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Reviews of Glarry GIB Bass Guitar Full Size 4 String Burlywood Black Sunset
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Customer Reviews(132)

by V***m

on August 24, 2023

The bass I received was excellent, I was actually shocked at the sound and playability, because of the price, I wasn't expecting much but BOOM! this thing is amazing. Mine is very light weight compared to several other basses I have owned & played. The amp is a small basic beginner amp and is ok for bedroom practice, but the bass is gig worthy, I would have no problem playing this on stage. Take it from a bass player who has played out since 1982, don't let the price fool you, the bass is g ...

by J***m

on May 07, 2023

I'm a drummer who likes to dabble with guitars...Everything I saw online started at $200+ for an introductory bass guitar but I didn't want to spend that since I will only be recording with it in my home studio. After watching several UTube videos I decided to buy my first electric bass and chose the Glarry GIB 4 string. The frets were sharp so I am taking it to my local music store to have the frets filed and the strings changes and for them to properly set it up; meaning check the truss rod ...

by L***y

on March 24, 2023

1. Support: Thank you after sales CS for the quick response in verifying the shipping address and getting my order delivered. 2. Shipping: Shipping was fast. The Bass combo was packaged well in a Styrofoam form fitting within the shipping box. But there still managed to be a huge hole gashed in it. Thankfully in the area of the accessories. Glarry packaged well. Something went wrong along the way. 3. The Good: Everything electronic worked. No loose parts. The fit and finish was astounding at t ...

by K***s

on October 09, 2023

arrived in 5 days, the amp in 3. seems in perfect condition no fret buzz holds tuning ( for 2 days) I haven't really completely set it up yet the volume and tone knobs seem to be more effective in the forward pickup. I'm happy with it , haven't played in years and allows me to see if I can get back into it inexpensively I can upgrade this or buy something different down the line.Like i have seen in reviews it is very light but not too neck heavy. these are my Glarrys they were fun to customize, ...

by R***o

on November 01, 2022

*This review is for a $120.00 Bass guitar. And that total includes shipping! I'm not comparing it to expensive guitars. This is for my specific Glarry GIB full size 4-string bass. With that said, this bass punches way above its weight! I'm actually blown away by what you get from Glarry for $120.00! Your mileage may vary, of course. But this is a no-brainer, worth every penny. I truly have no complaints. It looks good, sounds good and it's playable right out the box. Well, the accessories ...

by A***r

on November 30, 2021

They sent me a bass that was all scratched up hoping it was by mistake. It's a great design but not happy with the results as of now. They were supposed to send a return address and nothing yet. I just want it replaced with a new one. Ordered a guitar before I received the bass and now having some regrets. This was a birthday present from my wife and the Guitar was from my kids.

Service Team:

Sorry for the inconvenience caused to you! We appreciate your support for Glarry. We have already reflected your question to our development department and quality control department. We would censor more rigidly on our products and improve their quality. Our Customer - Service will contact you soon. Glarry

on December 02, 2021

Here is my update on Glarry customer service. The guitar I received was damaged and in doing so Glarry's company asked what can they do. I said I just want a replacement guitar for the one I have. They sent me a tracking number with my new guitar in route. Like I said on my earlier post, the guitar is a good design but now Glarry has won my confidence and trust that they are a more than fair and willing company to keep their customers satisfied. I am very pleased with them striving to rectify a ...

by K***y

on June 02, 2021

I have to admit this is the lightest Bass Guitar I have ever picked up. The performs well in all categories except one. The screws that hold down the pickups are bent, so the are not flush with the guitar. I wrote support and they suggested I buy some more and the would partially compensate me for the new screws. I just asked that they send me a few screws to make me whole. I wanted all screws to match, so now I will have yo change all 8 screws.

Service Team:

Sorry for the inconvenience caused to you! We appreciate your support for Glarry. We have already reflected your question to our development department and quality control department. We would censor more rigidly on our products and improve their quality. Our Customer - Service will contact you soon. Glarry

on June 19, 2021

I was mistaken about the screws being bent. I was able to adjust the screws, but it made the pickups uneven. I think it's the springs under the pickup, but I will need to remove the pickups and look. I would raise my review to 4 stars, but the site doesn't allow it. I don't think I could get a better bass for the money.

by T***e

on April 08, 2021

The stand didn't arrive for a week until I emailed Glarry and they corrected it for me! I decided to learn bass on Feb 7th when I ordered the guitar and my band had a small gig in Vegas a couple weeks ago. Thanks for providing your services Glarry! I would reccomend this site to anyone wanting to get into guitar playing and I have been! Such an easy process of not having touched a bass, to just having one sitting in my room and being ready to jam at any moments notice. Treat your bass nicely ...

by M***.

on April 08, 2021

This is a fantastic bass at this price. Looks beautiful and plays well. Some setup was required, as the action was a bit high, but the body was flawless and the build quality was great.

