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Reviews of Glarry GIB Bass Guitar Full Size 6 String HH Pickup Burlywood Sunset Black
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Customer Reviews(53)

by C***o

on July 05, 2023

This is a good bass you just needs to higher the action and get some new strings. Ernyball string a very good on this bass

by A***k

on June 23, 2023

Glarry is typically pretty good, this glarry bass had me question a few things with the wires taped together behind the control panel and it's a little quiet, I fidgeted with it and it's pretty nice. Not worth anything higher than 150

by C***r

on June 16, 2023

A good chance to explore the opportunities offered by a 6-string bass.A six-string bass is an interesting tool for recording guitar/bass players. It offers the opportunity to experiment with various tuning and string configurations: worthy explorations with surprising results. I was concerned that the neck would be too wide for my hands (which are on the small side), but the instrument is very playable. Overall, I like the craftsmanship. The bridge saddles are a touch oversize and are rather ...

by Z***.

on May 17, 2023

Nice bass, no complaints there, would have given it 5 stars but the packaging was just awful, very thin box, ripped open at the seam to where I could actually see the bass!! It was wrapped in some foam cloth, I am very surprised it made it without getting destroyed! Again, nice instrument though

by T***e

on April 13, 2023

Great value for the price.Stays in tune surprisingly well. It has dual truss rods so the neck stays wherever you put it. The pickups are cheap, however better quality than any stock squire I've used. Very light so it's easy to stand and play for long periods of time, but no neck dive. Pretty great for what it's worth.

by R***d

on April 11, 2023

This 6-string bass came to me with smooth, buzz less, intonated frets, pretty nice tuners, a straight neck, and a beautiful finish. Definitely ordering one more to keep fretted, as my current one is a fretless conversion. Of course, at the price-point, you have to wonder what is making this bass so affordable! Glad to say it's largely just the pickups, not bad tone but the output leaves much to be desired. No problem finding replacement humbuckers for this one though, getting those soon. Strings ...

by F***d

on January 12, 2023

It's not bad, but it's not good... but the fretboard is twice the size that a normal bass fret might be. even my 5 string bass has half the size of this fret board. That being said strings are cheep, pickups are loose (easy fix), and the nut is cheep plastic, but the thing is heavy and built like a tank! Small weak fingers might think about another option... overall for the price I would say not bad having it in my collection! 4 of 5

by B***a

on October 10, 2022

I love this Glarry GIB 6-STRING!!!! I'm surely satisfied with this piece!!! Good solid construction...…Playability all the way up the neck...…NICE WIDE NECK WHICH IS A PLUS FOR US BASS PLAYERS WITH LARGE HANDS!!! The only thing I would recommend is to have stronger bridge/neck soapbar pickups installed so that the low B string notes can "vibrate the concrete"!!!!! Otherwise.....I'M SOLD!!!!!! THANKS FOR ANOTHER ADDITION OF THE 6 STRING BASS!!!!!!