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Reviews of Glarry GP Electric Bass Guitar w/ 20W Amplifier Black Blue Burlywood Red Sunset White Yellow
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Customer Reviews(243)

by K***s

on December 04, 2021

It was shipped the day after I bought it and I received it by the end of the week! Incredibly happy with my bass and would definitely buy from Glarry again.

by s***l

on December 02, 2021

When my bass guitar arrived it had a problem with the tuning keys. Glarry sent new keys and strings and the problem was solved right away and I am very satisfied with my bass guitar.

by E***h

on November 09, 2021

These tend to cost a lot, so obviously this is somewhat cheap quality but for the money it goes above and beyond.

by C***r

on November 05, 2021

I have not received my amp and the package was damaged when I received it.

by T***m

on November 05, 2021

I haven't had a chance to open the box yet, but I will say they have good prices, fast shipping and get back to you asap

by E***g

on October 21, 2021

I ordered my bass and got it 3 days earlier than posted, haven't had a single problem, looks good and sounds good. I couldn't ask for any more.

by G***E

on October 13, 2021

Bass guitar package arrived soon after order placed. Package in good shape, no problems. Gift recipient very pleased.

by S***o

on October 11, 2021

Great product and it was the fastest shipping ever, i couldn't be happier with glarry

by A***n

on September 15, 2021

I M very happy with my bass. It's pretty and it plays really good. I'm a guitar player and wanted this bass to do some simple recording with and it is just what I wanted. Thank you very much.

by J***r

on September 05, 2021

Great, I love this product.. the only thing I can see to make it better would be instructions on upkeep and how to tune and adjust the action..

by J***h

on August 29, 2021

This bass is way higher quality than what I expected for being so cheap. The amp doesn't sound scratchy and terrible, the strap if very sturdy, and the bass itself is very well built and sounds amazing.

by L***s

on August 25, 2021

It is hard to shop online simply because you cant see or feel the product and not knowing what kind of quality it is until receiving it. To my surprise this is a great electric bass guitar ,really good quality ..... i recommend it .... i have been using it to church and it sounds really good .My older son has been using it as well as he is a beginner. Shipping was fast and box was not damaged at all . Very satisfied. i will be ordering more products.

by D***h

on August 25, 2021

The bass guitar is playable and sounds good. We did adjust the action on the strings, but the equipment to do so was provided. The strap is not very comfortable in our opinion and will need to be replaced. The cable is functional. The 20w amp will not work for shows or practice with a drum set, but it is functional for solo or one-on-one practice. The gig bag is functional as a carrying case.

by A***n

on August 19, 2021

Love the bass. The amplifier is a "little" undersized. The package is a good deal!

by C***n

on August 16, 2021

Bass is perfect for me beginning a beginner and never having touched a bass before. Shipping was fast and bass was definitely safe in the packaging.

by C***m

on August 14, 2021

I got this for my son as he had one from a pawnshop that was a piece of junk. Along with the bass I got him 2 distortion pedals, he grinned from ear to ear.

by E***r

on August 12, 2021

Well the quality seemed pretty good until the string broke the first day I had it…

Service Team:

Sorry for the inconvenience caused to you! We appreciate your support for Glarry. We have already reflected your question to our development department and quality control department. We would censor more rigidly on our products and improve their quality. Our Customer - Service will contact you soon. Glarry

on August 18, 2021

It won't let me change the amount of stars for some reason, but at first I left a 2 star review because my string broke right away. But the staff was very cooperative in getting me a new one for free. 5 star.

by J***n

on August 09, 2021

We love this guitar and our son is excited about learning the guitar. Glarry always provides excellent service and products. Thank you.

by L***y

on August 06, 2021

The quality all in all is good other than fret buzzing and the guitar being very neck heavy but id say this is a good guitar for starters.

by E***R

on August 01, 2021

I can't believe this bass is this good for what I paid. And I've personalized it some already....

by A***n

on July 20, 2021

Arrived earlier than expected. Bass and amp works well!

by R***s

on July 13, 2021

All my friends want to play guitar like myself. So I decided to try the bass guitar. Had a bass before, now I am keeping this baby

by L***s

on July 13, 2021

10/10 perfect

by S***s

on July 06, 2021

Action is good. Don't know if it's intentional but strings aren't aligned between the pickup magnets but are off center and partially overlapping. I hadn't seen that before and usually entry level stuff doesn't do things odd in the name of innovation. Regardless, it doesn't stop it from working. Had to tune it twice doing a sort of "pitch raise" like on a piano that hasn't been tuned in a while so maybe the neck bolt should be slightly tighter than how it came. Shipping was quick even though ...

by G***o

on July 02, 2021

es muy bien!! super cool mejor que un Squier bueno solo oí un ruido extraño un noise que no me gusto cuando le subo el tono o el brillo una interferencia leve no se si es el amplificador mmm.! pero suena muy bien!. esta bien hecho, el color amarillo vivo que adquirí me gusto mucho, el envío super rápido y ademas el paquete en su caja viene bien protegido, la llave del truss rod alma se atasca aveces cuando la ajustas la cuerdas vivieron casi rotas, pero es un precio justo .. me gusto mucho ...

by L***d

on June 28, 2021

Great guitar really like it....

by K***n

on June 28, 2021

The guitar and amp came well packaged and was a great deal for a beginner player. The shipping was also very quick. My daughter was very pleased with her purchase!

by D***n

on June 27, 2021

This my first bass guitar after decades of acoustic guitar and ukulele. I was only expecting a basic guitar that functions fully. For the most part everything is good except a vibrational buzz that I haven't found yet. It is not good. The amp is small and not powerful but great for home practice. It sounds very good. I would recommend this setup for a beginner. But I do hope to get the buzz resolved soon.

Service Team:

Thanks for your comment. We will try harder to offer better products and service. Looking forward to your next visit! Glarry

by m***s

on June 26, 2021

My daughter loves the bass. Fast shipping. Awesome purchase and quality is great.

by T***s

on June 13, 2021

I suddenly got the urge to learn bass during quarantine. Let me tell you, this is the perfect bass guitar for beginners such as myself. It plays and sounds amazing for the price and the amplifier is small yet extremely effective. I did notice a loud buzzing sound coming from the 7th fret when it first came in the mail, but that was an easy fix. The strap did tend to irritate my neck a bit but that doesn't seem like a big issue seeing as it's just an extra. I am extremely satisfied with my purcha ...

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