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Reviews of Glarry GV101 Matte Violin 1/2 3/4 4/4
4.7 5 99

Customer Reviews(99)

by T***i

on April 03, 2024

Great first violin for my son and I to play with and start to learn. I didn't pay close enough attention to all the size options, numbers for dimensions, or which one it defaulted to, so I was quite surprised by how small it was when it showed up. The pictures don't show anything for scale in them to make it apparent which one you are getting. Size aside, it's wonderful! My son and I decided we like it anyway and we're starting to learn!

by J***s

on January 29, 2024

Comes with everything to get started. Resin did come all shattered and powdered though.

by G***l

on December 28, 2023

Although i havent tuned it everything is in perfect condition. Getting extra strings and all the goodies are a plus. I HATE the chin REST, it is not comfortable at all it doesnt support the jaw. Thats why i said a 4/5 and not 5. Apart from the chin rest i would recommend this instrument. Ita Beautiful, i love my instruments!!!

by S***a

on November 11, 2023

Was harder than I thought it should be to tune, but still a great deal.

by S***y

on June 10, 2023

The price is good. It came with all parts. The G string was a little bent for my liking and I would like to see a shine to it. Tuner works perfectly but it was hard to tune the strings due to the pegs coming lose. Overall it is still a good instrument.

by G***n

on December 09, 2020

Very cheap and almost impossible to tune properly. But it was just over 30 quid with 10% off on black Friday which is amazing for everything that is included. More ornamental than playable but for the price I thought, what the heck.

by D***s

on August 19, 2020

Very nice instrument. Great value for a beginner.

by T***y

on April 03, 2020

This is my first time playing the violin and I love it! Good quality for the beginners !

by A***d

on March 12, 2020

My child's teacher says the instrument sounds good, and we are impressed with all that comes with the instrument for the price. That says, there are a couple of negatives: 1) The screw that should thread into nut inside the frog of the bow was stripped such that the bow would not tighten. I worked around the problem by threading a thin piece of elastic jewelry cord through the nut before inserting the screw. 2) I might have misunderstood, but I expected four fine tuners, as the pictures showed ...

by G***y

on January 05, 2020

I debated over buying this for a while before I finally gave in and I'm so excited I did! It was here within three days which was awesome! I'm a first time violin player so it was a little tricky to put together and tune and everything but I think I got the hang of it. It's beautiful and has (as far as I can tell) clear enough sound quality. Nothing is broken or scratched, and I think the light packing is fine since it's in its case too. The only thing is, like other reviewers have said, you de ...

by P***e

on December 01, 2019

The product came as it was displayed in the web and it arrived in time, but three horse tail hairs were loose in the bow and dangling from one end.