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Reviews of Glarry GV402 Violin 4/4 Spruce top Varnish Bright Brownish with 2 x Bow / Bridge
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Customer Reviews(117)

by L***s

on April 21, 2023

Violin is a tough instrument to learn and this one could easily last you 6 months maybe even a year before you start to feel like you need something else.

by K***W

on April 16, 2023

Love the sound and it arrived on time it's exactly what I wanted for looks and as a beginner I'm not afraid to start learning on it. Two thumbs up

by M***o

on April 14, 2023

I got this violin for my daughter she loved it has good sound. It doing amazing.

by A***E

on April 10, 2023

I am a beginner and do not know much about violin craftsmanship/workmanship. What I can say about this violin is that it is beautiful and just as described. I don't know what makes a good quality violin, but upon inspecting it, everything looks well constructed and put together. I did not see any flaws in this violin.

by G***e

on April 08, 2023

Bought for birthday present. Seems to be of good quality. I like that it comes with everything you need to get started.

by J***m

on April 03, 2023

Nice Violin for a novice, my daughter has been playing for 3 months and loves this violin.

by S***k

on March 30, 2023

It works fine and as expected. The only thing is not perfect is The shoulder rest is not well seated.

by Yi

on March 28, 2023

A very good quality for beginners/kids. so surprised how affordable it is for the quality. It came very quickly too. My daughter is obsessed already!!

by P***n

on March 14, 2023

The violin feels nice in hand. And it has really lovely resonance. (It's a little hard to believe the price for the richer sound it produces). I might switch out the chinrest for a wood one and I will definitely need to switch out the shoulder rest since I need a little more height and padding. But all of this is to be expected.

by m***l

on March 10, 2023

My daughter love it!

by J***o

on March 06, 2023

Beautiful violin and great quality for a beginner! The case is very nice and the inside is blue velvet and looks much better than the pictures they have listed. The chin rest was slightly damaged but they responded to my message immediately and sent us a replacement the same day. Amazing customer service! 10/10 would recommend

by V***a

on March 01, 2023

This violin rocks for beginners. Lightweight, sound is amazing, all the extras that come with it, soft case but firm. Money well spent!

by S***n

on February 25, 2023

Obviously this isn't meant to be played professionally at the Boston Symphony Hall. However for what it is, it performs way better than I would have expected. Easy to tune, plays well, and is very light (which also helps break you in easy to holding a violin).

by K***e

on February 22, 2023

This is an amazing violin for a beginner. Case is super nice. Tuner works great.

by M***a

on February 19, 2023

Have been wanting a violin since I was 8 years old but we couldn't afford the instrument or lessons. I researched violins and this was one that came recommended more than once for beginners on a budget. It looks good. Came with the case, bow, strings booklet, rosin tuner, etc. I would recommend buying a different rosin. The one the came with it I used but couldn't get a good sound out of the violin til I bought a better one and the difference is amazing.

by S***k

on February 12, 2023

It works fine and as expected. The only thing is not perfect is the shoulder rest is not well seated.

by C***s

on February 08, 2023

Great quality for the price! It stays in tune and has great sound. When it arrives it takes a little set up. You have to put on the bridge and tighten the strings. I am very happy with the quality.

by K***2

on February 05, 2023

It is very lightweight. I expected it to be heavier and was very surprised to see how lightweight it really is. My child can definitely hold it with ease. I think is a great beginner's violin.

by l***x

on January 26, 2023

We purchased the violin for our son to use in school. A little upset that there was a stain on the fabric it came with and the rosin came broken so we had to buy new rosin. Overall we like it and I think it's a good violin for beginners.

by R***s

on January 15, 2023

They should have had more sizes so I could get one more for my little nephew. This one is the perfect size for me. It is absolutely gorgeous.

by A***G

on January 13, 2023

I am a late 40s hobbyist musician. Never played one, always like putting one into my music. Will take me a LONG time to get to even a basic level of playing, but this kit has everything I need to get started except for a good teacher!

by J***i

on January 09, 2023

This is a good little violin to start getting to know the instrument and see if you want to make a larger investment in something more professional or long term. Sone issues keeping it in tune but overall it plays decently.

by M***r

on January 03, 2023

You will want to but better bow rosin, and maybe replace the strings later on as they are a bit tinny sounding. For the price this is a good bit overall.

by O***a

on January 01, 2023

The sound isn't going to be amazing but it's absolutely playable. I don't think the sound on this will be what's holding anyone back. That is if they're buying it for what it is which is a learning instrument. I would say maybe drop the $10-15 to get a chin rest that is suited to yourself.

by K***a

on December 30, 2022

I think this is just a lovely, lovely violin. I absolutely would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone (adult or child). Highly recommended.

by K***m

on December 22, 2022

Be careful of strings, they will break easily, especially the E string. I was attempting to tune it for the first time and I barely moved the peg, and mine snapped, so it was fantastic that they had an extra string included!

by A***a

on December 11, 2022

I had decided to start learn violin and this one it definitely fits for beginners. Not the fancy but mighty. I think as beginner, it has all you need. The shipment was fast and delivered with great care.

by M***e

on December 03, 2022

The sound quality is really good for a cheapy beginner violin once it is tuned. Case is not HARD, but definitely not soft, and is sturdy. Bow is not resined. Overall, I love it!

by b***y

on November 27, 2022

This Violin is super perfect to someone who want to learn how to play, it brings all you need. And the craftmanship is very good. My daughter really like it.

by M***e

on November 12, 2022

The digital tuner is nice. I really like those, and kind of lean toward those but this is great for any new musician.

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