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Reviews of Glarry GP Electric Bass Guitar w/20W Amplifier Black Blue Burlywood Red Sunset White Yellow
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Customer Reviews(309)

by D***r

on March 19, 2023

Excellent quality..beautiful color. My grandson was so surprised and pleased. Beautiful product. Thank you for your prompt delivery.

by C***r

on February 10, 2023

I ordered a Bass w/ amplifier for a great price! It arrived earlier than forecasted. Nice bass. It plays well. I liked this purchase.

by J***n

on January 24, 2023

The finish and quality is surprisingly good! The amp could probably be a little better but it gets the job done. Overall I really like it!

by C***s

on January 11, 2023

Very happy with my purchase

by M***d

on January 10, 2023

I think this was 100% worth the money. I was a little skeptical that such a low price point would mean low quality, but that's not the case. The bass plays good and the amp sounds great!

by C***c

on January 07, 2023

Very pleased with my purchase. Bass and amp arrived perfectly, no issues at all. Tuned up bass and was ready to go. No fret sprout or dead frets. Amazed at the quality at this price point. Would buy from Glarry without hesitation.

by S***y

on December 04, 2022

Love my bass and the punctual timing it arrived. Ordered Friday, received it 7 days later as said, well 8 came Saturday morning. Great price! Great beginner bass for me! Thank You Glarry Music! I'll be back

by E***T

on November 29, 2022

I purchased this base so,when my son visits me, he has something to play w/out bringing his base or amp. My son loved it. Thinks it is more than adequate and the amp sounds good. When I told him what I paid, he was blown away. So, thumbs up. I don't play the base, but I might start. Cheers

by D***r

on November 25, 2022

Shipping speed was great. Received in 3 days after ordering. Haven't completely unboxed it as it is a Christmas gift for my granddaughter.

by G***g

on November 15, 2022

Very Nice Bass, works well and looks great..I will continue to shop. GLARRY

by R***e

on November 10, 2022

I ordered the bass. They sent me the bass.

by J***.

on November 01, 2022

It's not perfect but it's great for a beginner trying to get set up without having to blow $400+.

by S***y

on October 27, 2022

The cable and kit bag is trash. HOWEVER.... everything on the bass that is wood is fantastic! While everything is pretty OKAY otherwise, I still switched out the nut, tuners, bridge, PICKUPS, strings and all the wiring and electronics and the knobs just so I could. It really helped to know what makes a Bass Guitar actually work. Then I payed for a profesional set up on it at a reputable guitar shop. I'll never forget handing it to my Bass teacher and he was blown away playing it. "You payed wh ...

by H***d

on October 27, 2022

Wife loves her early Birthday Gift....Great product! My wife used to play the bass guitar as a child and always saying how she wanted to pick it back up.... A guess what? She still has it..

by V***s

on October 14, 2022

Good fast service. Nice beginner bass to get started.

by J***o

on October 12, 2022

Everything came in good condition and everything work

by M***r

on October 03, 2022

Ordered on a Wednesday and got it on a Thursday! Really surprised me! Great bass, great feel, and was really impressed with the sound of the amp.

by DJ

on October 02, 2022

I'm a beginner so I don't know much about bass guitars but it's working out great for me. The bass looks to be in good shape and everything works so I have no complaints.

by P***n

on September 30, 2022

Very good and affordable bass guitar . This is my second and hasn't disappointed me

by O***l

on September 29, 2022

I bought this guitar last week and it came with everything listed and was just gorgeous I'm so happy with this purchase

by p***r

on September 26, 2022

Good quality at an affordable price Lot of fun under $130! And it last

by P***d

on September 23, 2022

Nice starter unit. Guitar was damaged. Garry worked to resolve issue. OverLl happy with purchase.

by K***k

on August 20, 2022

Everything came nicely packaged, the color was a bit deeper,more of a mustard color but all around beautiful bass! I'm very impressed!

by O***t

on August 19, 2022

I ordered. It came with everything as listed.

by I***t

on June 16, 2022

Very good beginners bass, my only complaint is that the chord broke pretty easily. However if you're serious about playing you should get a better amp and chord anyways.

by K***n

on May 09, 2022

Grandson wants to learn to play.

by D***n

on May 06, 2022

Great starter bass and Amp .

by J***o

on May 04, 2022

Beautiful Bass guitar

by B***s

on April 07, 2022

Well, there are obvious flaws, and Blemishes,. BUT! at this price point, they're great guitars! Excellent beginner to intermediate, With the potential to be a Gigging guitar. I own a small retail store, and the folks at Glarry have been easy, and great to work with. My only issue is with the Dealer program,. as it doesnt lend me enough room to make more than 10% profit on the Gear. That said,.. I can make up the profit gap with other products I carry,.. and both me, and my customers really appre ...

by P***a

on March 31, 2022

Good starter for a beginner. Had everything you needed right out of the box to start making NOISE! Rock-On now for a few online lessons and I'm on my way.

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