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Reviews of Glarry GIB 5 String Electric Bass Guitar SS Pick-up Burlywood Transparent Yellow Sunset Brown
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Customer Reviews(132)

by T***r

on January 11, 2024

Better than advertised ... the fit and finish matches or exceeds my Fender Jazz bass ... looking forward to many hours playing my new bass

by K***r

on January 10, 2024

Amazing bass! So glad to have purchased!

by M***y

on September 19, 2023

Love this 5 String Bass!

by L***A

on August 24, 2023

Very good quality and delivered before the suggested date!!!!

by V***E

on August 12, 2023

Great 5 string bass for beginner or expert I really enjoy the sound and I'll try to make the amp last as long as possible

by J***r

on July 16, 2023

The bass is great for a $100 guitar. The only issue is there is not a back plate for the bolts in the neck. This is a beautiful looking bass as it is sounding. Would definitely purchase again. The amp is good for a beginner but I suggest purchasing a different one

by A***g

on June 07, 2023

Unbelievable that this bass plays and sounds as good as it does for the price! Quick neck adjustment, tuned her up and she plays wonderfully! Thanks for a great deal!!

by I***a

on May 12, 2023

This is such a well made instrument. I'm using it to record bass parts for a TV show I'm composing for. Thanks Glarry for making quality instruments at such an affordable price!

by B***r

on March 29, 2023

Hello, My name is Billy Vaughn Sr from the Shining Force band. I bought this bass guitars and received it over the weekend. This item was awesome. The craftsmanship and quality for a bass guitar that is reasonably prices is just unique and very well crafted. I opened the box it cam in and when I saw the paint job its was fabulous and the quality was well worth the money. I took it to band practice and we plugged it in and it sounded great. The knobs and strings were perfect. I would highly recom ...

Service Team:

Thanks for your comment. We will try harder to offer better products and service. Looking forward to your next visit! Glarry

by G***A

on March 13, 2023

Pretty well made and good sounding 5 string bass for the price. I'm a new to Bass playing and decided to go with the 5 string instead of 4, and so far so good. I like that the strings are closer together.

by C***l

on March 07, 2023

I'm an aging drummer transitioning to Bass and my JAZZ is perfect for my needs!

by A***l

on February 08, 2023

For the price (the bass was sold in a package with practice amp and accessories), this 5 string bass can't be beat! My son's bass teacher was impressed with the quality if the workmanship, including the neck/frets, which can be rough with high action on entry level models. Not so with this model! A beginner can easily handle it. The finish is beautiful on the instrument, too. The bass will last him many years. Glarry customer service was also great to work with. When I accidentally ordered a 4 s ...

by A***s

on February 01, 2023

Order arrived earlier than scheduled. Will continue to order from them in the future.Ordering was easy and delivery was fast. Excellent service. Would definitely use this company again

Service Team:

Thanks for your comment. We will try harder to offer better products and service. Looking forward to your next visit! Glarry

by J***n

on January 18, 2023

I received this bass on a Thursday and played it on Friday and Saturday night. With only a minor adjustment of the neck and bridge (to suit my playing style) I was simply amazed at the feel and sound of this instrument. It sounds and plays better than any Fender I've ever touched. I had 2 basses on stage that weekend. One was my $8500 Alembic and the other was my new Glarry bass. I must admit that the Alembic does have a more intense sound but the Glarry bass is just as comfortable to play and ...

by M***t

on November 08, 2022

Just what I needed. Nice pickup crossover tone palette you can get between adjusting volume controls, but the best tone is both pickups at once: the hum is cancelled & the tone is deep, sweet, & smooth. Thinkin' about gettin' the 6-string sunset burst version to compliment my 5-string burlywood. Thumps & pops nicely as well

by m***r

on September 25, 2022

This guitar plays great. Has a great feel and weight. sounds great and is very comfortable to play. I love it. and you cant beat the price.

by J***y

on September 23, 2022

It came 3 days earlier than expected and love the look

by J***d

on September 11, 2022

This thing is awesome.. I switch the strings up and took them off and and put a high c on there I had to adjust the neck a little bit because of the different strings but other than that man all good stays in tune

by L***e

on September 10, 2022

Nice bass, it is well made for my usage. Action is low which is ny preference and the strings that came with it are decent.

by D***d

on July 13, 2022

WOW! Heard this bass being played on a video and it sounded great! After conversation with the one playing at the time, found out he wasn't using any pedals or effects. Was still a bit skeptical, but purchased it anyway. Once again...WOW! The sound is EXCELLENT! Especially being passive. A few minor issues like pod noise, but that's an easy fix. Lightweight but durable. Neck is fast and smooth. Action is spot on. Will probably order another one just because!

by J***y

on July 09, 2022

After buying my first Glarry guitar in Sept. 2020 I decided to replace my 5 string Rogue bass that I had sold. So I bought this one from Glarry. I had it setup and new string put on it and it plays great! Amazing Quality too for the amount of money I gave for it. $128.48 I know China gets a lot of flack these days for all the shit they have put out like the C-virus but as far as the people go and the companies that are making cheap musical equipment and instruments...I can complain. This bass in ...

by B***n

on June 25, 2022

Recently picked up the Brown one, while it was on Closeout. I was super surprised to find it a really Nice looking Stain! The pics made it look an Ugly Brown Paint. Anyway,.. I am a Reseller, and have had excellent experience with Glarry, so far. Especially with the Basses! They do a geat job with them, electric guitars, also. None of the acoustics, or Mandolins, I have bought, have been near the decent quality tho, Unfortunately. having purchased now,.. 5 basses I would Defintely recommend t ...

by P***e

on June 15, 2022

I am a recording artist and purchased the Bass/Amp Combo to add bass tracks to my productions. It arrived quickly, in pristine condition. I immediately changed the strings to Rotosound RS665LB Swing Bass 66 Stainless Steel 5 String Bass Guitar Strings (35 55 70 90 120) & tuned the instrument to Drop B (B-F#-B-E-G#) ... The adjustable bridge was extremely intuitive to use in conjunction with the truss rod, and yielded great results. This instrument plays wonderfully, sounds great, and stays in tu ...

by A***z

on May 06, 2022

Amazing , excellent quality and sounds

by B***t

on March 28, 2022

My second Glarry bass. the first purchase was a 4 string fretless - flawless instrument. Obviously I was happy with it - I bought another instrument. This 5 string arrived today. I spent a brief time setting up the action, as you would need to do with any new instrument. It was not at all necessary to have a shop do it, as they send the tools you need included with the instrument and it is great for a player to be able to do this themselves- it will make you a more knowledgable player and take a ...

Service Team:

Thanks for your comment. We will try harder to offer better products and service. Looking forward to your next visit! Glarry

by L***n

on March 08, 2022

Great guitar.Out of the box it is set up perfect with action and strings.The natural finish looks very nice.The tone sounds awesome.

by W***n

on February 26, 2022

At first sight Im impressed.Its a beautiful bass.

by R***s

on February 22, 2022

Love this guitar!

by P***s

on February 15, 2022

5 string bass in burley wood. Fit and finish first class. Unbelievably light. Fantastic value for money. Mine played very badly out of the box, with the neck seemingly overdone on the truss rod. Relaxed that a turn, set intonation and saddles and it's pretty good now imo. Think it would benefit from having some frets filed a bit. But all in all it's excellent for the money. I could spend 3-4 times as much for the next up cheap 5 string, but I doubt it would play better and I bet it would be sig ...

by A***s

on February 13, 2022

Good protective packaging, timely shipping and delivery. difficult to get tuned, heavy pressure required on strings. arrived in good condition.

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