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Glarry GJazz Electric Bass Guitar Sunset Black Burlywood
By J***n
I'd been living in regret ever since I sold my Fender Jazz Bass in an ill advised fit of guitar collection thinning. I kept seeing the Glarry guitars and basses on Ebay and went to the Glarry website but I didn't believe a Jazz Bass could be sold for under 80 dollars. Well, Glarry proved me wrong. I included the photos to show how well the bass was packed. It came totally setup. No rough fret edges. The neck is straight and the bridge is properly intonated. The pickups have an authentic Jazz Bass sound. The blender and tone controls are quiet and work very smoothly. The tuners, which some people had said were tight were smooth and the bass holds tune. I did give them a little 3 in 1 oil just to be safe. This is an actual Jazz Bass not something that just looks like one. If you've been hesitating, STOP and BUY ONE!
Glarry GT502 41inch Matte Dreadnought Cutaway Spruce Front Acoustic Guitar Black Gradient Red Gradient Sunset Burlywood
By A***l
It's size is perfect it has a beautiful sound and the colors are amazing it also came early
Glarry GT501 40inch Matte Concert Cutaway Spruce Front Folk Acoustic Guitar Black Gradient Red Gradient Sunset Burlywood
By G***o
My son loved tur Guitar Black. Good price with great quality and delivery was very fast. I recommend

The guitars is one of the three major musical instruments in the world originated from Spain, which is divided into acoustic guitars and electric guitars, which have obvious differences. Ukulele is small exquisite and easy to carry, easier to learn and play.

Guitar Shop and Guitar official website is the choice for most people to buy a guitar. The brand and material of the guitar are two important factors that most people choose. Glarry is an excellent brand, guitars for sale has good quality assurance at present. Basswood board has a smooth surface, producing a nice mellow tone with crisp highs and powerful bass, you are trustworthy.

It is  best choice for you, or you can buy it for your family or friends. Learning guitar can improve the appreciation of music art and cultivate one's quality.