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Reviews of Glarry GV402 Violin 4/4 Spruce top Varnish Bright Brownish with 2 x Bow / Bridge
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Customer Reviews(113)

by j***m

on March 29, 2024

Very beautiful!

by C***r

on March 21, 2024

My daughter has decided to get into playing a violin. I came across this deal and I was so excited for her. It came with everything needed and more. When she showed up to class with this beautiful violin everyone noticed, her teacher and classmates admired how beautiful it was as well as amazed by the extras that came with it. We all love this violin.

by D***y

on March 19, 2024

11 yr old grandson loves it. Very easy to adjust, and sounds good.

by T***e

on March 13, 2024

Excellent violin perfect conditions, it arrived on time,the sound it's perfect and very strong.

by K***n

on March 05, 2024

Great little violin and accessories for a beginner. The violin sounds decent and stays in tune for the most part.

by L***s

on February 27, 2024

Very happy with the product. Beautifully crafted. Can't wait for my daughter to start taking lessons.

by J***m

on February 24, 2024

I am all-around impressed. Such an amazing value, receiving the case and the chin rest and the rosin AND spare strings. Beautiful little violin.

by I***o

on February 13, 2024

My daughter has Autism and has been asking for a violin. Super excited it came here.

by B***r

on February 08, 2024

Arrived on time and undamaged. Reccomend this one!

by C***y

on January 26, 2024

I bought one and played around with it a VERY little bit. Sounds good. Plays good.

by S***e

on January 18, 2024

A local music shop guy was dissing this instrument, so I obviously won't be back there. I don't know what people might expect from a violin this small, but it has been more than adequate for my 13 year olds to start to learn. I appreciate that it comes with two bows, as the children can be rough on them as they are learning the self-control necessary to handle a bow properly. This little fiddle has certainly seen its share of abuse!

by B***s

on January 17, 2024

I been plucking them on a regular basis, and they are still in tune. Great to learn on for beginners.

by E***y

on January 11, 2024

Not 'great' quality, but is pretty good for the price.

by B***r

on January 09, 2024

I was pleasantly shocked actually, at the sound I plucked a couple songs out of it, and I can't wait to get my bow so I can hear the true beauty of it. So, in my experience I would absolutely buy an instrument from them.

by T***e

on December 31, 2023

As a professional violinist, I'm very pleased with the violin I received. Unless you have a good ear or prior experience with other instruments, you are going to sound bad and out of tune at first; this is just the way of things when it comes to non-fretted string instruments. Given practice, you will begin to sound better!

by M***z

on December 29, 2023

Just waiting until Saturday because is my friend birthday and this is her present.

by C***.

on December 22, 2023

Got this for my 13 yr old. Sound is better than I imagined but still not as good as the One my other teen got for $200 more. Good price for them to practice on.

by C***a

on December 13, 2023

Beautiful. Daughter needs practice.. It's not the violin's fault.

by U***a

on December 07, 2023

Everythins is good. I love it. If I have any complaints, and they are only slight, it is that the quality of the rosin that comes with it is quite poor, and I found that getting a good sound was a lot easier after I got some better quality rosin.

by J***a

on November 24, 2023

I'm happy with it

by C***o

on November 21, 2023

Brother in law was completely blown away when I gifted him this. He plays happily alongside his talented son now.

by A***t

on November 18, 2023

As a busy adult beginner with limited time to practice, I wanted to avoid breaking the bank on getting a violin to start learning. I have over two decades experience with music and guitar, but have never tried violin before. I am very satisfied with this product, however, even taking the low price out of consideration.

by S***.

on November 07, 2023

Great Violin. I love it!

by h***.

on November 05, 2023

Considering the price, it is not at all bad. I initially could not like it much, the sound looked too harsh, but eventually I found it OK. The tuning stays for days. Could not like the bow still. IF you are buying it to give violin a try or just for a short period of time, it is not a bad choice.

by D***n

on October 26, 2023

I like how it took less than a minute to have sound on this new violin, sounds great. This is a Christmas gift for my 12 yr old son who has been wanting to learn how to play this instrument for a while now. Am a very happy customer.

by C***l

on October 18, 2023

Thank you for the wonderful violin. Everything exceeded expectations.

by b***y

on October 16, 2023

This is an amazing violin for beginners. I bought this violin for my son who wants to learn to play. I did not want to spend alot of money and figured if he liked it I would buy him a better one. I have played all my life and when it got here I could not believe how good the sound was. It is well worth every penny. The case alone is worth the amount you pay for the violin. The bow is not very good but works well for a beginner. I would recommend buying a better bow. The digital tuner works well ...

by E***r

on October 05, 2023

my granddaughter loves it

by Z***f

on September 26, 2023

Great quality for a beginner. My daughter loves it,and use it everyday. She even use it and prefer it over the school orchestra one ($300 kind) her music teacher was very surprised when i told her the price.

by m***g

on September 17, 2023

My decided to go for the violin. But since renting one or buying would cost $300+, I decided to give this a try. An honest review by a violin teacher on Youtube was the main reason aside from price for me to buy this.

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