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Glarry Ukulele Leather Hard Case Yellow 21inch 23inch 26inch
By E***r
This is the 2nd Glarry Ukulele case I have purchased; one concert size, one tenor size. I am mostly pleased with them, they are both sturdy and nice looking. The dimensions shown are correct IF you completely compress the foam sides. My tenor (StewMac solid wood kit) is 9 1/8" at its widest part of the body and it is a snug fit for the 26" case (i.e. 10" width). The same was true for the concert uke (StewMac mahogany top kit) in the 23" case. And if you have a tail strap button, it will fit, but it presses hard into the foam lining. The accessory compartment of the case is small and shallow. My SNARK tuner would not fit in the 23" but I can close the case lid with my tenor in the 26" case. Overall, I find these cases to be a great value.
Glarry 5 String 6 String Banjo Microgroove Leather Wood Hardshell Case
By R***S
Great place to shop. I researched Glarry before ordering because I couldn't believe how good the prices are. If you are a beginner or experienced musician just looking for another instrument I believe you cant find a better store. I play the banjo but thinking about ordering an electric guitar to putter around with because, the prices, why not! I am wondering if some of the stuff I see on Amazon didn't come from Glarry and are just being resold at a mark up. A banjo case I bought here is listed there at about 25% higher. Hmmm. Shipping came a day earlier than promised and you can use PayPal to pay for your purchase. Prices? Cant believe you will find better.
Glarry ST Electric Guitar Flat Surface Hard Shell Lockable Carrying Case
By D***n
I like the cases overall, but the hinges keep falling off.
Glarry 41inch Folk Guitar Flat Surface Leather Hard Shell Case Classical Crocodile Dermatoglyph
By J***y
this is a basic case. Its body material is chipboard and holds form well. My issue is the hinges on the body side of the case have fasteners falling out, I remedied this with a short screw to secure the hinges and I worked with Glarry about this issue and they came to an agreeable fix for me. Overall, this case should work but they could improve the fasteners for the hinges.
Glarry Electric Guitar Arched Leather Hard Shell Case
By M***e
Fits my Epiphone Les Paul Custom Pro and Schecter S-1 like a glove. Good price, product, service and delivery. Can easily recommend and will buy from again. Thanks Glarry.

I'm sure each music lover knows how to protect their instruments. Your favorite guitar needs a perfect guitar case for protection.

High quality wood, leather, plush and hardware accessories material because of the size, shape, and price of guitar has a variety of choice. Do you prefer utility or style guitar case? Some guitar cases are copy the shape of guitar body itself, while others  are designed as rectangles, whcih one you choose is often up to your preference. Guitar hard case surface with great texture, giving a sense of classy touch and easily to clean,  are the best choices for most Guitar owners.

Glarry series gig bag is specially designed for ukulele, are perfect choice for beginners to their their instruments to lessons or their early performances. The ukulele gig bag has a lightweight, affordable and secure features. Come and choose a protective case for your favorite instrument.