considering how inexpensive it was and it arrived a day early. I only gave you 5 stars because 6 isn't available. Thank you and I'll be buying more from you guys in the near future!

by H***e

on December 08, 2022

Second Glarry for a friend. He also bought the Zebra one , after seeing the Glarry with the skulls on itthat I bought!

by H***e

on November 23, 2022

Bought it for a friend,he loves my GST-E skull guitar had to have the Zebra one, now wants me to order him a skull GST-EToo!

by N***k

on October 29, 2022

Great product and fast service A+

by p***r

on September 26, 2022

Fun guitar for under $100

by J***r

on August 25, 2022

I got this as a 2nd electric guitar and it's awesome for a beginner or someone who wants to play around. 4 out of 5 because of a free ring on the G string around 10 and 12. Also feel the volume is lower than it should be but still with a good amp the volume is no issue.

by J***r

on August 12, 2022

I ordered 2 and know they are cheap guitars but both had flaws. Your products are slipping from when I first started ordering.

Service Team:

Sorry for the inconvenience caused to you! We appreciate your support for Glarry. We have already reflected your question to our development department and quality control department. We would censor more rigidly on our products and improve their quality. Our Customer - Service will contact you soon. Glarry

by H***e

on August 12, 2022

My third Glarry!I love em, got the gj2 upgrade bass, got the P bass, now the GST. E, with the Skulls on it , how bout a GIB 5 string with humbuckers,.....

by M***n

on August 06, 2022

Beautiful guitar, awesome condition, got it within a few days! Very very pleased with my product. This is my 3rd Glarry guitar and I can't wait to get the next one

by J***r

on July 27, 2022

I ordered 2 of these and both are blemished. I can take pics if you want. I know these are cheaper guitars but they could be very nice if it not for this condition. I can probably get fixed but not worth. Appreciate any money off.Thanks I am a good customer.

Service Team:

Sorry for the inconvenience caused to you! We appreciate your support for Glarry. We have already reflected your question to our development department and quality control department. We would censor more rigidly on our products and improve their quality. Our Customer - Service will contact you soon. Glarry

by J***s

on June 25, 2022

This is a great addition to my collection of cheap guitars. I got a P-Bass style Glarry, and love it- the fit, finish and playability of this guitar is quite good, plus it sounds really good.

by J***s

on June 30, 2022

I got this Zebra striped guitar for a friend who collects guitars. he has both name brand and cheap guitars, and loves this one! He says, it has fast action, plays well, and sounds great through his Marshall amplifier.

by m***y

on June 22, 2022

I sent a message to cancel my order long before they shipped it out, some rep sent me a text to apologize for being late reading the request to stop the package. So customer service decided to keep 20% of my cost as a penalty, tried to make it sound like my fault. I left several message, emails, texts, they just ignored all of them. Just thought the public should know about all this.

Service Team:

I am so sorry for all the issues, Our Customer - Service will contact you soon. Please check your email, it may go to the spam folder. Glarry

on June 26, 2022

I want to complement the Glarry team for taking care of my recent customer service issue. They not only acted quickly on the matter, but added value to my experience with them as well. Let it be know they really do care about their customers! I will always buy from Glarry.

by T***l

on June 15, 2022

***** Unbelievable quality for this extremely low price. ***** Pros: Excellent price for a beginner guitar or for modifying. The body finish was surprisingly good and the fret wire ends were not sharp. The electronics were only noisy after supplying a very high gain, some shielding tape or paint will fix this but for the sale price I can see why this and major manufacturers do not do this, Cons, the 12th fret is high allowing string buzz, especially in drop D tuning ***(this was the ...

by M***t

on June 15, 2022

I love it! This is my first Glarry, but it definitely won't be my last. I can't wait to get my next one.

by A***s

on April 21, 2022

I read a lot of reviews and found not one that didn't praise these guitars. For 95.00 i figured what can i lose. BELIEVE THE REVIEWS!!!! I would (AND HAVE) spent much more for guitars that couldn't hold a candle to this guitar. And the graphic and finish on the guitar are awesome. This won't be the last Glarry will hear from me;-) I am proud to display this guitar in my collection.

Service Team:

Thanks for your comment. We will try harder to offer better products and service. Looking forward to your next visit! Glarry

by W***a

on April 10, 2022

for the price it is great i have been playing for 60 yrs and i love this guitar

by S***o

on March 16, 2022

Just received my new Glarry guitar. Photos didn't do the guitar justice. Nice tone when I plugged it in. For the price this might become my new go to guitar. Thanks Glarry.

by M***r

on February 02, 2022

Had a problem with a loose connection and only got horrendous fredback, when I got hold of customer service, they went the extra mile and sent me a replacement as soon as they could! Thanks for the great service!!

by J***e

on December 26, 2021

Very nice for the money AAA +++

by D***N

on December 21, 2021

Better looking than photos. Another awesome Glarry guitar.

by L***s

on December 17, 2021

Although we haven't opened it. I will give a better review then. Very very fast delivery it's packaged very well there's not even a way that you can hurt the item in anyway it is a packaged so durable. It was easy to order. The only negative is the one that we wanted was not available my daughter was looking for an electric guitar and prices are a little steep But when it's for your kids you know if you do what you can.

by D***s

on November 12, 2021

The GST-E guitar I received is nicer than I expected. Sounds great.

by A***s

on June 27, 2021

I bought this bass 3 months ago. And it sounds fantastic. I had to do a set up and I'm still sanding the neck down for that feel. that said, excellent bass and soon I will be doing mods on it but that's not of a necessity. It's just a luxury.

by A***r

on June 19, 2021

It's worth the money, I reset it up a bit lower, finish is good, not great but it will be ok in a few years of playing. case is better than nothing but from the over all price its good, shipping time was fantastic.

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