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Reviews of Glarry GT501 40 Inch Cutaway Auditorium Acoustic Guitar Matte Spruce Front Folk Black Burlywood Sunset
4.5 5 80

Customer Reviews(80)

by p***r

on September 26, 2022

Great knock around, carry acoustic guitar And under $80 delivered! Nice

by j***y

on November 02, 2021

This is the third guitar I have purchased from Glarry and once again, good quality at a low, low, low price!

by R***K

on January 10, 2021

Arrived very quickly. The action was great out of the box. Finish very good. The frets were very sharp but quickly sanded. Guitar sounds great and would recommend the guitar and Glarry guitars

by K***s

on August 30, 2020

excellent service - arrived on time in perfect shape. I have one already, this was for my wife - it's light, comfortable. I restring it with slightly lighter strings for ease of learning. I expect to electrify with poezi pickups for connection to practice amp. I've tried a number of Chinese-built guitars (I'm a luthier) and most were lacking, poorly made or simply a castrophie. Glarrys are strong, pretty good sound, easy to handle and a brand I trust. Five stars !

by M***o

on June 24, 2020

On one hand it's not perfect there is a buzz on the third fret high E string adjusting the truss rod did not help. It's not worth spending the money to fix it. On the other hand it plays and sounds better then I would expect for such a cheap guitar . Though not perfect overall I'm satisfied I keep it in DADGAD tuning . I have 3 good guitars in standard tuning and 3 cheap guitars in alternet tunings

by R***s

on June 23, 2020

Great starter

by T***e

on January 25, 2020

I was curious about what I would get for $49. The quality of the finish is sketchy with a rough, un-sanded fingerboard from the 17th fret to the soundhole — but that's not a big deal since I can't play up there very well anyway. The paint is splotchy, and the finish is un-sanded and rough around the soundhole. The only other issue is the bend around the cutaway has creases. These are mainly cosmetic, and minor structural issues. If the guitar costs hundreds of dollars, those problems with the ...

by S***d

on October 23, 2019

Just hope it arrives...

by S***e

on September 02, 2019

Came in the mail fast but the cardboard box was damaged but everything inside look good thank you

by a***c

on August 19, 2019

Was very surprised at how great this guitar is . Need to put better strings on it but once you do it's amazing for the price

by j***o

on August 18, 2019

Excellent guitar quality is great for the price would recommend to anyone especially a beginner. I give it a 8 out of 10. Only thing this guitar is lacking is a good finish everything else is great!

by m***o

on August 13, 2019

This acoustic guitar was better than the first ones we bought from Glarry. Action and tone were great after set up.

by L***n

on May 10, 2019

Update: After submitting my previous review, Glarry reached out to me and told me that they are sending me a new guitar. I own 5 Glarry guitars and I really love them. After working on the guitar I received yesterday I was able to successfully make it a viable instrument as well. Thanks Glarry!