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Glarry GIB Bass Guitar Full Size 4 String SS pickups w/20W Amplifier Sunset Burlywood Black
By J***t
Aug 13, 2022
Bass came protected in the box and in great shape. Nice looking guitar! It needed setup and it took a couple of days to get the neck relief lowered since the truss rod seemed to be bottomed out, but I got it by loosening the strings and clamped into a wood vice fixture to straighten the neck slowly, then tightened the nut more. Completed the setup and it plays very well. The amplifier is adequate to practice with for sure (I believe, its intention). The GIB plays as well as any bass I own (6). I ...
Glarry Burning Fire Electric Bass Guitar Full Size 4 String Black Burlywood Sunset
By B***n
Aug 13, 2022
I bought to learn Bass Guitar, I'm learning at an awesome rate on this Bass. My instructor said it's weight is perfect, not too heavy. He's a Speed Metal player. That's what I'm learning. I'm influenced by Grindcore and Death Metal. The design of this Bass Guitar fits with dark and creepy vibe. Keep up the great work, Glarry!
Glarry GP Electric Bass Guitar White Black Red Yellow Blue Sunset Burlywood Dark Blue Transparent Yellow
By H***e
Aug 12, 2022
I love it Great job, couldn't ask for better sound and that BLUE finish, pretty.got it and the JAZZ upgrade,,next.....
Glarry GP Fretless Electric Bass Guitar 4 String Burlywood Sunset
By B***s
Aug 11, 2022
Over the years I had considered obtaining a Fretless Bass. I enjoy the sound qualities they produce in Music. The few used ones that I came across still didn't seem reasonable to me to take a chance on something that wasn't a certainty when not being able to really give it a try. And then... I found the Glarry Fretless P-style Bass and ordered it. I love the sounds it produces and the overall quality is wonderful. The only down side is the exceptionally light weight of the body wood (I believe i ...
Glarry GP Fretless Electric Bass Guitar 4 String Burlywood Sunset
By M***d
Aug 11, 2022
Guitar arrived just fine in standard shipping box. No damage. Glarry uses really cheesy film to protect the pick guard and it is hard to pick off all the nooks and crannies. Pick guard themselves are garbage: They are made of a super soft plastic than can be gouged with just a fingernail. Finish was fine. I did not detect any cosmetic issues. These guitars do not come set up (it is a budget axe). The neck was WAY out of adjustment. I don't think I've ever had to turn the truss rod nut that many ...
Service Team:

Thanks for your comment. We will try harder to offer better products and service. Looking forward to your next visit! Glarry

Glarry GJazz Ⅱ Upgrade Electric Bass Guitar Blue Burlywood Sunset White
By F***e
Aug 11, 2022
I was very pleased with the upgraded Jazz bass,it was shipped and secured in very good box with no damage.The bass was set up nice and neck was straight.no complaints,great job Glarry
Glarry GJazz Electric Bass Guitar White pickguard Sunset Black Burlywood White Blue
By M***n
Aug 02, 2022
Awesome bass! Really love the color, came in perfect condition. Can't wait to buy the next one!
Glarry GJazz Electric Bass Guitar Black pickguard Sunset Burlywood Transparent Yellow
By A***s
Jul 20, 2022
It is pretty well made. Out of the box: neck is straight, intonation pretty close. No loose nuts on volume and tone controls. No sharp frets. Input jack is solid. Bass is very lightweight. Balanced when playing with strap. Minor issues: all esthetic/looks. Half of the pick guard screws were screwed in crooked, not fixable without using bigger screws. Finish where the neck and fretboard meet inconsistent, some areas had no finish, some areas had drip marks. The Glarry logo on the headstock rubs o ...

Learning bass guitars do make you stand out from the crowd. The lead guitar usually expresses the face and sound of the band with an exaggerated feel, but behind it is a bass guitar that brings vitality to the same band. The bass player usually calmly performs his own performance, making the entire band's energetic heartbeat continue to beat.

Playing a electric bass guitar is easy to learn, but it's hard to master, it all depends on where you want to match. Bass guitars are very easy to get started, most people can master the basics and start playing right away, but learning best bass guitars can also be very advanced, because it is an easy-to-use instrument that can be almost as infinite as possible. The right quality of the correct tuning and playing bass guitar and the richness of the rich tones are truly fascinating. Being a bass guitar player and being able to create such a sound yourself is still a much more exciting.