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Glarry GV102 Acoustic EQ Electric Solid Wood Violin 4/4 Black Matte
By A***s
If I could give zero stars I absolutely would. The damage done to the violin in transit may have been out of their control, but the non existent package protection and not responding to customer service emails absolutely is. This violin arrived water damaged and with pieces broken off because all there was to protect the case was a polymailer. Not a bubble mailer. A polymailer. The case is mildewed, the piece that does some kind of adjustment (this is a gift idk anything about them) was broken o ...
Service Team:

I replied to you on the 7th, maybe the mail entered the spam folder. Regarding the violin, can you provide photos? I need to give feedback to the business department. In addition, the violin is out of stock, do you accept our full refund?

The electronic violin, which combines electronic technology with traditional instruments, is controlled by a loudspeaker. When playing, the player is much more relaxed in the traditional way.
The volume of the electronic violin can be adjusted at any time to suit different performances. From small “room music venues” to large concert halls, appropriate volume adjustments can be made as needed. Its volume is freely adjustable, so the player can play in any place he likes without worrying about affecting others.
A good electronic violin can produce the same beautiful sound as the famous piano. The price is only one-third of the name of the piano. It is a good choice for violin beginners.
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