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Reviews of Glarry GIB 5 String Electric Bass Guitar SS Pick-up Burlywood Transparent Yellow Sunset Brown
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Customer Reviews(96)

by B***n

on June 25, 2022

Recently picked up the Brown one, while it was on Closeout. I was super surprised to find it a really Nice looking Stain! The pics made it look an Ugly Brown Paint. Anyway,.. I am a Reseller, and have had excellent experience with Glarry, so far. Especially with the Basses! They do a geat job with them, electric guitars, also. None of the acoustics, or Mandolins, I have bought, have been near the decent quality tho, Unfortunately. having purchased now,.. 5 basses I would Defintely recommend t ...

by B***t

on March 28, 2022

My second Glarry bass. the first purchase was a 4 string fretless - flawless instrument. Obviously I was happy with it - I bought another instrument. This 5 string arrived today. I spent a brief time setting up the action, as you would need to do with any new instrument. It was not at all necessary to have a shop do it, as they send the tools you need included with the instrument and it is great for a player to be able to do this themselves- it will make you a more knowledgable player and take a ...

Service Team:

Thanks for your comment. We will try harder to offer better products and service. Looking forward to your next visit! Glarry

by R***s

on February 22, 2022

Love this guitar!

by P***s

on February 15, 2022

5 string bass in burley wood. Fit and finish first class. Unbelievably light. Fantastic value for money. Mine played very badly out of the box, with the neck seemingly overdone on the truss rod. Relaxed that a turn, set intonation and saddles and it's pretty good now imo. Think it would benefit from having some frets filed a bit. But all in all it's excellent for the money. I could spend 3-4 times as much for the next up cheap 5 string, but I doubt it would play better and I bet it would be sig ...

by M***c

on February 11, 2022

I'm Impressed With My New Glarry 5 String Bass. It Came Only Needing Minor Adjustments - Mainly To Get Rid Of A Buzz At The 15th Fret On All Strings. Although The Finish Could Be Better, I See No Reason Not To Use This Bass For Practice, Learning And As A Stage And Studio Back Up Bass. As A Side Note, I Would Take It With A Grain Of Salt When Someone Says Their Glarry Instrument Arrived Needing A Lot Of Work Or Swapping Parts Out For More Expensive Parts. All Of My Glarry Instruments Have Been F ...

by G***y

on January 13, 2022

5 string IB style plays very well!

by J***z

on December 25, 2021

In my personal opinion, this is one of the best bass in the market. I will choose glarry over any other brand for sure!!!! I have a 1k+ custom bass and I keep going back to playing my GLARRY GIB 5 string bass live or in any recording. I love how playable it is. How light and steady it is. I already bought 2 basses from glarry and soon I will be buying the GLARRY PRECISION II. For the price and quality….there is nothing better out there!!! Personally, I will choose a Glarry bass over a fender ...

by P***o

on December 22, 2021

An excellent 5-string bass. It was already intonated out of the box, and the only thing it really needed was the string height adjusted. After that it's playing perfectly.

by J***e

on November 16, 2021

This thing is great for beginners and also fun for experienced players.

by K***m

on November 09, 2021

Great product for the money.Looks great and sounds great!

by D***l

on October 02, 2021

Purchased this bass for my son,this is a great value for the money.It's made of quality material.Love the look & sound!

by J***n

on September 28, 2021

The glarry GIB 5 string bass Was great right out of the box didn't do a thing to it turned it up played it

by R***n

on July 15, 2021

I am happy with the bass guitar great sound good quality and the package was perfect shipping was on time Thanks

by R***l

on July 04, 2021

Wow! Beautiful instrument. Nice sunburst...oops...I mean Sunset finish! Plays well. Comparable to much more expensive basses.

by M***a

on June 30, 2021

Excelente calidad y sonido muy buena calidad precio

by g***n

on June 17, 2021

real nice , packed well , I really like it

by D***s

on May 12, 2021

I was looking for a 5 string to compliment my 4 string bass, what a surprise, For the money this is a great buy. Light weight and impeccable finish and great sound. After some minor tune up and adjustments to suit my playing style and needs, nothing more than I needed to perform on my much more expensive 4 string bass, the Glarry bass plays and sounds very good. I will say that you may want to watch for sales as the day after I purchased my the price dropped. This did not change my opinion as ...

by C***y

on May 07, 2021

I use this bass for my piccolo strings and it sounds wonderful. I love the feel, it's lite. The only problem was the black Polish sticking to your hands on the fretboard. It will leave prints from you playing, and you can see the polish on your calluses. Overall still a wonderful choice.

by D***s

on April 26, 2021

Better than described thrilled with my 1st 5 string bass don't sleep on this if you interested you wan be disappointed

by S***d

on April 17, 2021

I couldn't be happier. The build quality is fantastic, especially at this price. There were no finish flaws, no sharp frets, or glue residue. I could see myself being a repeat customer.

by S***d

on April 03, 2021

thank you very much. i love this thing. im a guitar player, and needed a bass, just to do bass lines on my recordings. i play this thing more than my guitar, like i said. i love it!

by J***s

on March 24, 2021

Super price on a great beginner instrument. It was playable out of the box. Would I play it professionally? NO but that is not what it is for. This is bass is way better than anything I started with and worth well more than the 129 buck price. With a bridge and some tuners it really could be a gigger. Mine sounds amazingly good both direct and through a nice bass rig. Intonation was close, action good, took just a little truss rod adjustment but these are all things I would have to do to a 2000 ...

by M***r

on March 16, 2021

Beautiful Craftsmanship. Great Sound and electronics.

by D***e

on March 14, 2021

Glarry. You guys make amazing bass guitars. Thank You

by r***g

on March 16, 2021

Awesome Bass! I bought this to transition to 5 strings from four, without breaking the bank. Wish it had split pickups at the neck, but that's what I'm used to. Only needs a basic setup, Fretboard conditioning, polish the frets, set action and intonation just how I like it. I'll be changing to a lighter set of strings, but that's again just my preference. Great value at three times the price!

by B***y

on March 04, 2021

Pretty nice for $130! Out of the box, all I did was tune it up and it played really good. I'll eventually buy new black knobs, bridge and tuners and it will be sweet!

by M***w

on March 03, 2021

I received this bass today. I'm happy to say that it's everything I expected and more. I have it sitting next to the Glarry burning fire bass. I plan on purchasing more in the future. Great job Glarry !!

by D***h

on February 17, 2021

It has been a pleasure dealing with great people selling a great product

by G***s

on February 16, 2021

Just as listed. Great packaging, quick shipment.

by R***d

on February 13, 2021

Great job by Glarry getting a starter/student bass at such a great price point. Was reasonably playable right out of the box with a very fast ship There were a few minor(to me) issues that might not be acceptable to an intermediate or pro player, but were easily addressed, as follows 1. Cuts with the grain were fine but cuts against the grain were chattered and chipped, sanding fixed. The neck was super rough, sanding also fixed 2. The neck wasn't parallel enough to have the action low. When ...

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