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Reviews of Glarry GP Electric Bass Guitar w/20W Amplifier Black Blue Burlywood Red Sunset White Yellow
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Customer Reviews(363)

by A***s

on June 18, 2024

It was a present for my son. He loved it great product for the price!

by C***z

on June 08, 2024

I love it!!! Its just how a think would be and more! Tks glarry team for make this awesome bass

by M***g

on May 01, 2024

Awesome bass. Great color. Brilliant sound. Great package deal.

by e***z

on April 22, 2024

Best starter bass, I got one that has tonals better than Mexican fender.

by J***s

on April 10, 2024

I really like it, I would definitely recommend it as a good first guitar.

by T***e

on April 06, 2024

This was my first ever bass, it's amazing quality and sounds better than expected for the price. I highly recommend it for beginners or people looking for a cool looking backup bass. Obviously this isn't going to be a super long term bass, as there are going to be much higher quality ones, but this bass could last at least through something like highschool with absolutely no difficulty.

by C***r

on April 05, 2024

I purchased this for my husband. We are very pleased with the quality of the bass guitar - especially for the price! Extremely quick shipping too! I highly recommend purchasing from Glarry.

by v***r

on March 05, 2024


by T***n

on December 30, 2023

It is hard to find an affordable Bass guitar, so this is very good for its features and price. It is a very good guitar for a person just trying out the Bass. Mine had some upgrades with good pickups, strings, and a bone nut. I applied light lube to the tuners since heavier bass strings put more pressure on the gears. But mine tuned up and held tune reasonably. You will want to upgrade to a padded case for transporting as the cover is mainly protection for dust and moisture and strong light when ...

by A***s

on December 01, 2023

Ordered this for Christmas for my daughter , it came extremely fast!! Within 2 days of ordering!! Although the recipient hasn't gotten it yet we did open it to look at it. It came very well packaged and everything was tucked neatly in the box. We took the guitar out to look at it and it is beautiful. Perfect for a beginner bass player. I am sure she is going to love it. You cannot beat the price either, for such an affordable guitar it did not feel cheap at all!!

by A***s

on November 22, 2023

It's okay for my granddaughter. She tinkers with it once in a while.

by G***x

on November 15, 2023

It's a beautiful bass guitar for the money. The amplifier does have an electronic buzz that I am working on removing. Otherwise, I'm more than satisfied. The body of the guitar is flawless. And the wood is very attractive. The threats do need to be polished on the ends, but it's not severe and that can wait. Overall a very good value.

by S***r

on October 26, 2023

shipping was so fast! bass is a perfect starter!

by D***g

on September 28, 2023

10 Stars, this is amazing. Faster than expected delivery, incredibly beautiful looking and sounding. Start out the box very little tuning needed. Incredible. Buy this . You will love it. Thank you Glarry for making such a wonderful product and keeping it affordable.

by s***l

on September 25, 2023

I have always wanted to learn how to play a guitar, and I figured the best way to start was with a four-string bass so that I wouldn't get too overwhelmed with the six-string equivalent. I'm not a flashy guy so I figured the natural wood appearance would best suit my personality. The price point was fantastic (surprising, actually), which made me think I would compromise on quality. Again, I am a beginner and don't know much about what is good quality and what isn't. All of that being written, I ...

by B***r

on September 06, 2023

Good beginner bass!Well worth the money.

by H***e

on August 28, 2023

Good price,Little difficulty unscrewing the lid,But it makes a tight seal and is working fine

by R***e

on August 25, 2023

Bought this for my 14 yo.Perfect beginner bass The amp and cords are not the best so plan on replacing those at some point. The value is good and it is perfect for a beginner.

by m***n

on August 21, 2023

The one star is me being generous. I ordered a blue guitar they sent me a black and white one it had scratches on it. It has obviously been used on top of that. They try to make it seem like it was my fault. Poor customer service have yet to speak to a live person. I hate intending on buying three at all they do not want to exchange and I'm just stuck with the black and white guitar when I ordered a blue one I will never purchase anything else from their company, nor will I, give them a good rev ...

Service Team:

We apologize for any inconvenience and have escalated your issue to our R&D and QC departments. We're committed to improving our product quality and processes. We'll contact you soon.

by E***e

on August 18, 2023

...My 12-year-old Granddaughter has a music class at school, and chose the bass guitar as her instrument. She enjoyed it, and asked for a bass of her own. I bought this for her birthday, and she's very happy with it. The bass comes with everything she needs, and it's a perfect package for a beginner...

by B***e

on August 11, 2023

Really fun to play with

by L***y

on August 06, 2023

Came set up good. Nice finish and assembly. A very good bass for beginners and experienced bass players. Light weight and easy and fun to play.

by A***o

on July 31, 2023

Hubby loves it n plays it often !

by B***e

on July 26, 2023

Cheap and shipped fast, but you get what you pay for. One of the screws was stuck in the strings - screw would not got back into the face securely (just slid in and slipped back out - obviously stripped). Also, would have been nice to come even close to tuned, string were literally loose.

Service Team:

We apologize for any inconvenience and have escalated your issue to our R&D and QC departments. We're committed to improving our product quality and processes.We'll contact you soon. Glarry

on August 11, 2023

Cheap and shipped fast, Responsive customer service, amp is loud enough to learn and good sound. (can't let me edit stars - should be 4/5)

by L***h

on July 19, 2023

I like the color and the feel of the guitar, just started learning to play music. the price was right for me.

by R***a

on July 11, 2023

I am an average Joe who bought this base because of the price. I was a little bit nervous but I have to say this base was well worth it. I've always loved the base and now I am starting to learn how to play. The bass sounds awesome the bag a little thin but that's okay the amp a little small but that's okay it does sound good. All I needed to do was download a bass guitar tuner and it tuned very well. It's been already about 2 weeks and I haven't had to retune it. If you're looking for a good qu ...

by A***r

on July 05, 2023

My son loves his guitar. He is very excited to learn a new instrument. Highly recommend this combo for all beginners!!!

by A***s

on July 03, 2023

For the price ($110) it is a very good deal. The guitar plays nicely and stays in tune. The amp also works well for a 20 amp practice amp.

by J***d

on June 30, 2023

I actually bought this to do a remake project' but it sounded so nice out of the box I decoded to remake a different one and play this until the other is finished!!

by M***a

on June 24, 2023

I bought this bass and it has been a good starter bass for my daughter. The amp does not get very loud which for me is a good thing lol but if that's what your looking for not a good thing. It is the perfect price for all you get.

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