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Reviews of Glarry ST Maple Fingerboard Electric Guitar
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by Fred Woodworth on December 05, 2018

This guitar has beautiful style and clear tone,it performs as described in the advertisement.Also,it is much cheaper than the physical store.It is absolutely worth buying.

by John Paardekooper on December 02, 2018

I received the guitar yesterday,the sound quality is very good.It is very suitable for beginners to practice.

by Bruce Feldman on December 01, 2018

Affordable price!Exquisite workmanship!Beautiful appearance!Good timbre!In a word,wonderful electric guitar!My 12-year-old grandson likes it very much.

by carolyn rathbone on September 09, 2018

I am certainly not an expert, but this seems to be better quality than most in this price range. One of Fanta's basic beginner sets seems to be worthy of their name.

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