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Reviews of Glarry GST-E Electric Guitar Full Size Rosewood Fingerboard HH Pick-up Back Black White
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Customer Reviews(35)

by T***.

on May 06, 2022

I have purchased 2 'strat' style guitars one with 3 pickups and one with2 hb's..Both oth are great guitars=to or above 3 times the cost ..The last one (2 picks0 had a neck that was as true and smooth as a baby's butt! Well pleased and will buy again. Thomas

by C***N

on April 11, 2022

Beautiful guitar. Though I have had it a couple of days due to letting it acclimate to my house I just opened it tonight. I was reasonably impressed with the fit and finish of the guitar. The action isn't terrible for straight out of the box setup though I will have to lower it just a hair. The graphics aren't a sticker...at least on top of the clear coat. This is the second guitar I have purchased from Glarry but my 1st that is actually mine having bought the strat kit with amp for my daughter ...

by C***i

on March 16, 2022

Plays well. Sounds great! Love the looks!

by R***d

on January 12, 2022

Great guitar!!!!

by K***s

on December 24, 2021

This guitar is more beautiful in person! My brother will absolutely love this! It's his Christmas gift!

by G***n

on December 13, 2021

I'm giving Glarry a 5 star review simply because, they are so customer friendly & driven, I alone have probably been the cause of sleepless nights amongst customer service, I have ordered a guitar & even though it has not been delivered, these guys have tried everything possible to sort things out. In fact I've been that much in contact, I'm expecting to be invited to the crimbo pissup. Sadly I can't go so don't send an invite

Service Team:

Thanks for your comment. We will try harder to offer better products and service. Looking forward to your next visit! Glarry

by D***m

on November 24, 2021

I'm very pleased with my order and how fast I have received it!

by T***t

on November 14, 2021

Fantastic sound on this guitar even though it is on the lower price range...perfect first electric guitar.....follow up service from Glarry was exceptional....when the guitar arrived via Fedex, it was severely damaged in transit...Glarry's responded to my message within hours and a replacement was on its way within a couple of days, great communication via email....absolutely no hassle..they are an example of customer service other companies could learn from... Very happy with my purchase experi ...

by C***e

on October 29, 2021

My husband and I bought this Glarry GST-E Electric Guitar for my son for Christmas. It was a replacement for one that had arrived with cosmetic blemishes. Glarry got it to us super fast and it arrived in great condition. It looks sleek and very cool (we ordered the lightening blue with black background). We're very happy with the look and feel of this guitar. We're happy with the price, as well. We wouldn't hesitate to buy from Glarry, again. Customer Service was awesome and the products we've r ...

by C***e

on October 29, 2021

My husband and I ordered the Glarry GST-E Electric Guitar as a gift for my son for Christmas. He wanted to learn to play, so I thought this would be a great starter to learn on. There were some cosmetic blemishes when we received it and inspected it. We contacted Customer Support and they responded quickly and were super helpful in getting my complaints resolved. Other than the blemishes noted, the guitar seemed to be of good quality. We're happy with our purchase. We're happy with Customer Serv ...

by K***n

on October 28, 2021

For $99 this is a great guitar. You will definitely want to change strings right away. The ones that came on it will not stay tuned and sounded way off. Put some D'Addario on it and changed the whole experience. The finish is really nice for a $99 guitar also. I also had to adjust the intonation and bridge. Those adjustments made this guitar even better sounding. Then I did a little fret leveling (out of the box they weren't off by much) and this made a big difference too. Very quality p ...

by g***n

on June 17, 2021

this is great guitar & I will hang on to it for a long time

by W***s

on June 03, 2021

Plays well and looks great!

by A***e

on May 11, 2021

Hi!!!! Love the guitar!!! My favorite GST-E guitar!! Made it into a project guitar so I can become a guitar luthier!! You have yourself a customer!!

by j***z

on May 11, 2021

Very nice guitar and I would purchase again from Glarry! Prompt and courteous service; with quick response!

by M***w

on May 10, 2021

It's exactly what I was expecting. Took a bit of adjusting to use heavy strings for tuning down but after that it was golden. Was very light and feels like a $100 guitar but it feels and plays great. Great purchase if you are looking to get multiple guitars for different tunings. The finish on it was flawless and to be honest I was expecting a lot less for the price. I really can't complain. I am no pro guitarist, I am intermediate at best but having ordered both a bass and a guitar from Glarry ...

by D***n

on April 15, 2021

Play right out of the box all I had to do is tune it up

by M***e

on March 09, 2021

Really enjoy playing this guitar few minor adjustments and ready to rock. Shipping was very speedy. Thank You

by J***n

on January 28, 2021

Shipped very quickly. Box undamaged. Guitar in excellent condition. No dings, chips, or scratches. Out of the box it did need some tweaking. Truss rod, action, and intonation. Plays very good, sounds decent. I did take 0000 steel wool to the back and sides of the neck, as it felt a little rough. Smooth as glass now. I bought this as a project guitar, but only going to change a couple things, nut machine heads and string trees for now. Not unplayable now, just thought it might make it a little ...

by J***r

on January 28, 2021

Beautiful guitar

by H***d

on December 22, 2020

It's a Christmas present for my son so I haven't opened it up yet I'm hoping it's a nice one

by L***i

on November 01, 2020

Fast 2 days delivery. Excellent material and sound. Highly recommended.

by E***Z

on October 27, 2020

nice guitar

by J***z

on July 20, 2020

This Is my third Glarry instrument and it is beautiful. Sounds and looks amazing that is why I keep coming back to Glarry.

by d***n

on June 19, 2020

Outstanding service, ordered and received with in a few days. Very nice guitar for my grandkids to learn on. They love it!!!!

Service Team:

Thanks for your comment. We will try harder to offer better products and service. Looking forward to your next visit! GLARRY

by S***k

on May 06, 2020

The guitar is great for the price. I put a decent set of strings on it. Adjusted the neck, bridge, action, intonation and now it plays really nice. A few blemishes and imperfections in the wood, but no big deal. The pickups are not bad(easily changeable). Overall, I am very happy with this purchase

by K***n

on March 10, 2020

Great guitar. The only thing I changed is the tuning keys. Great price and fast shipping. Outstanding!

by B***e

on March 08, 2020

Good value for the money. Guitar is playable out of the box but you will need to do a setup to get maximum benefit. Adjusted Truss for more relief, lowered action, and intonated strings and was good to go. Guitar had a minor blemish on the Finish and the strings aren't much good and needed to be changed. Completely satisfied with my purchase. Thanks to Glarry for producing a reasonably priced instrument of decent quality.

by C***l

on February 29, 2020

I bought this guitar for my husband and he really likes it. It's clean, sharp and it plays good. Everything works the way it should. This is the second guitar we have bought from glarry and enjoy playing both of them. He checked over it nothing wrong with it. It's light and plays good. I recommend it to others. Thanks glarry.