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Reviews of Glarry GV401 Violin 4/4 Spruce top Varnish Bright Yellowish with 2 x Bow / Bridge
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Customer Reviews(14)

by O***r

on November 04, 2022

Perfect for a beginners, bought this for my daughter and she loves it, I have it now for more than 3 months and no problem, I cant judge the quality of sound it makes because am no expert, but most definitely it serves it's intended purpose.

by J***s

on October 21, 2022

Worth the price. For the price, it's definitely worth it. As others have said, learn how to do things before you just jump in and tinker with it (sandpaper the rosin, tighten the bow correctly, tighten strings correctly, fine tune strings correctly, etc). After some patient set up, everything works and sounds good.

by M***a

on October 01, 2022

The bow is great, the violin is great,the strings are great. what more is there to want?nthe horsehairs are strong this so totaly 5 STARS***** i am still surprised at the cheapness im loving it you should all buy it.

by S***h

on September 25, 2022

First off I would like to say that you're honestly not going to get a great violin in this price range. But for a very beginner in a tight budget, this is a very good violin. if you knock on the wood it feels very cheaply made, and the strings may break easily. I've already broken the highest string twice, so honestly I would get different strings elsewhere. The bow is nice quality for a beginner like myself. The case is very nice, and it is also very nice how much it comes with. All in all you ...

by N***s

on September 18, 2022

I am enjoying this violin. Has a nice tone for the price. I've played violin on and off for about a half a century. There is a nice value here. I immediately was able to tune it and the pegs kept slipping. I was able to apply sufficient peg soap so it stays tuned nicely. So - Buy PEG SOAP with the instrument. The bow is nicely balanced and would advise to BUY a higher quality Rosin also. The strings are functional and am going to buy a better quality set of strings to improve the sound and ...

by S***a

on August 21, 2022

My boy love it!

by E***e

on August 07, 2022

Great for beginners. Everything came perfectly.

by M***i

on July 12, 2022

This is a good violin for beginners. It doesn't like to stay in tune for long but it's good for someone to find out if they want to continue the instrument.

by R***e

on June 23, 2022

The material is amazing however, the tone quality is some what iffy. It's a good product for the price.

by J***I

on May 16, 2022

As a beginner, I can get nice sounds out of it, but when I hit a wrong note, I wonder if the intro level violin accentuates it more? All in all, can't beat for the price.

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by Y***S

on April 19, 2022

I am brand new to violin, so this will be amateur review. Colors of body were rich and as pictured. Small area on top of side looked flawed, rough-like residue, but not on face so can't see unless looking for it. Used digital tuner and with no previous experience was able to get in tune with some work. Sound is as I had hoped and bridge and string position was easy to set up with YouTube video guide. I like that comes with extra set of strings. Did have to file down Rosin to get decent coat to b ...

by T***K

on March 06, 2022

This is a nice violin for the price! Don't expect a Stradivarius, but it's excellent for a beginner. I've had a similar one in the past when first taking lessons and is totally serviceable.

by M***k

on March 02, 2022

An almost unbelievable price, and a great sound!

by J***m

on February 24, 2022

I am just very happy to have a violin in this price range that plays beautifully.