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Reviews of Glarry GST Rosewood Fingerboard Electric Guitar Black Red Sunset
4.7 5 17

by G***l on August 26, 2019

Looks Great, Very Happy with it. The neck is a bit chunky but it being unfinished ill sand it down a little , fret ends are well done better the the Squire I just bought.

by E***k on August 20, 2019

Good: good value for the price, decent materials, sounds good once it's set up properly, great affordable platform for modding. Nice colors. Bad: Needs a lot of set up to play well (intonation, action, truss rod, fret level and polish, tremolo set up). Nut is really rough and too tall. Neck is unfinished and too fat, if you like a fat unfinished neck you might like it, I shaved it down to match the profile and feel of my other strat that I like (also changed the head stock shape at the same time) and finished it with a couple rubbed on coats of amber shellac (for a vintage tint) and it feels and looks a lot better now. Top screw on the jack plate was chipped out so I had to reposition it and drill new screw holes, the original was to close to the edge of the routing and the screw hole blew out and had nothing to hold onto. The tremolo cavity is too small, the back of the string block hits the body, it only goes down a few steps before bottoming out, you can't get a good floppy string dive-bomb out of it. The string block itself is very small and skinny so replacing the bridge would only make things worse (as does trying to float the bridge) I removed some of the wood from the back of the cavity, but it still hits, need to remove more. It would be nice if the bridge was a standard size and the pocket for the block was big enough to get the strings to full slack and provide more room for floating the bridge. The strings are terrible, replace right away if you want to stay in tune. OK: Tuners, bridge, and electronics are just OK, but workable for a beginner or backup guitar and do the job for the price. This critique is more for Glarry in hopes that they can make a few changes to further improve an already good product. I expect to have to do some work to any guitar at any price to get it how I want it, but the issues with the bridge route, screw holes, and nut, go beyond a basic set up and need improvement.

Service Team:

We appreciate your support for Glarry. We have already reflected your question to our development department and quality control department. We would censor more rigidly on our products and improve their quality. If you have other questions, please contact our customer support center cs@glarrymusic.com, we will do everything we can to help you. GLARRY

by L***t on August 18, 2019

Ordering was easy. Was notified when it shipped. Arrived in perfect condition. And my 12 year old daughter is very happy. Would definitely order from you again.

by T***l on August 13, 2019

I have purchased several acoustic and electric guitars from Glarry Music. They are a new company with lower priced instruments. I found the GST to be a reliable instrument after action set up and new Ernie Ball strings. My preferred guitar is the Stratocaster so this one was close enough to a Squier at half the price. I bought a red one with black pickguard and the Sunset model. Both GST guitars are used in my blues band the Cold Cuts.

by J***e on August 01, 2019

Glarry GST electric guitar with a rosewood fingerboard is a very inexpensive guitar that just about everyone can afford, but it doesn't come without future cost of setup, which it surely needs to be a extremely nice instrument. This cost depends on you and what expectations you may have with the Strat style GST electric guitar. My effort that I afforded the instrument is setting the string action and intonation. I did this myself at no additional cost but warn those family members considering a purchase for a loved one, you need to have it professionally setup. Those do it yourselfers/luthiers that have the tools and know how, it's a descent guitar to work on and just like anything else, the more work you put into it the better it will be. The Glarry GST sent to me really only needed the intonation setup and string action adjusted to be playable so that's not too bad for an extremely affordable guitar. Problems with these guitars are with quality control and cheap parts. Let's be honest, these instrument are well under the $100.00 mark. One gets what one pays for but in this case, I kinda like what I got for this $59.99 GST . The out of the box Glarry GST guitar however needs work so keep your expectations realistic. With some time, effort and understanding of the from the factory guitar, there's no reason why it can't be loved and handed down from generation to generation. In closing, this guitar is one worth buying because of the cheap price tag, quick free shipping from the good ol' USA and all that the instruments come with. In the box includes a thin vinyl gig bag, light guitar strap, firm pick, 1/4" mono instrument cable and whammy bar. Pretty much all one needs is a tuner to start playing immediately. Even the strings included with the guitar feels nice and sound descent. The excellent customer service team is also ready to take care of any problems you may come across with your Glarry GST electric guitar.

by N***k on July 31, 2019

Great prices and fast delivery A+

by N***k on July 31, 2019

Great prices and fast delivery A+

by N***k on July 31, 2019

As always great prices and super fast delivery. A+

Service Team:

Thanks for your comment. We will try harder to offer better products and service. Looking forward to your next visit! GLARRY

by S***n on July 25, 2019

Gorgeous guitar for the price. Plays very easy and is a good platform to upgrade for diy'ers.

by R***r on July 15, 2019

Red Glarry guitar arrived on time and not bad for a $54.00 guitar. After setting it up, played well and the pickups were adequate. It's gonna Rock when I put new pickups in it!

by J***p on July 03, 2019

Very good .but had minor damage in shipping. Was disappointed. With that part instrumentally sound.good for the price.

by R***n on June 29, 2019

This one is also a nifty right out of the box guitar. Once again workmanship is excellent, and its not eatting my fingers on the frets. Holds tone as well with very little adjusting. Electronics are ok, pickups, not to bad at all, strings I probably will change out to Addarios, only because I preferr them. So if your looking for something you can afford that sounds pretty good right from the get go, ya cant go wrong with this choice either.

by C***n on June 23, 2019

This guitar arrived in good condition. The neck IS STRAIGHT. The Nut is plastic and needs trimming for intonation. The body wood had some spalting ,which I initially was not happy with. but it grew on me. This Guitar will need set-up. But for a first Strat for my grandson it should ROCK. A great $60.00 AXE.

by M***r on June 08, 2019

The most important part of any guitar is the neck and fret board. If it doesn't feel good and doesn't play well you'll never enjoy it no matter how good the electronics sound. I want to commend you on my recent purchase of the GST. Straight out of the box, it was one of the most comfortable necks I've ever played. No imperfections in the frets, the fretboard was smooth and straight and it had an extremely comfortable profile. I own 3 Gibson guitars and a Hernandez classic. The quality of the guitar was much better than I expected for the price. I am pleased with the craftsmanship on the neck. Could I nit pick small things, sure, but why would I. It is an excellent guitar for the price and I would recommend it to anyone looking for an inexpensive stratocaster copy.

by A***s on June 02, 2019

I'm 65 years old and I haven't played in quite a few years and wanted to get back into it for fun. I have to say first of all I was a little skeptical at the price for a new guitar. But being that it wasn't going to break the bank I figured what the heck I'll bite. It arrived very fast and I was pleasantly surprised at how good it played. Seems solid. It is very light, which is a plus for me. I did lower the action on it a bit, but that's just my preference. The intonation on mine seems good right out of the box. I'm sure it could be used in any situation whether just playing around the house or jamming with friends. If you get one and it needs some tweaking, it's easy or a guitar shop can do it for you. I would recommend this for beginning or a slightly advanced player. Pros may find things they don't like but overall I like it.

by D***s on May 31, 2019

While it is not a five star guitar with a little bit of work it can be. Out of the box it is playable and sounds great. I believe the action needs to be adjusted slightly to make it a little bit more playable overall I am happy with my purchase

by E***w on May 03, 2019

Great guitar except that the contact is not connecting to the cable just right.