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Glarry UK203 21inch Soprano Matte Sapele Wood Ukulele
By Johnny E***
Nice product. Thinking about reviewing a electric guitar to possibly buy for resale at guitar shows.
Glarry UK301 21inch Soprano Rosewood Fingerboard Matte Zebra Wood Ukulele
By Steve M***
I am incredibly happy with my new ukulele. The wood is so unique that people always ask about it and it plays well also. The Glarry team provides great customer support and care. There are finally affordable quality instruments for all!
Glarry UK603 26inch Tenor Cutaway Spruce Front-panel Acacia Back Side Panel Wood Color Ukulele
By Daniel G***
Right off the start the packaging was basic. I suppose it might depend on from where the package is being shipped and where it is being shipped to, but plastic and cardboard usually don't hold up well. That said, the shipment arrived on the day promised. 2 guitars were received. I will write a separate review on the other guitar, but this is the Tenor Ukulele. I was nervous at first when I opened the the plastic to find a hole that looked like ti was punched in the base of the outer box, but it didn't' look that deep.; I was wrong. At first glance, everything was fine. The foam wrapping was not punctured and the guitar itself looked to in good condition. After removing the outer foam, I noticed a crack on the front Spruce top running from about 2" below the bridge to about 3" above on the left side. Is it playable? Yes. Is it worth $70 for a broken Ukulele? No. the color is good and the body and neck are un-finished which makes the guitar have a softer and more natural touch. The back inlays shown on the website do not exist and although I would have been completely satisfied with this purchase, the fact that it arrived broken is disappointing. I will be returning and possibly replacing if they can ship one unbroken.
Service Team:

We sincerely apologize for this problem. Our customer service center has sent an email to you, please check it.

Ukuleles has 4 strings, looks like the guitar but smaller in size and easier to learn and play than guitar, which is the difference from guitar.

Before buy ukulele, there are some things you'll want to keep in mind. The ukulele is divided into soprano, concert, tenor and baritone four dimensions, and the size and structure will affect the tone and volume of the ukulele. Best ukulele is pretty portable and convenient to carry due to the compact. As an instrument, learning ukulele can let practitioners have their own expertise, conducive to enhance self-confidence and ukuleles need to cooperate with both hands, which helps promote the development of the left and right brain.

Best choice for you, or you can buy best ukuleles for your family or friends. The shape of ukuleles is cute, sound great, is a rhythm to stimulate the potential of the instrument.