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Reviews of Glarry GTL Maple Fingerboard Electric Guitar Transparent Yellow Green Black Blue Sunset
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Customer Reviews(352)

by P***r

on October 03, 2020

Excellent product for the price. It was 90% as good as another guitar I bought for twice as much. Glarry is a winner!

by B***r

on September 30, 2020

Arrived ready to tune up and play. Will order more.

by M***l

on September 29, 2020

Ordered on Thursday, arrived on Tuesday. Took it out of the box, tuned it up, and it sounded great. Twangy on the bridge pickup, clean in the middle setting, and mellow on the neck pickup. Except for the headstock shape and the Glarry logo, I think most people would be hard pressed to tell it from a real Fender Tele. Can't wait to get it onstage and crank it up!

by I***s

on September 28, 2020

Good guitar for the money. It arrived about a week and a half after I ordered it. The box it came in was slightly damaged, but the guitar didn't sustain any damage. After a fresh set of strings, it sounds great. Nice clean tones from the neck, center position is hum cancelling, and the bridge is just ok (microphonic). I plan on swapping the bridge pickup out. I could tell it was put together in a hurry, but what do you expect for 89.99?. There was sawdust under the pickguard and in the cavities ...

by B***h

on September 24, 2020

It's a twanger. Nice Tele feel and sound with an awesome price. Going to get another color also for stage appeal-LOL

by B***h

on September 24, 2020

Braaang the Twaaang withot the pocket Staang. Nice Tele sound with great action. Price is insane!

by B***h

on September 24, 2020

Oh yeah, This is exactly what I wanted. Great sounding nice guitar. Looks really nice.

by W***t

on September 19, 2020

The Glarry transaction was flawless! The Telecaster style Guitar arrived about 7 days after I ordered it. The guitar was in excellent condition upon arrival and could be played, out of the box, after tuning it. I conducted a complete setup on this guitar and it did require no adjustments to the truss rod or string action; however, pickup height, and intonation adjustments were required. The guitar plays like a dream now and I look forward to many hours of fun playing it. I do recommend this ...

by A***l

on September 14, 2020

I love this guitar...I was skeptical when I first ordered it because of the low price. I bought it because I love the Tele style body and wanted to see if it was any good. I was more than pleased! It played pretty well out of the box (although I did adjust the neck and bridge a bit) and I have been playing it every day for the last few months. I have other guitars in my collection that cost a lot more (even used) and although there are some differences, they are more subtle than the difference i ...

by B***s

on September 11, 2020

Guitar arrived fast and well packed. There was a small issues with a high fret, but they made it right. Beautiful guitar and play good too. Great for the money.

by S***k

on September 09, 2020

The guitar plays well and sounds great, at a great price. It also looks pretty good. The only problem was damage to the back of the guitar that seems to have happened during shipping. The packaging could really be improved, because this seems to be quite a common problem.

Service Team:

Sorry for the inconvenience caused to you! We appreciate your support for GLARRY. We have already reflected your problem to our logistic department. We will strengthen our packaging to avoid such damage. If you have other questions, please contact our customer support center [email protected], we will do everything we can to help you. Glarry

by M***.

on September 09, 2020

I'm not a beginner I've been playing guitar for 35 years and the reason I bought a cheaper end guitar was because I always wanted a telecaster and I saw a review video online about this guitar and for being a cheaper model it looked hot and for the price I couldn't pass it up. It looks and plays way better than you'd think an $89.00 guitar would play. I wm cpmpletely blown away by this sexy guitar! Thanks Glarry!

by E***p

on September 04, 2020

This is an Telecaster copy that is excellent I love the guitar without having to pay 1200 or more because it says Fender Telecaster on the headstock awesome guitar.

by R***s

on September 04, 2020

I was amazed at how nice the guitar looked when I removed it from the box. After tuning it and plugging into my amp, I couldn't believe the sound of these pickups. Neck pickup was very warm, and bridge pickup was bright..I had seen a review where the bridge pickup had a little trouble, but not in my case. The guitar played beautifully. I changed the strings, and lowered the action a little, and adjusted pickup height and that made it play even better. The only other thing I will do is smooth out ...

by R***a

on September 04, 2020

I have Recieved My Guitar and I really loved it, the overall look and quality was more than I expected, I do have a small collection of guitars and this one I have Included in with my Favorites. Thank you for your great service and I will be purchasing from your company again and I have already Referred people to you company. Keep up the good work , Thanks Rudy Barriga

by S***S

on August 31, 2020

For the money you can't beat this guitar. Other than tuning the strings there were only a couple of adjustments needed to get it to play quite well. Although the packing is kinda slim the guitar had no blemishes, scratches or dents. The neck is straight the frets smooth with no sharp edges. The bridge pickup is a little noisy but for the price that is not a complaint. All in all I am quite happy with My new Glarry GTL.

by R***n

on August 31, 2020

Very pleased with all aspects of my guitar. Matches all of the review comments I read before deciding to purchase. Great value for the price.

by K***e

on August 31, 2020

Great deal. Very pleased. Will be ordering again from Glarry.

by G***d

on August 29, 2020

Was finally able to find out what went wrong all the other times I tried ordering this guitar, turns out the problem with my card was on my end, sorry, but my GTL Maple Fingerboard Electric guitar arrived, not a scratch on it, it is very light, I of course, will be upgrading with better strings, and yes, the bridge pickup is microphonic, I'll live with that for now, or maybe figure out ways of using that little flaw in the music! As I said before, no scratches, no check marks, no shipping damag ...

by C***a

on August 26, 2020

I was presently surprised,how ever I tried to install a rotary 3 way switch but it won't fit, cavity not deep enough the body is too thin.

Service Team:

We appreciate your support for Glarry. We have already reflected your question to our development department and quality control department. We would censor more rigidly on our products and improve their quality. If you have other questions, please contact our customer support center [email protected], we will do everything we can to help you. Glarry

by R***d

on August 26, 2020

A surprisingly good guitar for the money.

by g***n

on August 21, 2020

Great guitar fun to play sounds great action and everything was right, right out of the box cant beat it. Love the color and the finish as well very cool.

by S***h

on August 02, 2020

Very nice looking guitar ,the fret work is done well .it sounds pretty good but the only bad thing is the pickups are microphonic so it feeds back while not playing . Due to covid 19 it took just over 3 weeks to get it but in the past I've received my order in around a week so don't trust shipping times right now

by R***l

on July 24, 2020

This thing is a gem for the money. No complaints whatsoever. Good job Glarry

by M***e

on July 22, 2020

Great price and a real nice guitar. Played real nice out of the box. Great value. Thanks

by E***l

on July 21, 2020

Nice instrument. Improve your packaging. Received with gouge in the body.

by D***h

on July 21, 2020

Very nice for the price

by j***s

on July 19, 2020

Back in the day 35 odd years ago I had fair few guitars and amps and actually had a Fender Stratocaster. However things changed after marriage and children. In this period of my life at 58 I just have a classical acoustic. Cuting to the chase, I wanted an electric guitar to have a hobby and learn some music for enjoyment. I bought a second hand guitar but to be honest it was rubbish. I researched You Tube and internet looking for a budget guitar. There was some great reviews for Glarry music an ...

by G***a

on July 14, 2020

Love it, Had wanted a Tele for a long time, Had one back in the 80's.. Price was right.

by T***d

on July 10, 2020

Well pleased very nice

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