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Reviews of Glarry GST Electric Guitar w/ 20W Amplifier Black Blue White Sunset Sky Blue
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Customer Reviews(121)

by K***l

on August 31, 2021

Great guitar that came fast and in great condition, haven't had any issues with anything Amp sounds great, cables are great, only small issue is the bridge is a little tight for the Whammy bar, but that's an easy fix. Would recommend

by W***s

on August 31, 2021

PHENOMONAL I LOVE IT. There's minor scratches on the guitar but didnt bother me at all. I love this product so much, definitely would recommend to anyone starting to play an electric guitar. I cover songs on tiktok and Instagram at @elreyrosales and this has expanded my instrument range so much I love it. Glarry is awesome!

by D***n

on July 23, 2021

With a little tinkering to lower the action and with some Ernie Ball Super Slinky strings this guitar can hold its own with a Gibson or Les Paul. Plays well, sound is clear, and time will tell if it is durable. The amp is great for private practice, but there is always a hum in the background (probably a grounding issue). Would I recommend this setup? You bet I would. Can't beat its price. Very fast delivery. What a deal!

by M***a

on July 13, 2021

This is honestly the best purchase I ever made! I bought this for my significant other after my son bought one too! The electric guitar is so well made and such good quality and it plays beautifully. I took it to Guitar Center to get it tuned and the guys there were talking about how good of a guitar I had for the price!!! They said the guitar are excellent quality and last a long time! Will definitely send anybody who wants to buy an instrument to glarrymusic.com.

by J***d

on July 05, 2021

Awesome set for affordable price.

by G***s

on June 28, 2021

Amazing!! Came in with good quality and the sound is dope.

by C***e

on June 23, 2021

I really like my purchase. I would like another someday.

by J***s

on June 18, 2021

Really good

by j***r

on May 22, 2021

Great guitar for beginners. However the scratch plate came with scratches and the amp has buzz depending on certain settings and the way you place it. Other than that, great price and good kit.

by H***s

on May 11, 2021

Arrived in great package very nice guitar and amp.

by S***n

on May 07, 2021

It was a little late but you can expect that with covid 19. but the guitar was really nice for what you pay for. the whole box don't weigh 15 or 20LB with amp and all. the strings are smooth no roughness at all. the stings did feel a little loose but other than that. id suggest in getting this package for anyone who is just starting out.

by M***z

on May 07, 2021

Looks good and plays great.

by M***o

on April 23, 2021

Absolutely love the product! Purchased this for my 10 yr old daughter as a bday gift. The size, the color the sound, and most of all the cost, we Absolutely love it, perfect bundle deal

by N***c

on April 15, 2021

Good starter guitar, sounds great, amp surprised me with the sound as well. Needs a bit of tweaking to make it the best it can be, lower the action, change the strings, that kind of minor stuff. Now to try and make it work with the iRig2...

by G***s

on April 10, 2021

Came in decent time. Looks great plays great. Daughter loves it.

by B***n

on April 08, 2021

It's clean asf, i added a 50 watt amp. But the amp that comes with it ain't too bad, definitely worth it.

by J***r

on April 06, 2021

The guitar was bought for my daughter. She used her own allowance so it's awesome that she got a whole kit for a great price she could afford. The delivery was on time and shipped safely. The instrument works well, and is good quality in every regard I would know to look for. It was easy to tune and nothing snapped, she's been playing it out in the garage and loves it!!

by A***s

on March 30, 2021

Ordered on Thursday and delivered Tuesday! Great practice guitar for in.my drum room. May replace strings and have hooked it into a 50 watt amp vs.the 30watt that came with it just to get a deeper sound. Nothing wrong with anything, especially for the price! For a $100 it is a great practice or beginner to intermediate player. Highly recommend A GLARRING review for Garry! Tuned up well for new stings within 20 minutes, stretching them out, but swing the whole time! Whoever complains must b ...

by A***z

on March 29, 2021

I am very satisfied with the product. thank you

by J***n

on March 28, 2021

Purchased this guitar and amp set for my 14 yr old who is a beginner at playing guitar and it was perfect! The guitar is well built and super clean and sturdy and sounds great. The purchase was easy and delivery was quick and packaged well. Very happy with the entire experience!

by K***t

on March 23, 2021

I ordered a new guitar on 17/3/21. It was delivered on 19/3/21!!! Wow! The box was damaged. :( It had a large tear in it. I was afraid the guitar or amp would be damaged, but neither were. (Whew!) This is my first electric, so I wasn't sure what to expect. I can't comment on the quality of the paint job, but it looks great and feels smooth to the touch. The neck is not as nice as expected. It has two rough spots which are noticeable if you slide your palm up/down quickly (fake solo). Also, t ...

Service Team:

Thanks for your comment. We will try harder to offer better products and service. Looking forward to your next visit! Glarry

by A***e

on March 22, 2021

Did not have any issues. Everything working good. Thank you.

by j***t

on March 20, 2021

for the money, this one is excellent. frets were good but there was minor fret sprout. it was a easy fix. just a little steel wool and it was all good. the included amp is better than what i started with back in the day. it has distorted and a clean channels. it is well worth it. great started pack. my kids will be loving it.

by T***e

on March 17, 2021

Perfect gift for beginners. Bought this for my son and he LOVES this set! Includes everything you need to get started. Great quality and durable construction. Very pleased with this purchase!

by S***a

on March 14, 2021

Oh,yea. This is it right here.

by E***s

on February 28, 2021

She plays like a beauty; looks like a beauty; also its great for jazzing out with the folks.

by M***e

on February 16, 2021

Thanks. Guitar arrived in perfect order. Exceeds expectations. Great learner or practice guitar. Came strings loose for easy modification out of the box. Amp works and makes clean tone. The gain and overdrive appear to do nothing, but it doesn't matter since I use amp simulator software. Great buy, thanks. Would recommend and purchase again.

by M***n

on February 11, 2021

The quality control was surprisingly well , feel is very nice . Weight is very good . Strings were a little high but still playable out of the box with some tuning . Color is very nice . All around it's a pretty good quality instrument for the price . To include coming with an amp and everything you need to start . Adding a tuner to the set would make it a great starter set .

by A***a

on February 10, 2021

Very cheap high quality product love it

by R***t

on February 05, 2021

I purchased a guitar and amplifier package for 114.00 total. The guitar is beautifully made. The amplifier didn't work but Glarry replaced it without question. I am a beginner so it was the perfect price and sounds really good.

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