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Reviews of Glarry Burning Fire Electric Bass Guitar Full Size 4 String Black Burlywood Sunset
4.7 5 92

Customer Reviews(92)

by W***z

on October 13, 2020

Great Bass stays in tune and awesome action .. cant wait to get the other colors when they become available ... will you be doing any PURPLE colored basses or Guitars in the near future ?

by D***k

on October 08, 2020

I was blown away at the quality and sound this thing has for $99! This bass can compete easily with other basses that run hundreds of dollars. Outstandingly awesome.

by G***n

on October 08, 2020

For the price you can't really go wrong. The only reason I gave 4 stars is because the bridge pickup was in pieces. I am fairly handy and fixed it myself. After a repair and a couple other tweaks it's now a respectable instrument.

Service Team:

Thanks for your comment. We will try harder to offer better products and service. Looking forward to your next visit! GLARRY

by M***y

on October 06, 2020

Like the sound, weight, and design.

by S***n

on September 26, 2020

The nut was broken off on the bottom string(prob due to shipping). Tried a couple emails but haven't gotten a response. Really just want a replacement part. Other than that it's a fun and cool looking bass. And great quality for the price! Definitely 5 star if it wasn't for the damage.

Service Team:

Hi We replied to you on 9.15, you need to check the spam folder. Sorry, we have no replacement nuts.Can you get it locally(or ebay), we can refund your fee. NUT WIDETH: 44MM Thank you!

by G***d

on September 24, 2020

Had waited some time for this bass to restock, grabbed it quickly when it did! Sounds great after a few minor adjustments, as is the case for any standard instrument. Future plans are using this to upgrade later down the road. No issues and quick shipping are the closing statements for this beast. My suggestion? Grab it while you can.

by B***n

on September 23, 2020

i love this bass just wish the Amp was sent with it by Fedxnad not Usps

Service Team:

Thanks for your comment. We will try harder to offer better products and service. Looking forward to your next visit! GLARRY

by J***n

on September 17, 2020

Excellent Quality for the price! Arrived fast and in perfect condition.

by R***y

on September 11, 2020

Pictures did not do this Bass justice. It's a beautiful guitar. Weight is awesome and light. Worth every penny and more!

by R***s

on September 04, 2020

I purchased the Glarry Burning Fire bass in black. It arrived packed neatly and securely in a rigid cardboard box, with a molded inner Styrofoam protective "box". The bass came with a cable, a strap, and a pick. The bass itself was wrapped in a protective "sleeve". Upon initial inspection, I found some paint blemishes/bubbling, as well as a bent volume pot. The action and intonation was quite a bit better than I expected out of the box. I informed Glarry of the paint and pot issues, and they im ...

Service Team:

Hi We will be online in November to upgrade the GP bass, please subscribe to the email to get the latest news.

by S***n

on August 31, 2020

I am pretty happy with the end results, I'll start with the cons because it's a short list: there were a few chips in the paint on the bass when it arrived (somewhere around 2-4). This is likely a shipping issue more than Glarry itself, however they are so small and obscure you would have to know they are there and look straight for them in order to see them. Now onto the pros: Price, price price. Glarry has put profit behind them and prioritized putting instruments into the hands of as many p ...

Service Team:

Sorry for the inconvenience caused to you! We appreciate your support for Glarry. We will investigate your order's status and reply you in 24 hours. Please pay attention to your emails. If you have other questions, please contact our customer support center [email protected], we will do everything we can to help you. Glarry.

by M***s

on August 09, 2020

Nice bass, very happy with the quality, really fast shipping too. Thank you!

by R***s

on August 08, 2020


by J***n

on July 29, 2020

got it in black. cool looking plays fine. if you want a name brand bass, you're gonna have to pay for it.

by J***e

on July 27, 2020

Works as expected. Couldn't be happier.

by J***n

on July 16, 2020

This is a great bass

by S***y

on July 11, 2020

This bass is fantastic!!! Love the burlywood. I have been playing this bass over my more expensive ones because it is so cool and sounds great. How is this possible. Glad I tried Glarry.

by G***o

on July 09, 2020

Beautiful Bass. I'm enjoying this beauty.

by B***n

on June 29, 2020

I bought the bass in the Sunset paint job, and it is absolutely stunning. Crazy angles meet gorgeous, dark wood tones. The sound of the bass is extremely versatile. The two pickups offer a wide range of tone possibilities, whether you're a slaps 'n' plucks like me, or someone who plays more conservatively. This is the fifth bass I've owned over 28 years, and I really wish Glarry had been around back when I got started, and in my former band years. Despite the range of my bass guitars valuin ...

by K***n

on June 26, 2020

Another awesome Bass guitar, Thank you .

by C***o

on June 23, 2020

this bass is awesome :)))

by K***t

on June 20, 2020

Installed Flatwound strings other than that it is perfect

by M***s

on June 20, 2020

Nice bass for the money. Adjusted truss rod a little, set action. Plays nice sounds good. Can't beat the price.

by M***s

on June 09, 2020

I was happy to see that Glarry has made an effort to more safely ship their products. It still came in a single box, but there was a styrofoam insert protecting the bass. The bass itself is as expected. Decently set up with just a bit of buzz on the G string, but that's probably due to the difference in temp the bass faced in transit. Ill get around to adjusting soon enough. Again, a great value for the money, but don't expect top tier features. Solid offering at a reasonable price.

by m***a

on June 09, 2020

This is the best bang-for-the-buck instrument I've ever played. I brought this instrument to band practice. I unboxed it there, tuned it up and played it all night. This bass is easily the lightest bass I've ever played. The frets are good. No buzz. No edges extending beyond the neck. Once I stretched the stings, it stayed in tune throughout practice just fine. I felt comfortable playing it without having to adjust anything. I have two gripes: neck dive and the tone knob. As the b ...

by B***i

on June 09, 2020

Fast shipping! My grandson couldn't have been happier. Thank you!

by C***n

on June 09, 2020

Pretty nice bass guitar. While there were a couple minor defects in the body and a very small paint smudge on the headstock, and the frets were in need of filing down, it turned out to be a killer-sounding beast! I love not only how light it is, I also love the body shape. Noted, I had ordered a black model, but I received an email explaining they were sold out, but had the sunset model available. I decided to take that as it was and I will say the pictures on the site do not do it justice. It l ...

by J***x

on June 08, 2020

This is my 1st bass as I'm learning to play took it to my lesson today my music teacher hadn't heard of the brand but played it and is very impressed says he is gonna order one for himself definitely will be getting another bass in the near future thank you for a great product

by M***l

on June 07, 2020

I ordered this bass because I like different body shapes than the norm. Right out of the box it is beautiful. Getting a pro setup done and then can't wait to play. Amp sounds good for its size Fret edges, which is always a deal breaker for me were nice and smooth. Definitely Recommend this bass Going to order one in every color.

by C***s

on March 18, 2020

My wife Belinda told me one day that she had always wanted to play an instrument, each time we drive in the car she as others do she plays the bass on the steering wheel. After some time i decided to buy her a light weight beginners bass guitar and i stumbled upon a brand by the name of Glarry, after reviewing some videos on you tube about this brand i decided to give it a try and bought one. To help her have more drive to learn the bass as an artist designer builder of unique things myself i ca ...

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