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Reviews of Glarry GV403 4/4 Full Size Violin Antiqued Matt Natural with 2 x Bow / Bridge
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Customer Reviews(19)

by R***P

on November 08, 2022

I wanted to start playing violin again and wanted a fairly cheap entry level one. This is good for beginners and people picking it back up. Decent sounds quality and case is a lightweight travel canvas one so not too heavy.

by M***r

on November 02, 2022

Wow!!!! I'm completely in love with my first violin. Downloaded an app to tune it and it's perfect!! So so happy!! Highly recommended! Can't believe it's so inexpensive!!

by d***n

on October 23, 2022

For the price this violin is spot on! My daughter wanted to try the violin and after going to the local music store and finding them for 600 we thought we would go this route. Nice sturdy case. Violin looks lovely and sounds good too! Definitely a good choice for a beginner!

by L***z

on October 16, 2022

Great beginner violin! Just ensure the bridge is positioned properly and the notches are accurate. Purchase better strings when you buy this and good quality rosin. Bow is nice, but we bought a carbon fibre and it sounds amazing with the carbon fibre bow.

by D***n

on October 07, 2022

Value for Money. Nice product for beginners.

by C***s

on September 30, 2022

Great starter violin. Looks amazing.

by J***n

on September 19, 2022

To make a summary, good, good, cheap. The only changes I would suggest are: 1. for a better fine tuner. 2. more stable bow, although it is very good.

by G***n

on August 26, 2022

The bridge is loose, I think because the instrument was in the heat of the trunk of the truck that delivered it for a long time, so this caused everything to move and have a little mark (I have no problem with them being detailed information, but should specify the packaging so that this does not happen)... The strings are not the best quality; other than that, everything is fine.

by C***e

on August 15, 2022

Thick wood. Seems study. Good quality for the money. One thing I will mention is that you're going to wanna buy an extra resin block, dark or light, whatever. Anything would be better than this thing. You'll find it's impossible to get you're bow to stick to the sting, no matter how much you try to coat it.

by J***e

on July 21, 2022

Great little violin and accessories for a beginner. The violin sounds decent and stays in tune for the most part.

by J***e

on June 28, 2022

Don't know much about violins but it was nice in appearance. The case was nicer than expected. Perfect for a starter kit.

by a***j

on June 10, 2022

My child is happy with it.

by B***s

on May 12, 2022

I was initially hesitant to order as I don't know much about violins. I purchased for my young grandson and it truly is a great instrument for him trying to see if violin playing has his interest. Carries a tune, bow very professional, nice wood finish. Glad I purchased it. He loves the case which is well made .

by R***d

on May 04, 2022

Nice violin, had it tuned up at our music store and sounds pretty good when played by a pro... My Daughter is not, as she is just learning.

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Thanks for your comment. We will try harder to offer better products and service. Looking forward to your next visit! Glarry

by A***d

on April 30, 2022

Once I started playing I was able to get some clear and very resonant sounds from the violin. I used Youtube on my first day to learn about twinkle twinkle little stars, and it felt so good.

by S***d

on April 03, 2022

I've always wanted to learn to play a stringed instrument, but never really looked into it seriously. I have several friends who play professionally and I learned from them that good violins can run into the 6 figure range, so I never pursued it seriously. It may not be the best, but I think its adequate for a total beginner.

by T***D

on March 10, 2022

It came ready to play, nearly right out of the case, I did have to make some minor tuning adjustments, out of my own personal preferences, than anything else. This one was a bit smaller than I thought it would be), and sound quality is pretty good for such a small instrument, though, I felt it could have been better. But overall, this self-taught beginner is very happy.

by J***m

on March 05, 2022

I think this violin is great. It came with rosin and everything else my daughter needed to practice. For anyone interested in getting a violin and not sure if your kid will for sure stick with it, this is a wonderful option.

by R***k

on March 04, 2022

If you are a beginner, this is great. I've always had an interest in the violin , but I've always heard that it is a difficult to learn, and never picked it up. Until recently, but I still had some reservations and didn't want to pay a large amount of money for something I may or may not play again. So this was perfect. It has everything you need (although you might want to get better strings, I did, along with some better bows).