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Reviews of Glarry 17 Keys Flat B Black Clarinet with Two Mouthpieces Connector
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Customer Reviews(26)

by T***f

on January 22, 2023

Loved the price... beautiful instrument. Probably not the best purchase but it is my son's first yr in band.

by P***l

on January 08, 2023

I have a more expensive instrument for playing in a group; but, I needed a horn to keep in my car for playing TAPS with my local Military Honor Guard. It has been perfect for that purpose and I believe it is fine for a high school band performer.

by R***e

on December 18, 2022

very good quality for its price. i would recommend to beginners and amateurs.

by H***n

on November 08, 2022

Bought for my uncle birthday and he love it.

by E***J

on October 01, 2022

Younger brother uses it for school, he's happy with it

by c***s

on July 07, 2022

It's an adequate learning instrument. Looks very nice and case is good quality as well.

by F***G

on June 13, 2022

This clarinet was not tested before shipped as cork are a little rough, it's nearly impossible to grease them enough that you can get the bell on and off. Otherwise, it's not a bad horn, and being the second one of I've bought, I'm still happy enough that I'd do it again if needed.

by A***a

on May 08, 2022

It's way out of tune, but hey what's more important is it's inexpensive (for a Clarinet) and you can still use this to learn. If you are returning to Clarinet or just starting out this is a good choice.

by M***z

on May 06, 2022

We loved this product!! Everything is top quality and I love that the case makes it so convenient to carry everything in!

by N***y

on May 05, 2022

My daughter loves this clarinet, she's in the 6th grade a d her first year of band. Her band instructor low-key constantly tells her the clarinet is not good, but I've seen her drop it on the ground when she messed up so it'll do!

by N***o

on April 11, 2022

As a beginner, I can t compare to other more expensive brands. But so far the build is very good, the sound is as good as it gets at my level of playing. For a hobbiest as I am or a beginner, I think its unnecessary have the extra muscle that expensive brands provide.

by D***T

on March 26, 2022

My son has recently started Band in the 6th grade. He chose to play the Clarinet. We did not want to rent and be responsible for a lost/stolen or broken instrument. If anything happens to this one, it's on us and I feel much better about that. I also did not want to spend an arm and a leg on an instrument that my son might not even stick with. For the price point on this Clarinet, it was definitely worth the purchase.

by C***t

on January 05, 2022

I bought this for my daughter for her 7th grade Band.She took it to class and showed her band teacher and he put it together. Then tested it and told her it was a nice clarinet. I am so glade I made this purchase and will be purchasing another in the new year for my son as he starts beginning band.for my son as he starts beginning band.

by T***t

on November 29, 2021

Awesome instrument for beginner or someone who knows what they're doing. Awesome value for the price, you won't be disappointed.

by L***5

on November 11, 2021

This is a good enough clarinet for me to teach my daughter how to play. It plays well. Good starter clarinet.

by N***s

on August 07, 2021

I bought this clarinet for my son who plays the trumpet and wanted something in addition! He loves it! It is not a professional ....it is a "beginners" clarinet and it was very inexpensive! This will give my son many hours of enjoyment learning a new instrument!

by k***r

on August 11, 2021

Just received this clarinet. it arrived unbroken. It works,I'm not a pro,but this is a great instrument for someone learning.

by H***i

on July 25, 2021

Returning to clarinet after many years. I bought it and have started teaching myself to play again. Other more professional models are in order when I get my chops back, but my playing right now is not capable of making the quality sound a more professional instrument would produce. So that's why this clarinet is a great one for students and beginners: tight, smooth, good sound,.

by N***s

on August 11, 2021

I was very hesitant if it would actually work,but I need a nice case,ligature,and could use the reeds at least. I was pleasantly surprised to find out not only it works but it works effectively.

by F***a

on July 11, 2021

I bought this for my daughter when her previous over 2 year old Clarinet broke. Thus far her only complaints come from the "slime" coming from the bottom of the clarinet after long periods of play. Yep, that's right... this thing is new and clean and she can't seem to grasp the fact that her own spit has found its way out of the bottom of the instrument. For the price, this thing simply cannot be beat.

by D***e

on July 05, 2021

I wanted a good quality instrument but we don't have a lot of extra funding right now, so cannot afford the best quality. A friend who plays guitar recommended Glarry to me. I had never heard of this brand before, but after reading online reviews about the different brands and which are good for students (which my children now are), this is the one I decided to try. I was very pleased to hear the nice tone and am happy with the quality for this price point.

by j***n

on June 28, 2021

Bought it for my sister. Looks and sounds good. she seem really pleased with it.

by G***a

on May 15, 2021

My son is a beginning clarinet player and so based on the reviews, I thought this would be perfect for he. The sound is good, and what is nice about a new clarinet is the pad seals are tight and the keys are smooth working. For the price of two months rental you can have a new instrument to keep.

by G***6

on May 05, 2021

Our private teacher complained that it was plastic and that we need a better instrument. blah blah blah. Easy to say that when it not your money being spent. My kid loves this instrument and can't tell the difference between Glarry and Yamaha. Really only an experienced musician can, which none of us are. Great great value and We are so glad there are good options out there that won't break the bank.

by N***e

on March 03, 2021

If you have a child who wants to learn how to play the clarinet, then purchase this one because it would be perfect for a beginner. However, if your child is a more advanced clarinet player, then purchase an expensive one.

by J***z

on February 01, 2021

Key holes need some smoothing. The reeds are a 2.0 which is too strong for a beginner. Fits tightly together and arrived safe and secure.