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Reviews of Glarry Precision Electric Bass Guitar
4.9 5 12

by Nicholas Corrigan on February 11, 2019

I was looking for a cheap bass for recording and this is the jackpot. It sounds good and it's built really solidly. The white finish looks even better than expected. I don't really have anything negative to say about it. They are basically giving these away at the current price so get one!

by Paul Stewart on January 16, 2019

I have received my Burlywood precision bass today, and I must say that it is absolutely beautiful! The fit and finish, the set-up and playability, and the sound are all way above what I expected. This is an excellent instrument for any bass player. I have been playing for over 40 years and I must give Kudos to Glarry for offering such a fine instrument at such a great price. Thank you Glarry! You have earned my business, as I plan to purchase quite a few more instruments from your company. Keep up the good work!

by Kennedy Kalonga on January 03, 2019

I will be very happy to get it.

by PAUL MCCARTHY on December 25, 2018

The wood is great, and my kids like it, it

by Dwight Filley on December 24, 2018

I bought 4, it is for Christmas, everyone likes it, thank you for your patience.

by kevin mcsweeney on December 23, 2018

This blue is dark blue, very nice, and I like it very much.

by Richard Haukom on December 16, 2018

The white looks very beautiful, it is the type I want, it is really a good product, I will recommend my friend to buy it.

by Steve Ellison on December 15, 2018

Very suitable for me, beginners, but the quality is really good, the sound quality is also very good, it is worth buying.

by Xingxi Chu on December 14, 2018

The color is very positive, the sound quality is great, and the workmanship is very fine.

by Raymond Morgan on November 18, 2018

I will buy this again, the price is not high, the things are very complete, the key quality is very good, I like it.

by Tom Obmoen on October 24, 2018

I will buy this again,checp but the quality is good for,I love it.

by Vince Lav on September 11, 2018

The white appearance looks really elegant and I like it very much. My daughter really likes it.

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