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Reviews of Glarry GJazz Electric Bass Guitar Sunset Black & White
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by Scott johnson on April 15, 2019

To be fair I didn't think the quality of this bass would be all that great. Once I opened the box I was very surprised to find the build was very nice and it really looked 10 times better than I thought it would. I did make one change to the Bass.... I took the stock strings off and replaced them with Tape Wound strings because I prefer the thump of the coated strings. The stock strings were not to bad and I will keep them as a backup set. NOTE: My new strings cost only $3 less than the full Glarry Bass with stock strings! Now my wife says the guitar sounds better than one of my more expensive hollow basses. The only thing I found that I wasn't as happy about was the neck is heavier than the body so with a thin strap I do get some neck dive. This isn't a big deal since I sit most of the time I play anyway. But to some, it can be a problem. IThere is a photo on the catalog page that shows a thin gig bag. I would have liked to have something like that to store the Bass in but at the cost I paid for it I can pick up a cheap bag somewhere. Overall, given the price and build ... I would rate this 8.8 stars out of 10. I have used $400 basses that would rate much less ! If you want a well build good sounding bass at a cost that anyone can afford!

by Chris Peacock on March 09, 2019

I bought this based on the YouTube reviews of Glarry's Precision bass, and what those reviews said about that guitar are pretty much spot-on for this. Out of the box, it plays and sounds great. For the most part it looks great too - it's only when you look closely that there are one or two rough edges, cosmetically, but absolutely nothing serious - and for the price, the quality is nothing short of amazing. Pay attention to what one YouTuber says, to oil the machine heads before even turning them, and they'll be fine. The only very slight niggle is that the tone control is basically on or off, but that aside the sound is quite versatile. This is a genuinely nice instrument, and if you want a bass guitar I see not reason whatsoever not to buy one of these.