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Reviews of Glarry GIB Active 6-String Bass Guitar with Upgraded Electronics Black White
4.3 5 15

Customer Reviews(15)

by A***z

on February 20, 2024

Excelente instrumento

by D***y

on January 08, 2024

I'm giving this bass a 5 star rating based on the cost and quality, not because I think it is superior to something else. It's simply worth the money in this category of instruments. I have guitars that cost 5 times as much as this, so it's not about the cost. Even those require a little setup and adjustments for personal requirements. That said, this bass required another level of adjustments and refinement to get it right and I'll likely continue to work on it. First, the frets needed some smo ...

by D***d

on January 05, 2024

It's amazing to me that an instrument of such excellent quality, costs so little. Garry has certainly hit the nail on the head with this one.

by P***s

on December 27, 2023

I am impressed with the condition , function and affordability of this bass. I am free to explore my curiosity without breaking the bank.

by K***n

on November 25, 2023

It works great. After a bit of tuning of course, I love the look, the sound, and the feel of it, the only criticisms that i have with it is there is a small defect on the side of the neck where the fretboard and the neck meet, but it is hard to notice and doesn't effect the playing any, so over all its a great Bass for a great price, and it comes with a few things you need too!

by C***o

on November 04, 2023

As soon as they announced the 6 string Bass I bought 1 of each color..they arrived perfectly....I love the feel and finish....mu ONLY issue was the very low output, I have several Large :Vintage Rigs : and found myself turning way up to geta desired sound. In my 1st review I said a Active Version of this Bass would be Awesome..Just a few short monts later and the had ot OFFERED!!! Bought 1 Immidiately..and let me tell you IT Sounds GREAT! The preamp wa san excellet addition and reallly brings o ...

by S***l

on October 10, 2023

I love this bass. Its light, stays in tune and sounds good. Its comfortable and really fun to play. I'm so impressed by this one I'm looking to try the four string jazz next. I think my expectations were very low considering the price but i was blown away . On the other hand I've bought more expense name brand basses and they never lived up to the hype or reached my expectations.

by T***f

on October 09, 2023

Beautiful 6 String Bass. I arrived safely and on time. Looks great, sounds good. It's my first bass of this kind and I am happy with it.

by B***t

on October 07, 2023

i have purchased at least 5 prior Glarry instruments so I knew to expect a good value for a good instrument. This updated 6 string bass is no exception. They have added active electronics and upgraded pickups without increasing the price. Instrument plays great out of the box with minimal setup. I am extremely satisfied with this instrument. I don't know why any one would pay 3-4x the price of the instrument for another choice. I have had many instruments and this one is good enough to be your d ...

by E***t

on October 05, 2023

Wasn't sure what to expect from a 139 6 string bass but i honestly am impressed so great out of the box preamp is ok and strings are relatively bright i definitely will be restringing and possibly switching out preamp but overall this bass feels good and plays good I'd definitely gig with this one will be buying another one and getting a 5 string version

by B***a

on September 19, 2023

Well here we are again!!!! Just when I thought I had purchased enough Glarry guitars, YOU GUYS COME OUT WITH ONE MORE THAT I JUST HAVE TO TRY!!!! (LMBAO!!!!!) This Glarry 6 with the ACTIVE ELECTRONICS makes a world of difference in sound!!!!! I did notice that this new model 6 is just a wee bit heavier than the original 6 that you made last year or so, but again the bass looks and feels good!!! (SPOILER ALERT: The only issue I have with this piece is that at the top left of the headstock, the wo ...

by C***s

on August 24, 2023

Wow that was quick, got the bass today! Bass sounds fantastic!