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Reviews of Glarry GTL Maple Fingerboard Electric Guitar Transparent Yellow Green Black Blue Sunset
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Customer Reviews(310)

by D***N

on December 17, 2021

Lifelong player..my first Glarry. Wish there was a 6th star in ratings. A hundred dollars and the fret finishing on this one is as good as my Epi Custom Shop. Like most, i had to do intonation, action fine tuning etc and it's awesome. The finish is better than the pictures, no kidding. I bought 3 more guitars and expect they'll all be as stellar. Nice guitar. 0 complaints.

Service Team:

Thanks for your comment. We will try harder to offer better products and service. Looking forward to your next visit! Glarry

by L***r

on November 10, 2021

In January of this year I bought this guitar. Out of the box it was set up fine. No complaints on that. It played and sounded great. The neck was smooth and fast. The only problem with the neck had slight fret sprouts on the high E side, but just barely. No big deal. The finish is great. Very nice. Good Job Glarry. I will probably by another guitar from you.

by C***r

on October 20, 2021

Don't know what happened to my first review on this guitar, so here is another review: This is my second Glarry so the brand works for me. Leveled the frets, still have the original strings on it, sounds good, one more leveling and fret polishing round and the guitar will play as good as anything else I own. Tuners and bridge work well and hold the tune decently. No flaws in the black paint and the shipping time was top notch. Satisfied customer.

Service Team:

Thanks for your comment. We will try harder to offer better products and service. Looking forward to your next visit! Glarry

by D***r

on September 10, 2021

I absolutely loved it! The action was already perfect straight out of the box!!! Once I tuned and stretched the strings a little, I barely put it down until I had to go to bed. Thanks for making such a good and affordable product Glarry! I already added a hanger on the wall for it with my others!

by J***t

on March 08, 2023

My second GTL purchase. I bought it with sole purpose of making it into an instrument that didn't exist here. Using parts from a less-than-perfect 36-inch kids bass, I crafted a GTL bass. Surprisingly easy with a few mods. Should get a few fun double takes at the next jam session.

by J***o

on February 28, 2023

For the price,I can hardly believe the quality of this guitar! I love the maple finger board, tuners are great, haven't put it through an amp yet, but I'm already satisfied with the purchase. Would definitely recommend this guitar. If you have no experience with setting up a new guitar I would recommend you take it to your local music store for a professional set up. (IMO ALL brand new guitars need to be set up for each player's comfort and ease of fingering) If you're thinking about this guitar ...

by T***h

on January 27, 2023

Excellent guitar for the price! Plays very well. Sounds like a Tele. Had a local luthier smooth the sides of the frets. Plays a well as my American California Stratocaster.

by R***x

on January 05, 2023

i like it, never had a tele style before. bought this to paint it and do nut, bridge and tuner work. no regrets at all.

by D***a

on December 31, 2022

Love the grain and amber color of the yellow... I'm getting another with a sound hole but, burley wood next... Glarry realy are greatly made guitars... Sincerely: David Payl Rivera Of: Doktah 77

by M***e

on December 07, 2022

VERY NICE Tele for the bucks!!!!!....... LOVE inexpensive guitars!...... With a quick home set-up, which most of us can do easily, these Glarry guitars are a total STEAL!...... Mod it or leave it alone and play the crap out of it..... Tough to beat for what you will lay out (less than 100 bucks)..... Puts the Squiers to shame at a fraction of the price!....BUY ONE (or more, like I did!!!!!!)......

by J***u

on December 07, 2022

Very Satisfied- the color and finish are perfect and frets are nicely finished with no sharp edges.

by D***e

on November 28, 2022

Love this guitar. We actually ended up using this guitar for a charity build, after doing som custom work to it it got auctioned off for a good cause. You can see our unboxing and review of this great guitar at ChaosIsComing.com

by J***a

on November 26, 2022

I'll tell you what... This guitar kicks a$$! You'd be hard pressed to find a guitar this good at $500 dollars let alone $89!! I have Fenders etc... But for the price and a few tweeks you can't beat these guitars! Extremely satisfied and will order again!

