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Glarry 20w Electric Bass Amplifier
By B***n
I love my bass, but i still can't understand why you did not ship my amp with the bass. The bass was sent by FedX, right to my gate. The amp was sent Usps and the mailperson was bit by a dog,(not one of mine)saw i had dogs and did not leave the package. it was not till yeasterday that i got the amp, they lost it at the post ofice for a day.(that was monday the 21st) You may want to ship any and all apms with the guitars that they are being odered with
Service Team:

Thanks for your comment. We will try harder to offer better products and service. Looking forward to your next visit! GLARRY

Glarry 20w Electric Bass Amplifier
By L***l
The shipping and processing is very quick. Unfortunately, I no longer needed the item, so I cannot gives reviews regarding it. The customer service is alright.
Glarry 20w Electric Guitar Amplifier
By S***y
My wife and i use these amps at camp. Perfect for us.
Glarry 20w Electric Bass Amplifier
By V***e
Just loud enough to practice on your bedroom.
Glarry 20w Electric Bass Amplifier
By M***s
Nice little practice amp for in the house. Would like to have seen a 3 prong plug on the cord. Other than that nice little amp.
Glarry 20w Electric Bass Amplifier
By W***o
Works fine. Just loud enough for practice in a small living room or bedroom. Honestly though, it seems to have the power of a 10 watt, not a 20. My guitar 20 watt amps are much more powerful. Even my 10 watt amps can go a bit louder. But this Glarry works just fine for what it is.
Glarry 20w Electric Guitar Amplifier
By 1***s
Guitar was worth the money only couple issues bridge is sharp so when I palm mute it makes my hand sore , the wammy bar is pointless if it's not a Floyd Rose then what the point . and top nut needed filing down for e a d strings otherwise it good guitar
Glarry Electric Bass Strings Set
By K***y
Decent quality bass strings at a fantastic price. Well worth the $7.95 that they charge.