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Glarry GJazz Electric Bass Guitar Sunset Black Burlywood White Blue

Glarry GJazz Electric Bass Guitar Sunset Black Burlywood White Blue

Glarry GJazz Electric Bass Guitar Burlywood
Guitar + Cord + Wrench Tool
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Color Black Sunset Burlywood White Blue

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A good electric guitar, will be your constant companion in your lifetime. Buy a GLARRY electric guitar and pursue your own musical dreams. The GLARRY guitar brand is aim to do one thing, which is let all beginners have good guitars from the start. Buy a guitar and we will send a rich gift package.


Brand: Glarry
Style: GJazz Bass
Orientation: Right handed
Color: Sunset; Black; Burlywood; White; Blue
Number of frets: 20
Nut width: 1.656 in.
Scale length: 34"
Number of strings(Roundwound): 4
Pickup: Single-Single Pickup
Guitar Bridge System:Fixed
Controls: 2 x Volume, 1 x Tone
Body Material: Basswood
Fingerboard Material: Rosewood
Neck Material: Maple
Dimensions: (46.26 x 13.78 x 2.36)"(L x W x H)
Weight: 7.82lb

Package Includes:

1 x Bass
1 x Power Wire
2 x Tools

Reviews (30)

by R***s, on November 13,2019

For This Price I Could Not Be More Happy. I prefer Basswood for tone so thats a bonus for me, i prefer the bare wood on my necks so thats also a bonus for me. The neck pocket could be a little tighter, the pick guard has one little spot thats not perfect and the rout for the bridge puckup isnt perfect but none of that really matters. It sounds really deep, warm and transparent with no ground noise when both single coils are the same volume. It feels especially great to hold or stand with because its lightweight basswood and the neck is thick like a C cut- these two aspects together really help round out the tone in the low mids. I have zero regrets. Perfect for beginners or Pros who know its not the gear but the player that makes all the difference. Now im going to order the P Bass.

by F***e, on November 13,2019

I was very eager to get my hands on one of these guitars, as I had seen a few YouTube unboxing videos. I was not disappointed. It arrive quickly and in perfect condition. I quickly tuned it up (not set it up as the was done already). I am not gonna tell you that this is a good guitar for the price, I'm gonna tell you that this is a good guitar!!! I am thinking of going back for the P Bass version

by M***n, on November 06,2019

Glarry is the best. I was led to them by Max of GuitarMax on youtube. And he was right a ridiculously low price for an awesome guitar. I will always buy from Glarry because they sell guitars that other companies sell for twice or three times as much at a mere fraction of the price. Do yourself a favor buy one today you won't be disappointed. Glarry Rocks!!!!

by J***t, on November 06,2019

I am a guitarist that decided to study bass and needed a practice guitar. I saw the "Bully the KID" video and I was impressed, so I purchased the sunburst and it was better than expected! The finish is flawless. I tuned it up and it was playable out of the box. Neck straight. No Buzz or Hum. No real issues. The action was a little higher than I like, so I lowered and intonated it. I love the feel and the sound of this guitar. It is comfortable to play. Tuners and bridge are ok. The only cosmetic mod was to change the pick guard to black. Later on I may decide to upgrade the pickups to Dimarzo 123. Anyway I will definitely get another bass guitar from Glarry.

by R***y, on November 04,2019

If you want to spend less than $200 on a full size bass, buy a glarry. I purchased and received in April 2019, and have proceeded to beat the S*** out of it since. I had Initially planned to buy the P bass, but it was sold out and I lacked self control and patience, so I bought the jazz bass, in sunset as black was the only other option at the time. Mine personally has the old style headstock (I.E. the fender one) The neck, head and nut are identical to that on the Glarry P bass, but even with Meh sized hands, its pretty manageable. Build quality: Whats Bad? - the Strap Buttons dont have aggressive enough screws. they will get loose. the screws may need to be replaced. - all mounting holes (pick guard, bridge, tuners etc) were not drilled pre-installation, leaving sawdust and wood chips under the hardware. - the white pick guard is just ugly with the sunset, and covers what is a really nice finish. a clear pick guard option would be nice. -The instrument cable is actual cheap, and will probably fail after a couple weeks. spend $15 on amazon or at GC and get a decent cable Whats good? - frets all have smooth edges - tuners have a nice feel - really playable and versatile at the price point. The Neck: The neck on this bass Deserves its own section. It is 2JZ levels of overbuilt. The stock String gauges measure E: .100 A: .80 D: .65 and G: .45 in the spirit of absurdity, I attempted to move up to .130 .110 .85 .70 and tuned to standard, the neck was barely bowed, and the .70 broke, the core stripping out of the tuning peg completely. So if you don't do anything stupid and/or weird, the neck shouldn't give you trouble. Look at it this way, This bass cost what a carton of cigarettes does. even if you dont know what a bass is, or how to play one, buy it. its cheap, its fun to slap and it makes bass sounds.

by J***h, on October 22,2019

The online reviews of the Glarry bass are quite accurate.For the price of this bass it is a superior product. It does require some setup as do most instruments regardless of price. But in my opinion what is really superior is the customer service.I ordered directly from Glarry because of the reputation for good customer service.It turned out that I had a truss rod problem and it was taken care by a few emails in days not weeks.

by P***r, on October 21,2019

The bass is good for the price, though the one I received had some issues. The pickup cavities were not centered with respect to the strings - the neck pickup should have been located 1 mm further towards the G string side, and the bridge pickup should have been located 2 mm towards the E string side. The action was too high even when the bridge saddles were in the lowest position, so a shim was needed in the neck pocket to lower it. There were a few frets that needed to be dressed a little to prevent buzzing, but the neck is overall straight, and feels solid (like it won't need lots of truss rod adjustment to maintain the action at the desired height). One of the height adjustment screws used for the bridge saddles needed to be replaced as the hex wrench wouldn't insert fully (because of a little metal burr that was preventing that). There were a few noticeable dents in the side of the neck and fingerboard near the nut, and the body wood at the neck pocket had some pretty rough edges were it thins out. I mentioned these concerns to Glarry, and received partial compensation for my purchase which was fair, in light of the defects and the work I needed to do to get the bass in shape to play. Overall, I am satisfied with the purchase - especially with the customer support I received.

by J***n, on October 19,2019

If you are on the fence about ordering one of these then I urge you to do it. I watched a ton of reviews on YouTube before ordering mine and I'm extremely pleased with the J bass. I will be ordering a white p bass soon. I expect the quality to be on par with the J. Just get the bass. You'll be happy with it.

by S***w, on October 15,2019

My daughter is really pleased with the base guitar, she's happy with the look and sound. The service was great, fast delivery.

by C***r, on October 06,2019

I bought the Jazz Bass on a Wednesday and it was at my house on Thursday! I'm a drummer who's trying something different so I can't say anything about its playability, but it sounds great and it's a beautiful instrument. For the price point you get a lot! WTG, Glarry!

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