by A***h

on June 26, 2021

For the price ..this instrument is great, I read other reviews where others had to do some work on it to get it sounding good but this one was perfect! No sharp fret edges, fret buzz, and the intonation was perfect right out of the box, I'll probably end up lowering the strings a lil bit, but overall I'm very pleased with it..No it's not a big name brand like Gibson or Fender, but you will def be surprised with it..I'm glad I bought this one, I'll most ikely buy the 5 string version they offer a ...

by C***s

on December 31, 2020

Arrived today after only 3 days and what a beautiful looking bass, I had to adjust the E string because of fret buzz but overall I'm very very impressed, thank you Glarry I will be definitely buying more of your products

by R***o

on December 28, 2020

Absolutely perfect. I could not be happier with the bass. The electronics are quite and work properly. frets were well dressed with no sharp ends. The neck is very comfortable and the string height was easily adjust to my playing style at 5/64 with no buzzing or dead spots Surprised by how light the bass was, but it doesn't affect the tone. Finish and fit were good. I would tell anyone from beginner to a gigging bass player looking for a backup, buy this bass guitar you will not be disappoi ...

by D***y

on January 17, 2021

I really love this bass. I'm updating my review now that I have had the bass for a few weeks. I've been playing it straight out of the box. I did install strap locks right off the bat. It's a tradition to me to put strap locks on all my guitars. I dropped a friends G&L Tele flat on the dance floor one night before stepping on stage here in Austin Texas. It did not seem to hurt the guitar but it sure humiliated me. He only had the strap lock nubs on the guitar which gave nothing to hold a strap. ...

by D***n

on November 10, 2020

Really happy with this bass. Meets all my expectations.

by K***n

on November 09, 2020

Packaging was single box & torn up. Lots of holes Gib is fantastic. Action right on. Intonation real close. No scratches amazingly looking at the box. Styrofoam was also broken.

Service Team:

We appreciate your support for GLARRY. We have already reflected your problem to our logistic department. We will strengthen our packaging to avoid such damage. Thank You, Glarry.

by S***d

on September 19, 2020

The bass is beyond my expectations. Shipping was fast. If you are looking for a bass to start playing, this is it. A few simple upgrades and it would compare to the more expensive guitars. The only regret I have is that I didn't order a hard case with it

Service Team:

Thank you for your approval, I recommend these 2 hard cases: https://www.glarrymusic.com/glarry-high-grade-electric-bass-microgroove-hard-case-black-p123.html https://www.glarrymusic.com/glarry-electric-bass-guitar-black-square-hard-shell-case-suit-for-all-kinds-of-bass-p152.html

by E***s

on August 15, 2020

I am very pleased with the quality of this bass. I lowered the action a bit, tuned it up, and it works quite nicely. I had known Glarry would have some nice quality instruments that a beginner could buy for a relatively low price and this guitar fits the bill.

by M***z

on July 24, 2020

I liked the Guitar but my only Issue is the Handle that was shown in the Pictures.

Service Team:

Sorry we messed up, I will refund part of your request, and you will receive the refund within a week.

by C***k

on July 05, 2020

Super pleased with the quality and playability. Would be a bargain at double the price. I was surprised how light this model is, after seeing reviews of the P and J models which noted "neck dive." No such problem with this model. Very pleased with it.

by J***y

on May 06, 2020

Really nice bass! Great sound and beautiful design. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality for the price. My teen was extracted. He loves it. This pic says it all. It's a really beautiful bass. Will purchase more things from here!

by R***b

on April 23, 2020

Bought the GIb Electric bass from Glarry, it arrived in 4 days in perfect condition. I previously owned the Glarry Jazz bass and really liked it. However the Gib bass is totally awesome . I don't just like it, I love it. The tones and sounds are amazing. the only thing I had to do is adjust the bridge to get rid of some string tension and bam its an explosive bass guitar!! Thanks Glarry.. Love it!!!

by B***s

on February 13, 2020

i like the bass guitar alot. it has a minor blemish on the neck near the headstock. but other than that it is nice. I gave it 4 stars because the 1/4 in jack caused a bit of buzzing, once i changed it everything was fine. Plays great and stays in tune. Just a suggestion, on a black guitar it would be nice to see all black hardware. I changed all the hardware and the strings to "black it out". see attached picture. Hope you like.

by d***l

on December 27, 2019

I received my Jazz Bass on time and in excellent condition. I will have to admit this Bass is even with the cost. I received and did a setup on the neck, and it plays very well. The pick-ups are not what I would normally choose, but there again the cost is very low. So if I add another 100.00 bucks, to purchase a set of moderate pickups, I will own a playable Bass for less than 200.00 dollars. That is un-heard of in this country. Overall it was a wise investment. If Glarry Guitars was to upgrade ...