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Reviews of Glarry High Grade Electric Guitar Square Hard Case for GST GTL 170 SG and Burning fire Style Flat Black
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Customer Reviews(98)

by K***n

on February 03, 2024

Very happy with this case. I would like to order another.

by T***n

on December 30, 2023

A great case to protect that burning style electric guitar you just purchased to learn on or have been jamming on for a while and now want to hit the road. Great protection at a great price.

by D***e

on December 23, 2023

Very pleased with this case. I needed to find one to fit a Squier Affinity Strat. Glarry came through with the solution. Fits well.

by K***l

on November 07, 2023

I purchased for my gst

by T***r

on October 22, 2023

great product at a great price.....arrived in perfect condition...

by M***n

on September 05, 2023

Perfect fit for my guitars. I've advised my customers to get these as well. Much better protection than a gig bag. Great cases and greater price!

by E***H

on July 17, 2023

Nice in and out sturdy case

by A***t

on June 27, 2023

My SG fit snuggly in this case.

by L***E

on June 13, 2023

Just as pictured!

by S***.

on May 30, 2023

My SG fit perfectly

by D***x

on May 16, 2023

Their is not a whole lot you can say about a guitar case except is it sturdy have lock or latches or both and handle that's secure and somewhat comfortable to carry and inside have a place or places for storage. With lining that keeps your guitar from scratches and damage. This one does and you can check other places for this price range and no way found one better new.

by P***g

on April 18, 2023

I'm completely satisfied with this case, very well made, very sturdy, end it protects my guitar perfectly!! Thank you GLARRY For making nice cases at affordable prices!!

by K***e

on April 08, 2023

Case is sturdy and will provide adequate protection to guitars being transported in it. Great value for the price, as all products have been that I have purchased from glarry music.

by J***t

on March 28, 2023

I ordered these cases for my Squier Strats... fit is perfect. Side-to-side and strap button to strap button are an exact fit. And the exterior features extra feet/bumpers on every surface you are likely to place the case on. (Nice touch)

by A***n

on December 05, 2022

Great Value

by D***e

on November 28, 2022

I am very happy with these cases. I run Chaos Guitars and we are always in need of cases for clients projects and these cases are great because you can't beat the price and they are very well built. My one complaint now that I have been using them for awhile is that I wish the door for the storage compartment opened the opposite direction, that would stop small parts like picks and trem bars from slipping out and rattling around in the case during transport. However, some Velcro will fix that is ...

by L***d

on October 17, 2022

Thanks Glarry the GST GTL economical electric guitar case work perfect with my Fender strat. Plus it works well with my Yamaha Pacifica. Also my Squire Stratocaster perfect guitar case. Thanks so much Glarry! Product arrived in great condition on time... Glarry, Great company. Great prices

by D***r

on May 26, 2022

Very pleased with this guitar case, it is as good as any that I seen at my local music stores for 150. I really like the fact it has a double neck rest and is super soft inside to the touch. Good latches and hinges. Case is sturdy for hauling in vehicles but wouldn't trust it for flight travel do to what it will go through. Don't fly anyway. Nice padding where it is needed. My Fender srat fits perfect and the case arrived on time if not a day early. I wouldn't hesitate to buy again. I would reco ...

by S***h

on October 12, 2021

My grandson only has gig bags and they don't protect the guitar well. I was so excited about the quality of the guitar I was buying that I decided he needed a proper carrying case.

by J***n

on September 28, 2021

Black hardshell case was great a lot better than I expected

by B***s

on August 24, 2021

This is a very good case, at a very good price. It fits my 1976 Tele Deluxe perfectly. The shipping was lightning fast. Thank you, Glarry!

by R***r

on August 03, 2021

This is a very nice case! Especially for the price, this is a steal! Super stoked on this and will certainly buy more in the near future for my other guitars.

by E***p

on July 25, 2021

Fine storage case for Strat or Tele sized guitar. Great value.

by E***p

on July 25, 2021

Excellent case for the money. Make ideal static storage cases.

by R***n

on July 20, 2021

Shipping was fast! Came as advertised.

by P***r

on June 17, 2021

Nice design, and good quality relative to price! Would recommend.

by B***n

on May 17, 2021

Absolutely solid case. It's not just "good, considering the price," it's a seriously high-quality product. You're better off buying one of these cases than a surprising sum of other cases on the market, even if they cost two or three times the price. It's not the kind of case you can drive a car over, but it is absolutely impervious to kicks, drops, punches, slams, and road case crashes. It's road-worthy and I absolutely love it. I plan to buy all of my cases from Glarry from now on. I bou ...

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Thanks for your comment. We will try harder to offer better products and service. Looking forward to your next visit! GLARRY

by M***z

on May 07, 2021

Your Great!

by R***h

on May 07, 2021

Best case for the money fit is great.

by J***e

on April 27, 2021

Totally impressed I'm more shocked at how nice my personal favorite strat looks in the case gonna buy more no doubt

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