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Reviews of Glarry GV101 Matte Violin 1/2 3/4 4/4
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Customer Reviews(95)

by D***.

on March 24, 2024

My violin came today. I took it out of the case and started to play. It sounds and looks great. Wow!

by T***n

on March 15, 2024

I bought this just to have some fun. I played in high school and TMJ disorder means I can't play my wind instruments anymore. I'm still breaking it in, but it holds its intonation surprisingly well and doesn't have an AWFUL sound. I'm sure a professional would be able to notice right away that this is not a serious violin. But it does the job for a beginner or just for some at-home fun!

by E***z

on March 06, 2024

Excellent violin for a child and beginner. My granddaughter loved it and is really enjoying her violin lessons.

by B***k

on February 24, 2024

I really couldn't tell a difference between the nice violins and my kids and at BEGINNING level they all sound similar. Love its price.

by M***d

on February 19, 2024

A master violinist (and teacher) told me it was great for the price and had fairly good sound. She said the biggest problem with cheap violins is that they can't be tuned. This violin is fairly easy to tune but make sure the pegs are pushed in because they can become loose and then it becomes impossible to tune. It gets out of tune fairly easy so learn how to tune (it's fairly easy with a violin tuning app) and how to restring (YouTube tutorial). Also, new violins (new strings) take a few weeks ...

by j***z

on February 12, 2024

This is the 2nd year my son has used this violin (4/4) and I just got a 3/4 one for my daughter.

by J***a

on February 08, 2024

You get what you pay for and that is a BEGINNER violin.

by J***s

on January 29, 2024

Comes with everything to get started. Resin did come all shattered and powdered though.

by L***a

on January 28, 2024

The sound quality is very good if your a beginner and not looking for something too extravagant. It's also very cheap, considering the cost of other violins. I love how it comes with everything you need, too.

by P***s

on January 18, 2024

Beautiful instrument. Well crafted. Nice tone. But the bridge isn't already installed. Had to take it to a tuner to get that put on properly.

by L***M

on January 16, 2024

The sound and the quality of craftsmanship were a great surprise. The violin is well made, and it sounds good.

by tk

on January 09, 2024

This was for my daughter in elementary school! Great value for product.

by N***y

on January 05, 2024

i love the color and it made me happy.

by J***n

on December 30, 2023


by G***l

on December 28, 2023

Although i havent tuned it everything is in perfect condition. Getting extra strings and all the goodies are a plus. I HATE the chin REST, it is not comfortable at all it doesnt support the jaw. Thats why i said a 4/5 and not 5. Apart from the chin rest i would recommend this instrument. Ita Beautiful, i love my instruments!!!

by A***K

on December 17, 2023

This is an Xmas gift for my 7 year old niece who wants to learn how to play. We tried this out and it sounded pretty nice.

by B***r

on December 14, 2023

So Beautiful! Have to see it to appreciate it!

by C***y

on December 08, 2023

Got for 9 yo for school. So far so good.

by R***t

on November 28, 2023

Our Grandson is in the forth grade and taking orchestra for the first time and instead of renting a violin we decided to just buy a inexpensive one to start. If he sticks with it we will get him a better one but for now this one will work.

by c***n

on November 23, 2023

Everything's there, no issues

by S***a

on November 11, 2023

Was harder than I thought it should be to tune, but still a great deal.

by M***F

on November 04, 2023

Great quality product for beginners! Light weight and great sound and pretty exterior...everything needed was included in kit and arrived in great condition!

by A***y

on October 27, 2023

Bought for my 9yo daughter. She loves it, it sounds good, and the price is incredible considering all thats included for a students violin. If this product is still around as she needs larger sizes, i will buy again.

by E***n

on October 20, 2023

It comes beautifully packaged and with so much stuff - great for beginners!

by JH

on October 08, 2023

Got for son for his violin class and he loves it!

by s***y

on October 05, 2023

Came early and in perfect condition. It was all put together coming out of the box. The violin itself is very nice and perfect for beginners. Definitely would buy again.

by T***t

on September 22, 2023

I'm very pleased with this instrument. It's not perfect but it's well worth the price.

by T***y

on September 17, 2023

This is such a great value for a violin!

by R***n

on September 13, 2023

Mine arrived with the sound post rattling around inside the instrument. To get this correct cost more than the violin.

Service Team:

We apologize for any inconvenience and have escalated your issue to our R&D and QC departments. We're committed to improving our product quality and processes.We'll contact you soon.

on September 20, 2023

Update to first review where my violin was delivered with the sound post rattling around inside... I was pleasantly surprised that the company replaced the instrument immediately with one that I have no complaints about.

by A***T

on September 06, 2023

We managed to wax the strings, and everything went good, except that we have to tune it every now. All in all it's exactly like what the describtion showing! And we find everything well.

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