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Reviews of Glarry GIB Bass Guitar Full Size 6 String HH Pickup Burlywood Sunset Black
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Customer Reviews(47)

by C***n

on September 25, 2023

This a professional quality instrument, not a toy. Don't be fooled by the price. This isn't a toy or cheaply made instrument. I recoded with it right out of the box and it a professional quality, wonderful sounding, easily played, and responsive instrument that is set up nicely with no issues. I like the fact it doesn't way a ton and it has a beautiful natural finish I probably will upgrade the nut to a graphite one sometime but that's all the mods it needs and that's just a personal preferenc ...

by L***n

on September 24, 2023

Back pickup not working but my tech fixed it for 50 bucks..plays great

Service Team:

We apologize for any inconvenience and have escalated your issue to our R&D and QC departments. We're committed to improving our product quality and processes. For any further questions or concerns, please contact our customer service at [email protected]. We are always here to assist you and appreciate your continued support.Glarry

by B***d

on September 06, 2023

Sounds ok, looks great, priced right! So far, it's only the hardware, ie pickups, volume & tone buttons that are slightly underwhelming, but not a lot! I had to do some minor adjustments to the neck to reduce the fret buzz but it's all good now! It's the first 6 string bass I have seen for under 900$ and it's worth it if you want to save money or do your own upgrades- knock yourself out- but it's a fun bass to play- and the price won't clean you out either!

by J***l

on September 03, 2023

Completely surpassed my expectations. A few adjustments and I was ready to go. Definitely a fantastic value for a six string.

by J***n

on September 01, 2023

Very nice. Bigger than I thought but real nice sound.

by L***w

on August 28, 2023

I love the fast shipping, the color is very smooth and the neck has a comfortable feeling to it.

by e***s

on August 24, 2023

I'm stunned at how decent this bass turned out to be. I really love it. I'm primarily a guitarist, but needed a 6 string bass for some recording and toying around and stumbled on this bad boy. The fretboard is super wide, I suppose I knew that going in, but it's still a bit weird to get used to. Of course the pickups and strings aren't fantastic, but that's an easy after purchase fix. Oddly, the action on this particular one was set up pretty decent for a factory default. These things usually ta ...

by F***a

on August 14, 2023

I need to return the bass guitar that I purchased from your company on July 24, 2023. The bass guitar is defective. The volume knobs do not work properly. Volume is very low. I have previously asked for a response from your customer service department and asked for a return RL label so that I can send it back within the limited time. Have not heard from them at all. Have checked my junk mail and have not received anything at all. Please call me at (210- 848-1774 to acknowledge this messa ...

Service Team:

We apologize for any inconvenience and have escalated your issue to our R&D and QC departments. We're committed to improving our product quality and processes. We'll contact you Soon. Glarry

by S***r

on August 12, 2023

My 6 string bass from Glarry was excellent!!! I had to tune it, other than that, it was great out of the box! I'm in love with the weight and feel of the bass and the set up and play between the strings and the neck/frets is perfect. I don't think I could've spent better money on an entry/mid range bass guitar than through this complicated. I wish I could buy an 8 string electric through this company! God bless y'all and anyone thinking of buying a bass through this company, you're not making a ...

by D***i

on August 06, 2023

Very nice. Surprised by the quality.I wanted a 6 string thatI could put stickers on the fretboard to help learn note locations. I didn't want to put stickers on my 6 string Bongo! Anyway I got it and out the stickers on it. It plays surprisingly well. No fret buzz. Action is pretty good. The only down side is the pickups are not active but they sound ok. It's prefect for my use. For the price this can't be beat!

by D***m

on July 07, 2023

Nice starter bass, although I'm not sure who starts on 6 strings? But you can't go wrong with a 130 dollar guitar. You can always modify it yourself...

by C***o

on July 05, 2023

This is a good bass you just needs to higher the action and get some new strings. Ernyball string a very good on this bass

by A***k

on June 23, 2023

Glarry is typically pretty good, this glarry bass had me question a few things with the wires taped together behind the control panel and it's a little quiet, I fidgeted with it and it's pretty nice. Not worth anything higher than 150

by C***r

on June 16, 2023

A good chance to explore the opportunities offered by a 6-string bass.A six-string bass is an interesting tool for recording guitar/bass players. It offers the opportunity to experiment with various tuning and string configurations: worthy explorations with surprising results. I was concerned that the neck would be too wide for my hands (which are on the small side), but the instrument is very playable. Overall, I like the craftsmanship. The bridge saddles are a touch oversize and are rather ...

by D***e

on June 06, 2023

This is a great product, has great sound and good looks. Price to good to be true.

by M***g

on May 26, 2023

I love this 6-string Bass Guitar! It was delivered in less than a week and the quality is outstanding! Gladly made my dreams come true. Thank you! M.K.