by J***e

on November 12, 2022

It's awesome! The finish is beautiful...can't go wrong for $90. Honestly I'd write more but I was actually rocking out with this thing when asked for comment. So I'll just say it's great and I'm anxious to finish this comment and get back to jamming

by J***d

on November 03, 2022

Ok, so I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical that a sub $100 guitar could really play well. So... now I am eating a bit of crow because this one actually plays really well. Now, as with all new guitars shipped across time-zones, it did require a little bit of set up work. I normally do a complete set up (to include some fret work as needed), but in this case I didn't have my fret tools handy. I was able to do everything else (new strings, string height, intonation, etc) and spent the aftern ...

by T***y

on November 02, 2022

Very nice guitar for the price. looks great and plays very good.

by P***l

on October 31, 2022

Very beautiful looking guitar. Ordered a hollow body to compair.I know alot ofpeople give your company crap for quality. But I set my own guitars up and love these so far.

by N***k

on October 29, 2022

Great product and fast service A+

by J***s

on September 14, 2022

My new favorite guitar. Needed nothing. Out of the box, clean, flawless, smooth necks. Great frets! Smooth tuners and pick ups sharp and responsive. It plays and feels better than my Fender. Price is crazy low and quality is in the clouds. Buy this guitar. You'll love it. If you're gifting, they will be speechless!!! Rock on Glarry. I see another order coming soon!!!!

by B***e

on August 28, 2022

I bought it for a project guitar.. I replaced everything but the Control plate and the pickups.. This guitar is a very fun guitar to play.. Used a standard Tele bone nut and locking tuners with new saddles.. This is a smoking guitar now..

by J***r

on August 23, 2022

Couldn't wait to get it. I haven't unplugged it from my amp since

by B***a

on August 05, 2022

This is the 2nd of two pieces that I purchased from Glarry!!! I do admit that I had experienced a lil' "faux pas" with the neck concerning "dead spots" where notes couldn't be produced while playing, but its nothing that an allen wrench/truss rod adjustment couldn't handle!! LOL!!!! And I gave it a lil "facelift" if you will, because that "gold" pickguard blended so beautifully with that hue of the wood finish on the guitar.......Overall THIS ONE WHUPS @$$!!!!!!!!! Thanks, Ya'll!!!!!!

Service Team:

Thanks for your comment. We will try harder to offer better products and service. Looking forward to your next visit! GLARRY

by S***t

on June 14, 2022

I like the guitar a lot. It has good points and bad points. You've done many things right on this guitar and it has been a very good starting point to modify for improvement for what I need as an experienced guitarist. I will list he changes I made, and comment some about them afterward. 1. I leveled and recrowned the frets. I expected to need this since it is even necessary on expensive guitars sometimes. 2. I made a bone nut and filed the slots for very good action. I understand that it woul ...

by L***o

on May 12, 2022

What a great product for the price. Also xlnt company and great service

by F***a

on May 06, 2022

Great experience! Prices are great! So affordable. So much value. Free shipping!!! Came earlier than expected. I will be buying again!!!! Thank you Glarry!!!!

by M***n

on February 16, 2022

My guitar Arron a timely manner it plays and sound great after few adjustments, thanks for the great guitar

by M***e

on February 11, 2022

Guitar arrived well packed and in perfect condition. Everything works as intended, needed very little set up. Looks great.Thanks I'll probably buy more but shouldn't (I already have 10 guitars.) Can you have too many?

by W***e

on February 05, 2022

Just received mine a few days ago. I was nervous, because the box had some damage to it (the delivery guy even made a note of it in case there was an issue), however the guitar was unscathed! Before I even took it out of the foam sleeve, I could tell this was a beautiful guitar! I got the sunset finish, and the pictures don't even come close to how fantastic it looks!! Out of the box it was very well set up, only needing tuning and a bit of intonating. And it really sounds terrific! Just how you ...

on February 07, 2022

Edit: after all mods completed... new Wilkinson's pickups, bridge and tuners, new strings and cream pickguard, she looks plays and sounds fantastic!

by J***O

on February 01, 2022

I'm very satisfied with this product. I thought I ordered a different color but I like

by S***d

on December 29, 2021

This is the second guitar that I've bought from Glarry - I bought a GP Bass a year ago - and again Glarry have exceeded all expectations. As before, it arrived in 2 days (and this was the week before Xmas). The guitar is flawless and, apart from a tiny tweak of the intonation on the E and the A strings, the setup is fine. Some purists may not like the neck, but I actually love the flatter profile. Plugged in it sounds great - exactly like this style of guitar should. Just one tiny irritation - I ...

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