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Reviews of Glarry GMB101 44.5 Inch EQ Acoustic Bass Guitar Black Burlywood
4.8 5 21

Customer Reviews(21)

by M***n

on May 23, 2023

Bass was shipped right out. You can't go wrong for the money !!!

by K***n

on May 18, 2023

Great Bass Guitar! Amazing instrument for the price point

by K***R

on April 06, 2023

Great Deal! Ready to go straight out of the box.

by R***.

on April 01, 2023

Not bad for the price.The quality isn't the best but what I paid for it I can't complain...

by R***e

on March 23, 2023

My husband and kid love this guitar

by T***m

on March 08, 2023

Can't believe what you get for the money looks good, plays good, sounds good. Action is a little high, couple of finish imperfections, some backlash in the tuners, but Overall I would recommend it to anyone.

by J***e

on March 01, 2023

This asctioustc bass from glarry is my fourth gutiar ot is amazing well worth the money perfect sound i will be buying more gutiars from Glarry

by K***y

on March 01, 2023

It has a good sound. Had to adjust the neck back a little. Now it has little fret buzz. Overall for the price, I would suggest it.

by A***r

on February 12, 2023

I am a beginner. This guitar is perfect for me.

by D***s

on January 20, 2023

These are some fantastic guitars for The money'better than my 200.00 guitar I played on stage in the eighty's What's there to complain about.

by E***s

on January 01, 2023

Purchased for my grandson; he seemed very pleased with it.

by r***g

on December 14, 2022

This Bass required only the slightest setup, conditioned fretboard, and gave the nut slots two or three passes each with a file. The action is good right out of the box, but I like it really fast, so I will lower it a bit when I get a lighter set of strings, probably bronze. The bass has a full, rich, acoustic sound, and the electronics work as they should and is a nice added feature. The continuing shortfall is the gig bag, a padded bag is a must. Adding $10-15 to the total price to upgrade ...

by C***n

on December 01, 2022

This is a pretty good sounding acoustic bass which is something considering how bad most are. Plays well but frets need sanding at the edges BIG TIME. Not a huge deal really but not a beginner task.

by M***n

on November 19, 2022

Everyone should have one of these Glarry acoustic/electric basses! It's a real nice bass guitar and its fun to play. It has a great tone acoustically and can rock out when amplified. I highly recommended this. Glarry has done a great job building a nice instrument!

by K***n

on October 22, 2022

Now I was just reading reviews before ordering and WELL . . Started playing a cello at 12 in 1986 but switched over to bass in time. Regrettably went through comas hence a brain tumor for an accumulation of 10 years but music is just my mental therapy ! The fact that Glarry makes things able to get easily IS A TRUE BLESSING !!! Thanks Guys !!!

by K***r

on September 30, 2022

Arrived in perfect condition! Works and sounds amazingly! Great product!

by D***d

on April 19, 2022

Great instrument.

by M***r

on April 08, 2022

We were pleased, it was a good price and my son was glad to see it came with case and tuner and we have no complaints. Thank you GlarryMusic!

by F***e

on March 02, 2022

Very impressed! Decent sound and easy to play! Love it!

by J***n

on February 19, 2022

I think this is the best investment I did in Guitar. Highly recommended.

by R***t

on February 03, 2022

For this price? It's amazing.I'm probably going to order another one.