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Reviews of Glarry GTL Maple Fingerboard Electric Guitar Transparent Yellow Green Black Blue Sunset
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Customer Reviews(332)

by K***e

on December 19, 2020


by R***a

on December 17, 2020

Sweet !!!!!!!much better than the last one .Thanks keep up the good work!

by D***r

on December 16, 2020

My Glarry Solid Body GTL (Tele Style) Guitar arrived and it's Fantastic! This is my 5th Glarry Guitar and I am very satisfied with all 5 purchases! The Fit and Finish is Very Nice! This one has a Sunset Color Scheme and the wood grain both on the Body and Maple neck is awesome! It's hard to believe this Guitar is well below $100.00!! ..Everyone likes their Guitar Set (Adjusted) to suit their playing style, I set mine up and it plays Great!

by A***N

on December 13, 2020

I dig your t-style guitars. I have two.

by J***n

on December 13, 2020

Great Cyber Monday price. No fret sprout at all. It's beautiful. Aside from lowering the action a little, no further set up was needed. My best Glarry yet (my 3rd of 4).

by J***n

on December 12, 2020

I was amazed when my GTL arrived at how nice it was. The finish is fantastic and it came close to perfect set up ready to play. No matter if your a new player or veteran, for the money you should have one of these guitars!

by C***a

on December 12, 2020

Really lovely guitar, a coupe chips here and there in the fretboard but that's to be expected from a cheaply telecaster

by T***r

on December 12, 2020

GLARRY HAS DONE IT AGAIN!!! What an amazing guitar! And under $100. A quick setup to my specs and my favorite strings and I was off and playing. This is the fourth Glarry guitar I've purchased and I love this company.

by N***l

on December 09, 2020

Great in every aspect except the treble pickup, but combine it with the neck pickup and it's wonderful. Great price for something this good!

by J***n

on December 06, 2020

For the money, this is a great little guitar. Have a Squire Stratocaster and this is close to the same quality at half the price.

by D***y

on December 26, 2020

I was very lucky I think because the people who actually did the shipping didn't damage it at all. First thing I did was inspect the box it came in and it showed no signs of any trauma. The reason I stress the fact it arrived on my doorstep in the same condition it was when boxed. What a beautiful instrument. The finish is flawless. The neck shape or profile is near perfect. I performed my own setup and put on fresh strings and the guitar tuned perfectly. And it stays in tune. I really feel luck ...

by B***s

on November 16, 2020

Great value! This little Tele, after :10 of adjustment and some TLC on the sharp fret ends, plays great! The pickups aren't bad on this one. I love the body finish, ready deep black and it's crazy light weight, which I love! Definitely would buy again!

by T***r

on November 16, 2020

I am blown away at how well this guitar played right out if the box!! Glarry guitars are an incredible value. For under $100 I have all that classic Tele twang. Great job at putting out a quality guitar.

by R***y

on November 08, 2020

Very good.

by J***k

on November 08, 2020

I would recommend Glarry music to any person that is thinking about playing a instrument , they have great prices and fast service.

by Q***s

on November 06, 2020

You can't beat the deal on one of these guitars! It arrived quickly, although it had a ding in it (but that's on ups not Glarry) the finish is still gorgeous though. After adjusting the action, the notation and truss rod it plays and sounds great. It feels very solid in the hands I would and probably will purchase another one

by W***b

on November 02, 2020


by M***l

on October 30, 2020

Jesse Duff Thu, Oct 29, 4:30 PM (21 hours ago) to me Hello Mike! Yup I received the guitar yesterday and was just about to email you to let you know I'm very happy with my purchase! I've put a few hours in on it, and can confidently say that for the price point it highly exceeds my expectations! It easily competes with some of my more expensive guitars, and is giving me exactly the sound I was looking for! The only gripes I have are so minor I wont even bother mentioning. So thanks Mike, you've ...

Service Team:

Thanks for your comment. We will try harder to offer better products and service. Looking forward to your next visit! GLARRY

by i***r

on October 23, 2020

Glarry you did fine the guitar is a lot better than i expected i had problems with a burnt out board on a Telecaster and am waiting on parts to repair it so i decided to purchase the GLT love the neck the finish and it sounds ok through my Laney amp for the price though i dont think you can go wrong if you know how to lower the action and intonate the guitar you will be fine . Now im making a request how about a Firebird or Explorer and spare parts for moding guitars necks bodies etc that i woul ...

by G***o

on October 21, 2020

I love this guitar, did a few adjustments and upgrades, is perfect for what I do, home recording, Glarry has good guitars specially if you like to upgrade guitars. I've been using this guitar for metal/rhythm. Here is my YouTube video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B0jTyt_h3hg

by R***t

on October 14, 2020

It plays beautifully. A bit tinny, but really nice. I love the look and sound of this guitar.

by J***n

on October 07, 2020

Great value Might change pickups... Might not

by J***n

on October 06, 2020

The Glarry telecaster I purchased is a beautiful guitar. Out of the box it needs a little setup I adjusted the neck set the string height and intonation. I put a set of good strings on it while I had the strings off I shielded the pickup cavities I smoothed out the neck with some steel wool and tru oiled the neck. Put it back together and have a great sounding guitar. You cannot beat it for the price I will be purchasing more.

by P***r

on October 03, 2020

Excellent product for the price. It was 90% as good as another guitar I bought for twice as much. Glarry is a winner!

by B***r

on September 30, 2020

Arrived ready to tune up and play. Will order more.

by M***l

on September 29, 2020

Ordered on Thursday, arrived on Tuesday. Took it out of the box, tuned it up, and it sounded great. Twangy on the bridge pickup, clean in the middle setting, and mellow on the neck pickup. Except for the headstock shape and the Glarry logo, I think most people would be hard pressed to tell it from a real Fender Tele. Can't wait to get it onstage and crank it up!

by B***h

on September 24, 2020

It's a twanger. Nice Tele feel and sound with an awesome price. Going to get another color also for stage appeal-LOL

by B***h

on September 24, 2020

Braaang the Twaaang withot the pocket Staang. Nice Tele sound with great action. Price is insane!

by B***h

on September 24, 2020

Oh yeah, This is exactly what I wanted. Great sounding nice guitar. Looks really nice.

by W***t

on September 19, 2020

The Glarry transaction was flawless! The Telecaster style Guitar arrived about 7 days after I ordered it. The guitar was in excellent condition upon arrival and could be played, out of the box, after tuning it. I conducted a complete setup on this guitar and it did require no adjustments to the truss rod or string action; however, pickup height, and intonation adjustments were required. The guitar plays like a dream now and I look forward to many hours of fun playing it. I do recommend this ...

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