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Reviews of Glarry GV402 Violin 4/4 Spruce top Varnish Bright Brownish with 2 x Bow / Bridge
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Customer Reviews(76)

by m***g

on September 17, 2023

My decided to go for the violin. But since renting one or buying would cost $300+, I decided to give this a try. An honest review by a violin teacher on Youtube was the main reason aside from price for me to buy this.

by M***o

on September 12, 2023

Love it!!! Hope to play it at church.

by A***y

on September 08, 2023

My daughter is in love with her new violin. I have to admit I was a bit skeptical because of the price. But when we received it, I was truly amazed. The packaging is great, it was easy for my daughters music teacher to tune, and it arrived in three days. So she didn't miss a beat. Thank u.

by A***e

on August 30, 2023

Great violin for a beginner tuner. Definetly recommend. Also to note...some paint on the back of the neck was missing but it hasnt affected the playability.

by R***e

on August 22, 2023

This wasa back to shcool gift for my son and he loved it.. Rosin was in excellent condition and so was the bow. Rosin the bow for about five minutes or you might not get a great sound at first. New strings means some work keeping the strings in tune but a little manual stretching helps the process. Be sure to loosen the strings before tuning and start with G. Makes a great sound when tuned and rosined.

by A***g

on August 16, 2023

Fantastic violin at this price! Everything is good. The rosin is reasonably usable and the shoulder rest is comfortable. The violin set is definitely worth the price, absolutely recommand!!!

by J***r

on August 13, 2023

Wow! Everything someone needs to get playing the fiddle for a hundred bucks! Took a couple days for the strings to finish stretching and stabilize but that is normal. And the bow is probably the weakest part of the outfit. But most decent bows cost more than this whole set. So no complaints here. If you're looking for an outfit to start a student on violin this may just be the one you need. No regrets so far on this purchase

by B***l

on August 09, 2023

My daughter loved it????

by S***n

on July 30, 2023

It's a birthday gift and it's so beautiful. Pro quality. My son loves it.

by L***a

on July 28, 2023

I got the full size as I want to learn properly. Since I'm a beginner, I can't actually tell if the sound is good or bad, but it sounds good. I can play it with no trouble. Any instrument requires discipline and patience and especially, the joy of repetition. Keep at it and make sure you have proper wrist position, it makes all the difference. Good luck, a fine purchase.

by B***z

on July 23, 2023

Amazing instrument. My daughter loves it.

by l***x

on July 21, 2023

We purchased the violin for our son to use in school. A little upset that there the rosin came broken so we had to buy new rosin. Overall we like it and I think it's a good violin for beginners.

by M***e

on July 12, 2023

I have always wanted to learn to play the violin, so I finally decided to get this one and plan to teach myself. For the price, the quality is great, you get presumably everything you need for full basic setup and it comes strung already.

by O***a

on July 10, 2023

It is pretty! Can't wait to start learning and playing! I will try to update later when I begin actually learning to play and can review more from experience.

by R***.

on July 04, 2023

A good instrument to find out if a child is truly interested in playing a violin!

by H***n

on June 28, 2023

For the price this is an amazing violin setup. It came complete, no damage, and ready to go. Bow is adequate, not really high quality, but good enough for beginner. No problem with hair. It stays put. Warm enough sound. Within the beginner's ability to create a sound, it does what it is suppose to do.

by J***h

on June 26, 2023

I bought this violin for my wife whom is an experienced player. She loves it. It's not a bad quality instrument, although it took some time to get it tuned correctly and to get sound off the bow. For the cost it's well worth it. Overall very pleased with the purchase.

by J***R

on June 21, 2023

Pleasantly surprised! So Beautiful! Have to see it to appreciate it! A little brighter than pictured. Extremely professional and wonderful quality. Couldn't have selected a better one at this price. Perfect for me!

by M***k

on June 14, 2023

Just what my daughter wanted. Overall a good buy. Even her teacher said so. Lots of included items like rosin, strings a bridge and a tuner.

by R***l

on June 03, 2023

I really like this, though I know nothing of string instruments. It comes beautifully packaged and with so much stuff - great for beginners!

by H***e

on May 30, 2023

You are paying $100 for a violin; and you will get a violin worth more than $100. It is most definitely a perfect fit for a beginner. If you're not sure whether or not you will continue this profession, this is the best fit to fiddle around with and see how you like learning to play the violin.

by A***r

on May 24, 2023

I played the violin many years ago and decided to pick it back up as a hobby. This violin is perfect for that. You get everything you need to be able to start. Overall, this was a great purchase.

by A***m

on May 20, 2023

My daughter absolutely loves this violin! Her instructor gave it a thumbs up as far as quality, and she uses the heck out of it!

by S***k

on May 16, 2023

If you're an adult or a parent with a limited financial situation this is better than renting a good one for about 3 months.

by J***a

on May 08, 2023

This instrument is perfect for my daughter for her school. It's perfect for beginners.

by m***a

on May 02, 2023

Satisfied with my purchase! Great instrument for beginners like me!

by D***a

on April 28, 2023

Surprisingly a very beautiful violin for the price. However the it comes with a broken rosin. For a beginner that was stressful. But besides that nice first time violin.

by L***s

on April 21, 2023

Violin is a tough instrument to learn and this one could easily last you 6 months maybe even a year before you start to feel like you need something else.

by K***W

on April 16, 2023

Love the sound and it arrived on time it's exactly what I wanted for looks and as a beginner I'm not afraid to start learning on it. Two thumbs up

by M***o

on April 14, 2023

I got this violin for my daughter she loved it has good sound. It doing amazing.

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