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Glarry 20w Electric Bass Amplifier
By V***e
Just loud enough to practice on your bedroom.
Glarry 20w Electric Bass Amplifier
By M***s
Nice little practice amp for in the house. Would like to have seen a 3 prong plug on the cord. Other than that nice little amp.
Glarry 20w Electric Bass Amplifier
By W***o
Works fine. Just loud enough for practice in a small living room or bedroom. Honestly though, it seems to have the power of a 10 watt, not a 20. My guitar 20 watt amps are much more powerful. Even my 10 watt amps can go a bit louder. But this Glarry works just fine for what it is.
Glarry 20w Electric Guitar Amplifier
By 1***s
Guitar was worth the money only couple issues bridge is sharp so when I palm mute it makes my hand sore , the wammy bar is pointless if it's not a Floyd Rose then what the point . and top nut needed filing down for e a d strings otherwise it good guitar
Glarry Electric Bass Strings Set
By K***y
Decent quality bass strings at a fantastic price. Well worth the $7.95 that they charge.