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Reviews of Glarry GJazz Left Handed Electric Bass Guitar Cord Wrench Tool Sunset
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Customer Reviews(7)

by E***y on January 13, 2021

Originally I was going to leave a one-star review because of the hiccup in shipping, but customer service did correct the initial mishap. Shipping address was not Correct and it took a while to get everything straightened out. The actual product is great though and I'd highly recommend, but I'd be disingenuous if I didn't say that the mishap in shipping tainted my buying experience.

by c***r on January 13, 2021

Great seller

by T***n on January 05, 2021

I am thoroughly astounded at the quality of this instrument. Everything about this bass guitar exceeded my expectations! The potentiometers are perfectly fine, the pickups are great quality; no pops, no grounding hum! The instrument was instantly playable out of the box, there was no need to adjust the action or the truss rod because it was already perfect! I am in absolute shock over the quality of this extremely low-cost instrument. I will most definitely purchase from Glarry again.

by JD on September 29, 2020

Very happy with this. Great value. Had it professionally set up and he was impressed with it. A great starter bass.

by D***r on August 17, 2020

A fantastic guitar at an awesome price. I am new to the bass, but this feels and sounds excellent! I'm sure with enough practice I may be able to give a proper review, but my bass experience is limited for now.

by J***n on June 24, 2020

I really like the bass! As is usually the case with "package" deals, the strap and cord are so-so, and the bag has no padding or shoulder straps--basically just a dust cover. I don't mind that, because I knew to expect it and because it means they put most of the money into the actual instrument. Everything is as pictured on the website. The bass sounds great and looks amazing! the knobs are plastic on the inside, but their encased in real metal, which truly impressed me. My bass did arrive with ...

by A***z on January 03, 2020

The bass got here in minimal time and had no issues. It played well and the electronics worked just fine.