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4.6 out of 5

Glarry GST Rosewood Fingerboard Electric Guitar Black Red Sunset
By A***s
October 31, 2021
This makes Glarry #5 for me. I think they are very good for the price. They sometimes have minor imperfections and need a good set-up but you end up with a playable , decent looking guitar. Some people spend more, (sometimes MUCH more) for one guitar , than I have invested in all 5 of these. Only way a poor guy like me could have this many guitars to play with.
Service Team:

Thanks for your comment. We will try harder to offer better products and service. Looking forward to your next visit! Glarry

Glarry GGS101 Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar Red Sunset Burlywood Blue
By L***u
November 25, 2022
For the price point it's ok. Out of the box it needed some love. The strings on mine were all kinked up, I'd recommend new strings before even setting up. The tuning pegs were very loose all around, definitely check the torque on the 10mm bolts, mine were crazy loose. After installing new strings and doing a setup the guitar plays decent. About what I expected.
Glarry GST Electric Guitar HSS Pickups w/20W Amplifier Black White
By E***g
November 24, 2022
Originally, I have some issues with the set up of electric guita out of the box. But after I adjusted the bridge, everything seems working now. The customer service is very friendly and responsive. I highly recommend buying from Glarry again because of the true value and services...
Glarry GST3 Electric Guitar Blue Sunset
By D***i
November 17, 2022
Rosewood neck was well made. Paint on body was decent. Of course,needed pickup and action adjustments but all guitars do…overall pretty solid quality and would recommend as a beginner guitar.
Glarry GW101 36in Kid's Electric Bass Guitar Red Burlywood Yellow
By A***s
October 23, 2022
The bass itself is great. The included strap broke within 5 minutes, the faux leather is very weak. Included strings weren't that great but he's 4 so I don't wanna buy him top of the line strings anyway. The tuning knobs were slightly loose but that was an easy fix. Everything else was fine, we got it in plain wood so we could decorate it and it's now painted and covered with dinosaur stickers:)
Glarry GST3 Electric Guitar Blue Sunset
By F***o
October 20, 2022
Unblemished, on time, well packaged, excellent bones!
Glarry GST Electric Guitar HH Pickup Tiger Stripe w/20W Amplifier Black Blue
By J***e
October 20, 2022
Nice guitar that sounds decent for the money. Perfect for a beginner. Beautiful finish. Amp isn't anything to write home about but with price point in mind it is acceptable. If they like it you can always get a better amp.
Glarry GST Electric Guitar HSS Pickups w/20W Amplifier Black White
By K***r
October 20, 2022
The package is great: guitar, amp, gig bag, picks; everything someone would need to start. Even taking classes, though, I don't know what the knobs on the guitar and amp change. I think the set is good for someone who has played for a little while, but not for a true beginner.
Glarry 36inch Burning Fire Style Electric Guitar w/ 20W Amplifier Red Black Sunset
By S***r
October 16, 2022
I didn't really dislike any part of the guitar it sounds good and like I said before it's easy on the fingertips and I especially like that because I can play a whole lot longer all recommended for beginners and lifelong players
Glarry GIZ102 Solid Body Electric Guitar Golden Red Blue
By d***n
October 15, 2022
For the price its a solid beginner's guitar. It is compatible with rocksmith but the sound is quiet and tinny. Change the strings out, get a new instrument cable, and if you're feeling froggy change out the pickups.
Glarry GIB Bass Guitar Full Size 6 String HH Pickup Burlywood Sunset
By B***a
October 10, 2022
I love this Glarry GIB 6-STRING!!!! I'm surely satisfied with this piece!!! Good solid construction...…Playability all the way up the neck...…NICE WIDE NECK WHICH IS A PLUS FOR US BASS PLAYERS WITH LARGE HANDS!!! The only thing I would recommend is to have stronger bridge/neck soapbar pickups installed so that the low B string notes can "vibrate the concrete"!!!!! Otherwise.....I'M SOLD!!!!!! THANKS FOR ANOTHER ADDITION OF THE 6 STRING BASS!!!!!!
