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Reviews of Glarry GP Electric Bass Guitar White Black Red Yellow Blue Sunset Burlywood Dark Blue
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Customer Reviews(304)

by F***n

on May 16, 2020

Amazing for the money, nothing that cannot be fixed, and will. For the money not worried about mistakes. The finish is nice.

by T***d

on May 14, 2020

Excellent value, arrived quickly and in great shape. My 5 star rating is based on my expectations - I was aware that the neck would probably need a little sanding, action would need set up. The neck was indeed rough and the frets were a bit sharp-edged, but a little work with a Scotchbrite pad and the enclosed allen wrenches and you have an excellent bass. Great!

Service Team:

Thanks for your comment. We will try harder to offer better products and service. Looking forward to your next visit! Glarry

by W***k

on May 10, 2020

I suggest this bass fully, the action may be a little high when it first comes out of the box and i would suggest putting new strings on it, other than that this thing is perfect for beginner level to intermediate level bassist.

by D***g

on April 29, 2020

exactly what I was looking for!!! decent quality for a incredible price!!!!

by C***a

on April 28, 2020

Great sounding bass. Got to my home with no issues and just like Glarry music said. I will be ordering again.

by C***t

on April 27, 2020

This is a great bass. I did a little adjusting but it came set-up already. The action was on point right out of the box. I like how the neck feels and the Burlywood looks like it would cost 3 times as much. The is way more bass than what is cost. Thank you for hooking up folks on a budget with nice instruments.

by j***p

on April 26, 2020

For the price it's a great bass, sounds good, plays well after doing a setup, I'm happy with it and will buy other styles in the future.

by S***r

on April 21, 2020

Decent value and quality. My son's first bass and he is happy so far!

by B***h

on April 21, 2020

Wow, I am really impressed with this bass. For the money, it's impossible to beat.

by Z***n

on April 20, 2020

Great Bass good sound and perfect for the price.

by M***n

on April 18, 2020

Exactly what I was expecting between reviews and personal expectations. Some sharp fret edges, some buzzing around the fretboard. The nut will definitely need to be replaced. As far as being playable right out of the box they nailed it Stays in tune, sounds great and its a joy to pick up.

by J***a

on April 15, 2020

Good product that arrived in time. Everything was how I expected which is nice. I was a little worried cause I never bought from glarry before but it's a good buy.

by N***k

on April 15, 2020

Very impressed with this bass. Straight out of the box it looks superb. Not heavy and balances nicely on the strap. The finish is flawless and it's well put together. I lowered the action a tad and it was ready to go. Volume and tone controls actually work and make a difference to the overall sound. I know they should, but some bass guitars at this price point dont, so it's great that these do. I would be quite happy to gig with this bass. How you do it for the money I dont know, but I'm glad yo ...

by R***z

on April 13, 2020

Ordered this to try to learn with my daughter. Shipping was quick and arrived in a timely manner even with the national lockdown. The shipping box had a tear in the side but it didn't affect the contents. Everything was in great shape. Very happy with my purchase and would recommend Glarry for anyone who is just starting out.

by A***o

on April 03, 2020

Thank you Glarry

by S***y

on April 03, 2020

Totally pleased although I haven't plugged in the guitar as yet all seems well so far especially your delivery and after sales service, I'll continue to be a customer.

by M***z

on March 30, 2020

Such a beautiful guitar, the sound is great and I am in love with the color! I'm a beginner so this was the perfect bass. I'm so glad I got it. There's a little rust on the pickup but it doesn't lessen the quality of the sound so I would 100% still recommend this for somebody just starting out. Love it!!!

by W***y

on March 25, 2020

I just received my Glarry GP Electric Bass today and I want to say that I love it! Very nice bass for the money. It needed a little set up, but plays well and looks good to boot. Very nice job Glarry! Keep up the good work! I look forward to getting another Glarry in the near future.

by J***s

on March 12, 2020

Great bass for the money. Awesome color (I got yellow.) The pickups are a little low output, but its nothing unusable. That's my only gripe. Plays great, sounds great. Awesome stuff, Glarry!

by J***z

on March 10, 2020

Great customer service! Excellent products at a very afforadable price!!!

by J***i

on March 09, 2020

I am in love with my Bass. Came quickly and as stated in the ad actuality way better than the ad. Plays and looks great ive had much more expensive Bass's That werent as good as this one. Thank you Glarry for offering such a great product.

by J***t

on March 03, 2020

Very happy with my purchase! Fit and finish is very, very nice for this price point and really any other price point now that I think of it. Action is already set up well. Played it straight out of the box and it plays very well!

by E***l

on February 26, 2020

I was very surprised that the bass is such good quality, it's light weight, stays in tune, sound good,looks sharp, all around I'm very satisfied. One con I have the frets stick out past the neck and scratch your hand when playing, but I got my trusty ol file out and filed them down. Now it is smooth as can be. Rock on,

by R***i

on February 06, 2020

Very good bass , I love it.

Service Team:

Thanks for your comment. We will try harder to offer better products and service. Looking forward to your next visit! Glarry

by D***n

on January 23, 2020

Love this bass, wish there was an active version. Maybe with a active passive switch. All and all I'm happy the this purchase.

by D***t

on January 14, 2020

Great quality for the money. Electronics are a bit weak, but again, good for the money.

by E***n

on January 14, 2020

Great bass, sounds nice and plays nice too, only problem is the strings are kinda rough other than that AMAZING for the price!

by G***n

on January 12, 2020

Can't beat it for the price.

by t***o

on January 08, 2020

I am pleased with my purchase, the headstock is heavy which makes it difficult to play. I am attempting can correct it with my guitar strap,

Service Team:

Thanks for your comment. We will try harder to offer better products and service. Looking forward to your next visit! GLARRY

by K***Y

on January 03, 2020

My Husband absolutely love his new bass. Arrive fast and. Package well. Well worth the money

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