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Reviews of Glarry GV200 Antiqued Matte Solid Wood Violin 4/4 Full Size
4.7 5 52

Customer Reviews(52)

by R***n

on November 26, 2023

Great for beginners, wonderful instruction for new learners. Great quality.

by A***p

on November 15, 2023

Seems like a good starter violin, which is exactly what it was purchased to be.

by R***a

on November 13, 2023

I'd say this gets a 4.5 maybe a 5. For the price of a violin this is cheap. The bridge has to set up myself to avoid damage when shipped. But no problem just youtube a video theres one out there for this exact kind. One problem while tuning the G didn want to stay in the peg as well as the peg not wanting to stay in so I had to try and push and tighten so it would stay which meant tuning with the fine tuners.

by T***a

on November 08, 2023

This bridge requires self-installation. The bow needs rosin, but rosin is not very useful. After rubbing back and forth for a long time, the bow made a faint sound. So I don't know yet how good the sound is going to be because the sound the bow makes is not perfect yet. The finished product looks pretty good though.

by N***B

on October 24, 2023

Very beautiful violin! I haven't tried it yet, but the finish is smooth and worth the price.

by d***e

on October 22, 2023

We bought better strings and it sounded much better. great instrument for the price.

by S***y

on October 16, 2023

We donated them to our local grade school, where they will find use and make a positive difference in a child's life.

by S***k

on October 04, 2023

These are for beginners to learn on. If your child is just starting to learn the violin, you are good to buy this.

by A***e

on September 27, 2023

It was everything we were looking for.

by M***s

on September 19, 2023

A gift for my granddaughter. Perfect.

by D***E

on September 08, 2023

Great little instrument if you're just starting out. Good quality for a good price.

by M***u

on September 01, 2023

Tunning pegs aren't set in, can be hard to tune but once you get it right, you can have fun. Everything else is fine.

by R***t

on August 25, 2023

I love the shopping exp. very much. a back-to-school gift for grandchild..she was more impressed then i was. shipping was right on time. will be shopping again...and refer friends. THANK YOU so much

by M***.

on August 16, 2023

Excellent! Still learning how to play but I love it.

by F***.

on August 13, 2023

It was everything that I was expecting and I am very satisfied with what it comes with for the price! I would definitely recommend buying from here.

by P***L

on August 08, 2023

outstanding violin

by j***8

on July 29, 2023

My student couldn't be happier with the quality of the product and more importantly sound quality!

by A***g

on July 20, 2023

Pretty nice learner violin. Very comfortable. I believe id buy another later on.

by J***i

on July 11, 2023

Great price for what you get! Awesome packaging. A few niks in the face of the instrument but overall great value. Perfect for a beginner. Would recommend!

by B***l

on July 06, 2023

Fantastic violin kit. Good price. Good quality.

by H***r

on June 22, 2023

Fantastic product. Great for our 12-year-old to learn violin. The end of the bow was cracked, and the company replaced the bow very quickly. Would definitely recommend this company and product.

by B***s

on June 17, 2023

This 4/4 Violin is a double Five star Violin. It's so simple to tune up twice before hitting high beautiful sweet tones. I love this voilin as long I plays!

by C***n

on June 10, 2023

Perfect for having violin lessons.

by M***e

on June 02, 2023

Bought for daughter as she wanted to learn how to play. This was a great starting violin choice. Did not have to many issues tuning.

by D***e

on May 26, 2023

This is an amazing price. My daughter is ready for it.

by A***L

on May 17, 2023

While it isn't an expensive violin, I was very pleased with the quality. Great for beginners. You could probably find a better tuner but it's good enough to get started.

by S***y

on May 09, 2023

It came in good condition! Great for a beginner!

by E***g

on May 03, 2023

It was set up and completely intact on arrival. No damage, dislodged post or bridge. It is a good value for the price.

by D***n

on April 18, 2023

Love it all in good condition and plays good

by F***w

on April 16, 2023

It's perfect.

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