Glarry GP Electric Bass Guitar w/20W Amplifier Black Blue Burlywood Red Sunset White Yellow
By A***s
October 08, 2022
I bought the GP bass in dark blue about 3 weeks ago. honestly I'm very impressed with the guitar. It's sounds great, beautiful finish. The only issue I have is the screws for the strap were too short and kept coming loose.if not for that I would give 5 ⭐. I'm actually going to buy the burning fire model next.
Glarry Burning Fire 36inch Left Handed Electric Guitar Black Sunset
By S***e
October 08, 2022
The guitar was packed very well(box was a little damaged but nothing actually broken or cracked), needed a little tuning but it plays nice and sounds great!
Glarry 36inch Burning Fire Style Electric Guitar w/ 20W Amplifier Red Black Sunset
By P***e
October 08, 2022
Just wanted to say this guitar is awesome only thing is I can't seem to make the whammy bar work other then that it's a beautiful guitar works great it did come in a day late but it's worth it.
Glarry 36inch Burning Fire Style Electric Guitar w/ 20W Amplifier Red Black Sunset
By D***l
October 04, 2022
TBH, I was sceptical. A little over a hundred bucks, how could a guitar be any good? It suffers from cheap hardware, but much more stable and playable than I was expecting. Unbelievably out of the box, this crazy thing was actually playable. How? The pickups sound ok, the strings were reasonable height. No sharp fret edges, the neck was straight, tuning keys aren't great, but they work. I wanted a guitar with humbuckers, since my other guitar is a stratocaster. It feels light and cheap, but ever ...
Glarry GP Electric Bass Guitar w/20W Amplifier Black Blue Burlywood Red Sunset White Yellow
By J***d
October 02, 2022
This is more a 3.5 star than 4 star because thus bass has some serious neck dive. The bass alone should be 2.5 star but the company is really great with their fast responses and customer service so I added for that. I'm new to bass and having to focus on holding the neck up as well as trying to figure out where to put my fingers is a real pain. I honestly wish I'd or gone with the upgraded version but it didn't come in a kit with an amp. I would not recommend this particular instrument to anyo ...
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Sorry for the inconvenience caused to you! We appreciate your support for Glarry. We have already reflected your question to our development department and quality control department. We would censor more rigidly on our products and improve their quality.

Glarry GT501 40 Inch Cutaway Auditorium Acoustic Guitar Matte Spruce Front Folk Black Red Sunset Burlywood
By p***r
September 26, 2022
Great knock around, carry acoustic guitar And under $80 delivered! Nice
Glarry 170 Type Electric Guitar Black Sunset
By M***r
September 25, 2022
Good beginners guitar. For the money it's great. I order new pickuckups and a floyd rose locking tremolo. Haven't decided if I'm gonna rout it out to pull back. All in all it's a prety good guitar once you get the In tonation set up. Definitely replace pickups so you have have high output pickups.
Glarry GTL Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar HS Pickups F Hole Blue Burlywood Wine Red Transparent Yellow
By A***e
September 21, 2022
The guitar is exactly what I expected it would be. Needs some fret work (sharp edges at the bottom of the neck where frets stick out) and the guitar was damaged in shipping (large paint chip in the bottom of the guitar at the tip of the horn) I'm sure glary would do something to compensate or fix the issue but honestly it's what I was looking for. I plan on rebuilding the guitar and I bought it for a pre painted/assembled body and neck to learn how to work on some of these issues on a cheap guit ...
Glarry GW101 36in Kid's Electric Bass Guitar Red Burlywood Yellow
By B***a
September 19, 2022
Pretty little mini (Kids) bass right here that fits exactly what I need for it to do!!! I was pretty surprised at the weight of this small sized bass and even more amazed at the sound it put out!!!! Good recommendation for a child who wants to learn to play bass.....and even BETTER tool for an adult to have for a traveling musician to practice or improvise new bass lines while on the move!!!!! Loving this one, and was just notified that my 2nd GW101 arrived as I'm typing this!!!!!! Well! Gotta g ...
