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Reviews of Glarry GST Rosewood Fingerboard Electric Guitar Black Red Sunset
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Customer Reviews(69)

by W***h

on March 18, 2021

Kind of sharp fret ends. Not the worst I have seen but not the best either, they need a little bit of sanding down to make smooth. I have never done it before but I will learn. You can play it like this though. Most beginner might not notice it. Nice guitar for the low price point though and the shipping was fast and free. So, good job! If you guys would file the fret ends a little it would be better though! Thanks and God bless!

Service Team:

We appreciate your support for Glarry. We have already reflected your question to our development department and quality control department. We would censor more rigidly on our products and improve their quality. If you have other questions, please contact our customer support center [email protected], we will do everything we can to help you. Glarry

by B***n

on January 06, 2021

Looked great! Great price! Out of the box, open chords were discordant. Nut was too high. Re-cut nut and now sounds good.

by B***s

on November 08, 2020

Good starter guitar. Does everything, but had a few problems. Had fret sprout when it arrived. But even with that it was a good value because I wanted a guitar I could work (hack) on without feeling guilty. I'll be working on the frets and experimenting with different pickups and other hacks. The main question I wanted to answer using this guitar was: Do I like playing the electric guitar? And I got my answer: Yes. Another unexpected benefit is that I've learned a lot about amplifiers an ...

Service Team:

Thanks for your comment. We will try harder to offer better products and service. Looking forward to your next visit! GLARRY

by J***r

on September 03, 2020

Overall, it was in pretty decent condition, the selector switch was a little bent but was easily fixed by hand, the action and intonation were a little bit off but were easily fixed, on the back of the neck there were small chipping splinters but were not a problem after a once over with a sanding block.

by B***g

on July 23, 2020

The guitar came in perfect condition and it's really beautiful. i love it! there's just a tiny problem.. it's kinda hard to put the power wire in and difficult to take it out.

by R***s

on July 03, 2020

Guitar arrived undamaged. Nice finish. Required new strings and setup/intonation. Surprisingly good sound for the price!

by D***y

on May 30, 2020

First thing, for a $75 dollar guitar, this is a decent product. That being said, it is a $75 dollar guitar. The electronics are inconsistent between the 3 pickups, the neck is entirely unfinished, frets are very rough. There is a sizeable gouge in the head stock, not sure if manufacturing issue or shipping damage. But again, a $75 dollar guitar. I have a bin of spare parts, so hope to make the guitar playable. If you have time to give it some TLC, it is a passable beginners guitar.

by E***k

on January 18, 2020

Only issue was tone knobs did nothing. Otherwise I would give it 5 stars. I adjusted neck relief and dropped the bridge a bit but for the money it is a great guy.

by B***s

on December 26, 2019

Very pleased with the quality and sound of this guitar. I purchased it for my grandson (age 12) and it is working out nicely for him. It looks nice and sounds good. I'm amazed at the quality of the instrument for the price. No, it's not perfect but I've been playing for over 50 years so I have some experience with quite a range of guitars. This guitar is nice enough not only for beginners to electric guitar, but also would work well as a spare guitar for a gigging musician. It will serve h ...

by D***d

on December 23, 2019

My GST arrived all in good order. I was missing the gig bag but did not need it anyway. Loved the finish, light weight and neck on this guitar. I agree with all the good reviews on Youtube (disagree with the couple of bad reviews). The nut was cut shallow making it difficult to get the guitar in tune with open chords on the first three frets. This can be corrected easily. Truss rod and intonation were easy to set. I'm learning to set up my own guitar with minimal tools. Pickups sound great. The ...

by T***l

on August 13, 2019

I have purchased several acoustic and electric guitars from Glarry Music. They are a new company with lower priced instruments. I found the GST to be a reliable instrument after action set up and new Ernie Ball strings. My preferred guitar is the Stratocaster so this one was close enough to a Squier at half the price. I bought a red one with black pickguard and the Sunset model. Both GST guitars are used in my blues band the Cold Cuts.

by D***s

on May 31, 2019

While it is not a five star guitar with a little bit of work it can be. Out of the box it is playable and sounds great. I believe the action needs to be adjusted slightly to make it a little bit more playable overall I am happy with my purchase

by E***w

on May 03, 2019

Great guitar except that the contact is not connecting to the cable just right.