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Reviews of Glarry GT501 40 Inch Cutaway Auditorium Acoustic Guitar Matte Spruce Front Folk Black Burlywood Sunset
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Customer Reviews(76)

by R***s

on August 22, 2020

I was very sceptical when I ordered this guitar but was pleasantly surprised when I started playing it. Good (low) action and a decent sound made it a great value. Now if you would improve the look and finishes I would never buy another expensive guitar.

by J***s

on August 07, 2020

Really good guitar, and good quality Best 6 string guitar I've had and good sound

by D***r

on August 03, 2020

Plays great and sounds good.

by M***l

on July 27, 2020

I am beyond satisfied with this guitar. It may be half the price of other guitars out there, but make no mistake; this is the real deal. I even had some trouble with the shipping, and the moment Glarry got word from FedEx that something was wrong they texted me an update on the situation. Now that it has arrived, I'm playing like a real guitarist with enough left over to buy some accessories. I've ordered, now, both a ukulele and a guitar, and I've been extremely pleased with both. Would recomme ...

by M***o

on June 24, 2020

On one hand it's not perfect there is a buzz on the third fret high E string adjusting the truss rod did not help. It's not worth spending the money to fix it. On the other hand it plays and sounds better then I would expect for such a cheap guitar . Though not perfect overall I'm satisfied I keep it in DADGAD tuning . I have 3 good guitars in standard tuning and 3 cheap guitars in alternet tunings

by R***s

on June 23, 2020

Great starter

by J***z

on June 16, 2020

I received it today and its nice and good quality, but there's a problem its broken from the bottom..

Service Team:

Sorry for the inconvenience caused to you! We appreciate your support for Glarry. We have already reflected your question to our development department and quality control department. We would censor more rigidly on our products and improve their quality. Our customer support center will contact you ASAP. Glarry

by C***n

on May 27, 2020

Great guitar, well built, and finished. Well worth the money.

by H***n

on May 09, 2020

Great affordable guitar

by C***n

on May 02, 2020

Wonderful VALUE!! Great Sound and Playability. Would be happy to do a youtube review on the GT509 if you sent me one. Craig Christenson

by E***n

on April 05, 2020

East trussrod tweak,action is beautiful, filled down 1 fret,zero buzz,set of daddario strings, sounds as good as 350$ yamaha.fast delivery very pleased for 56$ and 5 min of my time Gt501 40"

by M***n

on February 26, 2020

I've had lots of guitars by Gibson, Martin,and Fender, but for the price this is an excellent guitar. The action is good, it plays well, and it has good tone.

by A***a

on February 13, 2020

Great sound, clear and vibrant. Does not sound tiny like a cheap GC acoustic. Few rough spots on wood but not noticable. Too ofbody does dig into my strumming arm a bit, edge not very smoothed out.

by s***e

on February 12, 2020

Feb 12 2020...Lets review from a different angle, I just received my 501 Glarry guitar, after an hour of settling to new environment I tuned and started playing...action a bit high but PLAYABLE...after a couple of tuning rounds it settled and I played for an hour...It makes music..I have 17 guitars(price not important) but what is important is that is an instrument that gives me joy...and gives enjoyment for those who listen..I would say that if John Mayer, Carlos Santana, and any other gifted m ...

by D***s

on February 04, 2020

I bought this guitar as a starter guitar for my grandkids as I play a d 18 Martin. The strings need to be replaced with a electric set of strings . A little adjusting, the guitar sounds great. Thank you guys the delivery was quick guitar was in great shape a great learning guitar

by T***e

on January 25, 2020

I was curious about what I would get for $49. The quality of the finish is sketchy with a rough, un-sanded fingerboard from the 17th fret to the soundhole — but that's not a big deal since I can't play up there very well anyway. The paint is splotchy, and the finish is un-sanded and rough around the soundhole. The only other issue is the bend around the cutaway has creases. These are mainly cosmetic, and minor structural issues. If the guitar costs hundreds of dollars, those problems with the ...

by E***s

on January 24, 2020

I just want a refund so I can buy one of your ukeleles

by B***s

on January 15, 2020

couldn't believe the guitar for the price excellent played Wright out of box have to change strings they are junk but other than that a great guitar for the price plays better than my Dean will buy again can't be beat for the money even at twice the cost Thanks Bud

by D***y

on January 07, 2020

I bought this as a birthday gift for my boyfriend and he loved it. It's the best guitar for it's price. It needed tuning but other than that it was great

Service Team:

Thanks for your comment. We will try harder to offer better products and service. Looking forward to your next visit! Glarry

by J***l

on December 29, 2019

Bought this as an Xmas gift for my son. Shipped and arrived on time. The matte finish looks great in person. Action out of the box is relatively low. Pickguards come packaged separately (we got 2; don't know if that's standard or not), which I like, because not everyone likes pickguards. My son tuned it up and has only stopped playing it to sleep.

by M***s

on December 28, 2019

The guitar is less glossy in person than what the picture makes it out to be, but it sounds great and is a solid guitar. It was also delivered a day before what was estimated, so I am very satisfied with that. I would totally recommend it to a beginner or someone who wants a cheap guitar with a good sound.

by G***e

on December 10, 2019

I purchased a GT 501 about a year ago and with a little work on the frets, a full setup, I have an excellent addition to my collection of guitars that I love playing. YOU CAN NOT BEAT THIS GUITAR FOR THE MONEY!!!!!! I have been playing for over 50 years, so caring for a guitar is one of my simple pleasures in life and making a few tweaks on a guitar, especially in this price range, is to be expected. The neck sanding was a little rough, the fret edges were a little sharp, but I gave it love, ...

by J***e

on November 22, 2019

Awesome Guitar for the money. A lot better quality than I expected. Arrived fast and in great condition. I wouldn't hesitate to order it again.

by K***h

on November 18, 2019

Planning out there guitar fits nice the only thing is the first time I played it the top string broke I wish they would send me new ones

by A***s

on November 12, 2019

Very nice!!

by C***y

on November 12, 2019

I have owned a lot of guitars and bought this one, not expecting much. Surprise! Its a great player. Lose the supplied strings first thing and you'll love this guitar.

by S***e

on November 09, 2019

Came in the mail fast but the cardboard box was damaged but everything inside look good thank you

by a***r

on November 08, 2019

It was exactly what i ordered and is amazing. My fiancé will love it for his birthday.

by S***d

on October 23, 2019

Just hope it arrives...

by G***o

on September 18, 2019

My son loved tur Guitar Black. Good price with great quality and delivery was very fast. I recommend

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