by T***f

on May 21, 2023

This bass is beautiful and well made. Straight neck, no fret sprout, decent pickups with nice tonal differentiation. Tuners are smooth and easy, keeps tune. Extremely good value. Flawless natural finish. Don't quite know what Burlywood is but it sure looks nice and is weighty enough (not balsa weight) to hold good sustain. Great instrument for ANYONE.

by Z***.

on May 17, 2023

Nice bass, no complaints there, would have given it 5 stars but the packaging was just awful, very thin box, ripped open at the seam to where I could actually see the bass!! It was wrapped in some foam cloth, I am very surprised it made it without getting destroyed! Again, nice instrument though

by C***D

on April 25, 2023

Great Quality at an ASTONISHING PRICE! Plays, looks and feels, like Basses of 5 Times this Price. Nice seperate volume and tone knobs for each pickup,Dual truss rods...Excellent finish

by M***s

on April 19, 2023

I must say that I am thoroughly impressed with this instrument. From the moment I picked it up, I could tell that it was well-made. The sound that comes out of this bass guitar is excellent, with a warm and full tone that is perfect for a wide range of musical styles. The only minor issue I have noticed is that the electronics are a bit quiet in terms of output and a little noisy because there is no shielding. I will work on those two issues and see if I can find a good solution. Out of th ...

by M***n

on April 15, 2023

Looks beautiful, affordable, and also was delivered within 3 days of purchase Fret markers are sharp. Need to be sanded a bit and had to pay for it to be set up professionally the neck was bent so bad.

Service Team:

We apologize for any inconvenience and have escalated your issue to our R&D and QC departments. We're committed to improving our product quality and processes. We'll contact you soon. Glarry

on April 26, 2023

This bass is amazing! This is my third product I've purchased from Glarry and I plan on getting many more! Anytime I have an issue the staff at Glarry goes above and beyond to make it right! Best company around !

by m***h

on April 13, 2023

Great bass

by T***e

on April 13, 2023

Great value for the price.Stays in tune surprisingly well. It has dual truss rods so the neck stays wherever you put it. The pickups are cheap, however better quality than any stock squire I've used. Very light so it's easy to stand and play for long periods of time, but no neck dive. Pretty great for what it's worth.

by R***d

on April 11, 2023

This 6-string bass came to me with smooth, buzz less, intonated frets, pretty nice tuners, a straight neck, and a beautiful finish. Definitely ordering one more to keep fretted, as my current one is a fretless conversion. Of course, at the price-point, you have to wonder what is making this bass so affordable! Glad to say it's largely just the pickups, not bad tone but the output leaves much to be desired. No problem finding replacement humbuckers for this one though, getting those soon. Strings ...

by A***s

on April 07, 2023

Sent wrong bass. I ordered sunset and received burley wood

Service Team:

We apologize for any inconvenience caused and want to thank you for your support of the Glarry. We have reported your issue to our Logistics Department and are taking steps to ensure that such incidents do not happen again in the future. We'll contract you soon. Glarry

by A***s

on April 05, 2023

Bass arrived early, plays excellent. I did raise the pickups by placing plastic foam under them. This was not required but I did it to get additional volume. This 6 string is perfect for me! I have big fingers and other 6 strings I bought from other companies neck was too skinny. Two months ago I bought a 6 string bass for $700 and honestly, I like the Glarry 6 String better, and it only cost $129.99!!

on June 28, 2023

This is the best 6 string bass I have purchased. The output of the pickups is low but I do use a multi effect pedal and it boost the signal as I desire. What I like most about the bass is the tone and the feel, it fit me perfectly. I have paid $700 for 6 string before and I prefer this Glarry over it! The most important thing for a bass is 1) How does it feel 2) How does it play. The volume can be adjusted by other equipment. I feel comfortable taking this on the road. I don't have to worry abou ...

by B***g

on March 30, 2023

Very good bass work great.Just definite from the pictures some color names is definite from the one the picture but it is a good bass and all thanks you

by B***e

on March 29, 2023

i was worried this would show up beat up and broken or something, but though the box came a little beat up from transit, the Guitar was perfectly safe inside its protective layer of Styrofoam, and came out even more beautiful than the images suggested. works great, sounds amazing, great product, especially for the price!

Service Team:

Thanks for your comment. We will try harder to offer better products and service. Looking forward to your next visit! GThanks for your comment. We will try harder to offer better products and service. Looking forward to your next visit! Glarry

by C***o

on March 19, 2023

I wanted to get this 6 string Bass since I saw it offered. but eveytime I made up my mind it was Sold Out! Now I know why :) I LOve It! It doesn't have powerful output, but the setup out of the box was close to perfect only took a few minutes to set it perfect for myself. The Neck is Awesome .I have 3 (three) 5 string basses from Big Name Brands But All those necks feels like aplaying a 2x6 Plank..real Hard on the hand..The Glarry Neck is AWESOME! Feels just right ! Like the smooth feel of my ...

by t***y

on March 19, 2023

love it

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