Glarry GTL Left Handed Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar HS Pickups Burlywood Blue Red
By K***n
September 18, 2022
I specifically bought this guitar as a project guitar. Something to fix up during the summer. First of all, Its very light. Not heavy at all. It came well packaged and nothing was wrong. The strings are factory cheap. ( of course...) So get new ones. The pick ups are meh... And the tuner knobs are somewhat decent. They hold for a little while then you'll have to retune. I don't have any problems with the neck or fret work. So the neck is fine. All in all its a decent guitar for a beginner, and ...
Glarry Burning Fire Electric Bass Guitar Full Size 4 String w/20W Amplifier Black Burlywood Sunset
By L***n
September 15, 2022
I got this for my son for his 18th birthday. He is very satisfied with the quality and sound.
Glarry GTL Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar F Hole HS Pickups w/20W Amplifier Yellow Red Burlywood Blue
By E***l
September 10, 2022
I bought this for a modification platform as all the YouTube reviews indicated the neck and body were decent. Mine arrived in great shape, no issues there. It DID ned a string change, intonation set, and action lowered a touch, but I expected that.. do not recommend gifting this to someone unless you set it up first. Interesting point.. I also own an Ibanez RG Gio, which cost twice as much. and the neck on the Ibanez has more issues than the Glarry! SHAME ON IBANEZ! I got to learn how to fil ...
Glarry Burning Fire Electric Bass Guitar Full Size 4 String Black Burlywood Sunset
By P***z
September 03, 2022
The Strap is junk, the cord cheap but the guitar is really quite nice. Most likely I should buy new Bass strings to really get a good feel but for now it really adds a bass part to most all the Tunes, mostly Blues, I play with.
Glarry GW101 36in Kid's Electric Bass Guitar Red Burlywood Yellow
By A***s
August 31, 2022
Quite a good value for the price. I copper tape insulated the control cavity and pickup wells to tame the buzzing. Worked very well. I tightened the truss rod, shimmed the neck and it intonated just fine. I played this with a fairly loud drummer through a Rumble 40 for an amped acoustic trio. Pickups are hot enough, amp volume was at around 12-1 O'Clock. It's a beautiful bass too. When I pulled the input jack out to copper insulate the ground wire fell off, no big deal, just soldered it back. I ...
Glarry GP Electric Bass Guitar w/20W Amplifier Black Blue Burlywood Red Sunset White Yellow
By A***s
August 30, 2022
Due to whole in the amp I have to rate 4
Glarry GST-E Electric Guitar Full Size Rosewood Fingerboard HH Pick-up Back Black White
By E***l
August 30, 2022
I'd rate this as more of a 7.6/10 for a few reasons. Pros: First of all, the thing looks absolutely awesome. Second the pickups are really clean and sound pretty good. The trem bar is threaded so it screws in and won't go anywhere. Cons: I have only a few minor "issues" if you can even call them that with this guitar. The biggest one to me is the saddles are not easy to adjust if you screw up with adjusting them, the action on my guitar is still playable, but I had to abandon the Allan ...
Glarry GP PRO Electric Bass Guitar Blue Burlywood White
By W***e
August 29, 2022
I wasnt really in the market for a new bass, but when I saw these I changed my mind. It arrived right on time and in perfect condition. The white finish is beautiful and flawless, and the maple fretboard looks killer! The inlays on the fretboard are perfectly done and the fret ends are nicely done! I did have to do a bit of setup, but after 5 days travel to Illinois, that is to be expected. Minor adjustments only, though and the intonation was almost spot on!The neck also seems to be a bit thin ...
Glarry GIZ101 Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar HH Pickups Black Sunset Purple Wine Red
By S***e
August 26, 2022
It will arrive with action higher than most les Paul's! So you will need to lower it first thing. I got lucky and got nice frets but you may have to do a complete fret job! My strings were good but some say they had to change theirs first thing..now the pickup…the humbucker is actually pretty sweet and more than I expected..the bridge pickup well it's just there…it's decent to say the least…guitar is extremely light, so light it's almost scary…I will definitely have to pull the control p ...
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