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Reviews of Glarry 16 Keys C Cupronickel Flute Closed Hole Separated E Key Silver Pink Blue
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Customer Reviews(27)

by A***e

on January 08, 2023

This is a perfect starter Flute!

by a***n

on December 25, 2022

Love it!!! Try to practice everyday

by K***k

on September 27, 2022

It's so beautiful! I absolutely love it. I got it for myself and picked right back up where I left! Thank you for having good quality, great prices, and beautiful colors to choose!

by J***r

on September 21, 2022

Works great! It was delivered carefully and came with everything expected. I tested it out and was satisfied with with the warm tone it gives!

by S***n

on August 12, 2022

My son and I purchased this flute for my daughters birthday. She was SO happy, especially since it was PINK!! Thank you so much!

by S***a

on May 11, 2022

I bought this for my daughter who has band as an elective. I don't know anything about flutes but i really cant tell the difference between this one and the rental. My daughter is very happy and I've saved myself $200 a year going forward.

by A***a

on April 08, 2022

Sound is good enough for middle school band.

by L***S

on March 22, 2022

Excellent everything! great instrument

by B***n

on November 28, 2021

This was a gift and the recipient was delighted.

by W***m

on November 08, 2021

It's absolutely beautiful!My son uses it for his flute class,since I didn't know which one to purchase I decided to try this one,end up being great.

by R***d

on October 28, 2021

Works fine.Great for beginners.Good value for money.

by V***a

on September 22, 2021

Great Instrument and I love the pink!It's a cute addition to my collection.

by C***l

on September 18, 2021

Was a nice choice for a beginner.Pleasantly surprised.

by O***a

on August 21, 2021

Purchased for our daughter who's a first year band student. The rental price was $25 a month through the school so we decided to purchase instead. Glad we did! Happy with the quality, sound, and overall appearance.

by d***w

on August 07, 2021

I bought this flute for my sun. It plays absolutely well,the tone and sound are amazing.

by T***a

on August 11, 2021

It is a great price for a well constructed flute. Easy to play and tune. I bought this flute as a starter. It sounds really nice. This is exactly what its saposed to be great price n quality.

by E***y

on August 11, 2021

Bought for a family member to replace a much more expensive flute and this one performed just the same. Great quality instrument for the price.

by T***n

on July 18, 2021

We're not flute experts - my 16yo son suddenly decided he wanted to try to learn and asked me to get him a flute. So far, he's had one lesson and is just working on getting on a consistent sound. Just thankful that Glarry makes musical instruments affordable and accessible.

by O***o

on July 16, 2021

Great instrument for beginners. This price can't be beaten anywhere. Even renting a flute locally starts at $25 per month. The fact that this instrument package includes a case and the accessories for cleaning makes it an even better deal.

by R***e

on June 18, 2021

Great value for someone who wants to start learning the flute without a huge investment. Surprising all that comes in this set.

by P***a

on May 21, 2021

This is a really good intro flute for a student just starting out. Good for the kids, because they can explore new talents. Great for parents because we do not have to break the bank for a device that may or may not sit in a closet.

by O***n

on May 13, 2021

I used to play flute back in middleschool and this brought back some lovely memories. Its a wonderful instrument, especially for its price. Id reccomend this for beginners or someone who hasnt played in a long time.

by M***g

on April 24, 2021

so beautiful! I've always wanted to play the flute but could never afford it. Glarry made my dreams come true.

by A***s

on January 11, 2021

Beautiful flute. Lovely weight, quality and tone and feel and the sound of it is wonderful. Unfortunately, I got mine without a flute stand, but Glarry offered a partial refund of £10. Very good value for everything from beginner to professional player .Joint grease is included, but you strictly don't need joint grease for a metal flute. I will use that for the Glarry Trumpet that I bought. Like all of the other glarry instruments, it sounds and plays like you paid much more than it's p ...

by D***m

on September 24, 2020

Plays great great value

by J***z

on September 22, 2020

This is a top notch flute. In high school I played in the school band and this flute just sends me back in time to those great times, thank you Glarry for another greta instrument.