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Reviews of Glarry GW101 36in Kid's Electric Bass Guitar Red Burlywood Yellow
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Customer Reviews(44)

by v***r

on March 05, 2024


by J***.

on February 20, 2024

Nice inexpensive Microscale bass. Neck is satin and smooth. No fret ends poking out. Body is lightly finished with no grain filler or very little. A little rough to the touch. Plays fine out of the box and tuned up. For $100 great for a beginner, little kid or person with smaller hands or stature. For an experienced player like me, it's an $100 body and neck at 25.5" scale with a good balance point for the strap. It uses some standard parts, which means it can take some standard replacements. I ...

by G***y

on January 20, 2024

This bass is not just for kids. If you like short scale basses and/or want a nice travel instrument this is for you. It's also really nice for recording and practicing in front of the computer. My bass had a minor problem and Glarry customer service took care of it right away. They have great communication and really do what it takes to satisfy the customer.

by J***e

on January 10, 2024

This was for an Angel Tree teen and it was a huge hit! So well made

by C***y

on December 26, 2023

Everything was great. I do have a question though...where would I get replace strings for the glarry Mini bass?

by E***y

on December 15, 2023

Writing this on Christmas day and it was a hit. I have played bass for decades and made one. I've read about hums, but I did not notice any difference from any other Jazz bass. As such, there is a little hum when one is not playing. Electronics are nice. Bridge is nice but not adjusted at all. I will use a screw driver and YouTube later. Frets are nice. Real truss rod. Because this is such a real instrument, it could conceivably be to heavy for you child. We like it.

by H***y

on November 28, 2023

You have to realize that this is an inexpensive bass and comes with low end strings and tuners. That said, the bass arrived in quite good shape. I was not familiar with setting up a bass but was smart enough to realize it needed a little work. A little YouTube University and online articles showed me what to look for and how to correct any found issues. I adjusted the neck and set the intonation. The bass now plays and stays in tune. In time I will replace the original strings and tuners. ...

by R***o

on November 12, 2023

Arrived near playable with some fretwork. Very playable neck. Sealed the open pore finish with 2 coats of past wax and buffed, came out very nice. Perfect travel bass. Round wound strings and the dual picups great tonal range bright to mellow. Tightened tuner posts to help hold tuner drifting. Intonation not very close across all strings/bridge easily adjustable/typical Fender style good weight. Control cavity not sheilded but quiet/scaled pots. Overall first impression very playable/well made. ...

by B***s

on October 19, 2023

Great travel bass for an adult. This baby sounds better than one of my full size guitars that cost three times more. Thinking about buying another one.

by C***s

on October 01, 2023

When I saw the specs on this bass, I had to buy it, I am glad I did. It has great tone, especially for such a small scale. Once I did a setup on it (file the nut, adjust the bridge, adjust the truss rod, and dressed the fret ends), It plays like butter. There was a little too much hum from the pickups, but once I shielded the cavity on the back, it's dead silent. The Mahogany body, Maple neck, and Rosewood fretboard make for a great bass. If you know how to do a proper setup, this is a great buy ...

by A***s

on September 08, 2023

My 67 year old fingers can no longer handle a full size bass, this guitar is a pleasure to play. Thanks Glarry

by M***l

on August 10, 2023

This was an affordable set. My 10 year old son loves it. The sound is very nice. The guitar itself is gorgeous.

by L***i

on July 31, 2023

Much better quality than I expected. I did have to do major adjustments for the intonation and had to file the nut slot for the E string, it was much too high. If you know how to make these adjustments, you will have a reasonably playable instrument.

by M***S

on July 18, 2023

Perfect!, THNX!!

by D***n

on June 19, 2023

What a fine little instrument. A few years back, I bought a Fender Squire mini-strat on Amazon and got it decked out with all the things I like. It leans against my night stand and I play it before going to sleep, when I wake up in the morning (if I have time), and if I wake up in the middle of the night with insomnia. I play that little sucker more than I play my Ibanez Jem these days. Now my little Strat has a companion, and I can choose whether I want to practice guitar or bass. I love ...

by B***y

on June 18, 2023

This little bass sounds HUGE. With a decent amp I get great throaty tones that growl when I need them to. there's plenty of bite and punch available when you need it. The build quality is good. The finish looks like it's a stain with a simple waxing done to protect it. This is just how the original high end bases that this one emulates were done. Those with extra large hands will find it a little skinny but still playable at the nut. This bass is designed for the little guys but ultimately it's ...

by A***n

on June 02, 2023


by C***s

on May 17, 2023

I have a 13 yr old that wants to learn how to play bass. He's just over 4 ft tall and expressed that the guitars he uses in music class are too big for him. He loves it.

by C***y

on May 15, 2023

I bought this bass because I have smaller hands and don't really like the normal scale bass. It's almost tiny compared to other short scale basses but the sound is great and it came set up right from the box. I just tuned it up and adjusted the height of one string and it's ready to go! Intonation was already set and neck looked good, no sharp frets. Good job Glarry!

by T***n

on May 13, 2023

Unique little Jazz Bass -No glossy finish. Easy player. Neck pickup is 11K ohms, Bridge is around 7,k ohms I would suggest putting some nice stings on it.

by A***a

on April 26, 2023

Saw this Amazing very Short Scale Electric Bass Guitar on the Glarry website and purchased it in a heartbeat. Now I own three Glarry basses & one on the way which will make it four. Thank you GLARRY for making it happen for me!!!

by A***T

on April 09, 2023

7 year old loves it! This is not a toy. This is a real bass and guess what? It sounds amazing. Set it up to your liking and this thing is a ton of fun to play with. Has pickup volumes and so far, no issues. We truly love this bass.

by w***l

on March 18, 2023

Fantastic little bass guitar just need to set up which they all do at this price....... I'm very satisfied with my purchase....... Shipped on time arrived on time.......

by G***r

on February 08, 2023

I saw this bass on YouTube and was impressed. I ordered it for my son- who is now also learning to play guitar. The bass arrived at the airline that forwarded to o us very quickly- ahead of schedule (to our small island in the Caribbean - Cayman Brac). The bass was packaged well and arrived very safely- in good condition. We'll have some other great comments as my son plays his first songs on the bass: accompanying his own guitar melodies. Thanks for making something very available and affordab ...

by D***s

on February 08, 2023


by M***n

on February 03, 2023

I think this short scale base guitar is a very good buy at the price. The tools to do the setup (truss rod and saddle) are provided and allowed me to reach a descent playing setup. The fretboard and frets are in good shape... no warping of the fretboard, and no high/low/rough frets. The sound is good coming through my amp (via a good cable I already have). This is another good example of Glarry quality (I also have an electric guitar, acoustic guitar, and now this bass) that I have purchased ove ...

by M***l

on January 16, 2023

The bass sounds amazing and it was a great deal!

by T***e

on December 13, 2022

so far, very satisfied with this product, I can let you know more after Jan.6th, it's my grandsons birthday.

by R***d

on December 10, 2022


by N***n

on November 29, 2022

Great little bass guitar at a great price!! It was delivered quickly and everything was as advertised. Very happy with the purchase!

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