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Reviews of Glarry GT509 41 Inch EQ Cutaway Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Spruce Natural
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Customer Reviews(47)

by M***a

on October 12, 2022

This was my 3rd Glarry Acoustic purchase and I am more than impressed by the fast shipment. I ordered this last Sunday and had it in my roommates hands by Tuesday (gifted). I never realized I'd ordered a acoustic/electric til it arrived and the price couldn't be beat. You guy rock and now three guitars later in as many years so do we, Kudos Cheers and Well Done Mates. I' ll be ordering another one before long.

by A***o

on August 11, 2022

Shipping was on time the guitar is absolutely amazing this is the 2nd instrument I purchased from GLARRY first was for my daughter a violin and now the guitar next will be my bass I'm definitely getting it from here

by A***o

on June 14, 2022

This is my 2nd time i purchased an instrument from Glarry and both times I was very very satisfied one was a violin for my daughter and a guitar for some one else

by A***s

on May 16, 2022

They sent me a defective guitar and after fighting with the company for three days...they finally agreed to a refund. Guitar had dead notes on multiple strings and scratches throughout....see pictures below. Also, the rubber insulation around the electronic panel looked like a toddler did the work.

by L***y

on November 09, 2021

It's good for beginner to start with it.

by T***y

on October 24, 2021

My son's birthday is coming up. He is starting to show interest in music. I am so excited because it is taking him away from the gaming stuff. I decided to purchase this for his upcoming birthday. It is a great starter guitar for him.

by M***n

on September 15, 2021

Quite a perfect experience, impressive quality item and came early. Thank you!

by A***s

on June 11, 2021

What a great little acoustic electric guitar, especially for $89.99! Plays great, sounds great! Buy one now!

by T***t

on May 28, 2021

Just got it another great guitar. I'm in love with it.

by L***y

on April 30, 2021

Sounds great, has a boastful tone and is convenient to play

by D***e

on April 17, 2021

My honest review: I've never played a guitar until this one. In my younger years I've bought several only to loose interest & never give it a go... Now I'm older I'm determined to learn..... So I Ordered the black one hoping to learn on it. My first impression was it's very light (not a bad thing). Cosmetically I give it a 4.9 out of 5. Tiny blemish on mine but it's nearly not noticeable. I tuned it using the included tuner. Strummed it pretty harshly then returned. Holds tune pretty well. The ...

by A***l

on April 15, 2021

Got my Glarry gt509 today. I have to say I am impressed, it sounds and feels better than a straight acoustic (another brand) that I paid twice as much for.

by D***a

on April 14, 2021

Came pretty fast box in perfect condition guitar

by J***d

on March 30, 2021

This is my first guitar and so far I absolutely love it!!! I wish I would have found out about Glarry years ago, as I would have made a purchase a long time ago. I will be buying more, especially for the price. You just can't beat it.

by G***r

on March 17, 2021

I've spent a lot of money on guitars in the past and this is a nice little bang for your buck. Way out of tune but it arrived in perfect shape, throw out all the accessories and put good strings on it and it sounds great! You're not going to play Red Rocks with this guitar but overall it sounds and feels great!

by C***e

on March 11, 2021

Made purchase for my son. He has been extremely happy with this product. Perfect sound and very well made.

by A***z

on February 17, 2021

Electronics work The frets are not dangerously sharp. One issue. The tuning machines will not tighten onto the headstock, I turn it with the 10mm wrench and it will just spin forever. This effects how well it stays in tune. Which effects the playing.

Service Team:

Sorry for the inconvenience caused to you! We appreciate your support for Glarry. We have already reflected your question to our development department and quality control department. We would censor more rigidly on our products and improve their quality. If you have other questions, please contact our customer support center [email protected], we will do everything we can to help you. Glarry

by M***.

on February 13, 2021

My guitar was delivered undamaged and it was playable right out of the box. Just had to tighten some of the hardware but besides that it was great. I am a veteran guitar player (30+ years) and I was looking for an affordable guitar to play and write on and this guitar went above and beyond what I was expecting. Thanks Glarry this is the second guitar I've bought from you guys!

by T***h

on February 08, 2021

Have 3 now amd every one is great.dont know how you do it but keep it up.great guitars

by D***n

on January 08, 2021

Out of the Box it was completely unplayable however luckily enough I do have a little knowledge on how to fix things I had to cut a shim and raise the bridge saddle up once I did that it played beautifully. Otherwise it would have got 5 stars

by D***d

on December 29, 2020

Awesome beginner guitar for my son! He loves it!!

by A***s

on December 27, 2020

The bridge gap is a little bit too wide and the saddle cannot stay in an upright position and the frets need some work, but these issues are easily fixable. Other than that the guitar plays beautifully both acoustically and via a DI box.

by T***n

on December 20, 2020

Took a while for shipping but it was worth the wait .Very nice for the beginner.

by K***r

on December 10, 2020

GREAT guitar, fret bar ends weren't filed down but other than that it plays really good, looks Great and sounds GREAT. OUTSTANDING guitar for the price, actually ever bit as good as and better than a lot of brand name guitars. I definitely know where I will do my 1st instrument shopping site! From Kent Korver THANK YOU FOR SUCH A GREAT PRODUCT!

by L***s

on November 18, 2020

This guitar has some intonation problems, so I'll probably try adjusting things. But the tone is good - surprisingly full sound. Some of the accessories are pretty flimsy (the bag and strap). But for $79, I'm happy. There's no fret buzz, the electronics work. I've logged some hours playing it. It even looks decent - not spectacular, but attractive enough. Just plan on maybe doing some setup work or playing a lot of open position chords.

by J***n

on November 17, 2020

I had given up playing years ago. The cheap guitars I owned as a teenager probably had a lot to do with that. I started playing again later in life - but this time with better guitars. I own cheap, middling, and more expensive guitars now. I didn't know what to expect when ordering this. I partially expected the worst. I was more than surprised after playing this for a little while. While it doesn't really stand up to my more expensive guitars, it does stand up to the middling ones. Being ...

by g***r

on November 17, 2020

Got the gt500 today. The action is excellent,The electrics rock! Hot output an EQ is effective. This is the 3rd Glarry instrument I received. Only had a problem with one an Glarry customer service was very quick to solve it beyond my expectations .

by M***n

on October 29, 2020

Thank you! My son loves his new guitar and is excited to learn how to play it! Its absolutely beautiful

by C***y

on September 10, 2020

Bought for my husband for our anniversary, he's always wanted to learn to play the guitar. This is an awesome set for beginners he loves it and is getting use to tuning and playing. I'd recommend it to anyone wanting a good starter set for a great price!

by A***s

on September 03, 2020

I absolutely love this guitar. It has very kind strings to the fingers and is an ideal tool for learning as well as performing. The included digital tuner is superb and a very handy addition to the deal. The bag might be ok as a dust cover so I got an additional gig bag for it. In terms of sound and performance, it is an absolutely beautiful and clean sounding acoustic guitar noise which measures up easily to some very far more expensive instruments. When I hear thesound of it, it sounds like ...

Service Team:

Thanks for your comment. We will try harder to offer better products and service. Looking forward to your next visit! GLARRY

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