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Reviews of Glarry ST-E Rosewood Fingerboard Electric Guitar
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by Charles Booth on December 09, 2018

The guitar has nice-looking design,the tone is clear,it plays very well.The string quality is great,the flexibility is good enough not to hurt the hand.All in all,a wonderful guitar!My roommates also want to buy one.

by Richard Thornton on December 06, 2018

I received my electric guitar a few days ago.The timbre and material are satisfactory to me.It is much better than expected.I'm going to recommend it to my friends.

by Edsiomar Dettmann de Castro on September 06, 2018

I am learning how to play this. From what I saw and what buddy played, it seems to be a great little guitar to start with. Staying in the tunes is good. It sounds pretty good. There are no complaints from this newbie.

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