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Ukuleles Reviews

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Glarry UK203 21inch Soprano Matte Sapele Wood Ukulele
By Johnny E***
June 18, 2019
Nice product. Thinking about reviewing a electric guitar to possibly buy for resale at guitar shows.
Glarry UK301 21inch Soprano Rosewood Fingerboard Matte Zebra Wood Ukulele
By Steve M***
June 05, 2019
I am incredibly happy with my new ukulele. The wood is so unique that people always ask about it and it plays well also. The Glarry team provides great customer support and care. There are finally affordable quality instruments for all!
Glarry UK603 26inch Tenor Cutaway Spruce Front-panel Acacia Back Side Panel Wood Color Ukulele
By Daniel G***
June 04, 2019
Right off the start the packaging was basic. I suppose it might depend on from where the package is being shipped and where it is being shipped to, but plastic and cardboard usually don't hold up well. That said, the shipment arrived on the day promised. 2 guitars were received. I will write a separate review on the other guitar, but this is the Tenor Ukulele. I was nervous at first when I opened the the plastic to find a hole that looked like ti was punched in the base of the outer box, but it didn't' look that deep.; I was wrong. At first glance, everything was fine. The foam wrapping was not punctured and the guitar itself looked to in good condition. After removing the outer foam, I noticed a crack on the front Spruce top running from about 2" below the bridge to about 3" above on the left side. Is it playable? Yes. Is it worth $70 for a broken Ukulele? No. the color is good and the body and neck are un-finished which makes the guitar have a softer and more natural touch. The back inlays shown on the website do not exist and although I would have been completely satisfied with this purchase, the fact that it arrived broken is disappointing. I will be returning and possibly replacing if they can ship one unbroken.
Service Team:

We sincerely apologize for this problem. Our customer service center has sent an email to you, please check it.

Glarry UK503 26inch Tenor Matte Rosewood Ukulele
By David K***
June 01, 2019
A very nice-looking tenor uke, the matte rosewood finish is incredible. The 2 issues I have are 1) The nut is slightly higher than I like, making the string height up the neck uncomfortable. This should be fairly easy to remedy. 2) The Bridge material is a cutoff piece of plastic, which unfortunately does not fit snuggly in the bridge slot. This plays hell with the intonation, and this piece will need to be replaced, likely with a harder material like bone or Corian. The uke has a warm clear tone. The provided strings are for a high G tuning. Regardless of your preference for high or low G tuning, I'd recommend swapping the strings out right away - no point in waiting for bad strings to stretch just to have to replace them later. Would I recommend this uke? It does need a little help, but the end result will be worth the time put in to get it there.
Glarry UK103 26inch Tenor Rosewood Fingerboard Basswood Ukulele White Black Pink Red Blue Green Purple Brown
By Ellery R***
May 20, 2019
The tenor ukulele is amazing! I have had several ukes over the years and this is the best. I tuned this one on day one, the next day it only needed a little tweak. The following day, less tweek. It is still holding. The action is perfect and the strings play on every fret without buzz, all the way up. It looks very plain, but in that I recognize machine precision that will be in every instrument. I have my eye on other Glarry instruments.
Glarry UK201 21inch Sapele Wood Ukulele Sunset
By Sarah J***
March 13, 2019
Beautiful all around - appearance, sound, price, everything
Glarry UC101 21inch Soprano Basswood Ukulele Pineapple Patterns Kiwi Patterns Watermelon Patterns Hawaii Girl Patterns
By Walt B***
March 12, 2019
Took awhile to hold the initial tuning, not sure if this is true of all brand new ukes. Sounds good and easy to play.
Glarry UK207 26inch Tenor Rosewood Fingerboard Matte Sapele Ukulele
By Walt B***
March 12, 2019
Great sound, took a while to stretch out the strings but holds tune well now. Incredible value
Glarry UK101 21inch Soprano Rosewood Fingerboard Basswood Ukulele White Pink Black Red Blue Green Brown Purple
By Isabella A***
March 11, 2019
This is the best it is inexpensive and came early
Glarry UK303 26inch Tenor Rosewood Fingerboard Matte Zebra Wood Ukulele
By Roger M***
November 02, 2018
On a whim I ordered this and a case after seeing a review on Trogoly Guitars on YouTube. I was pleasantly surprised when they both arrived and was impressed with the build/quality of the Uke/case combo for roughly $65.00 US. The Zebrawood is real not printed, craftsmanship including the neck/frets/bridge/nut are really very good for this price-point. It takes some winding to stretch the strings but once they settle in it is a great Ukelele sound. The Tenor is a step below the Baritone but bigger than the Standard and Concert sizes so has a deeper/richer sound. Very happy with the purchase, well done Glarry!
Glarry UC101 21inch Soprano Basswood Ukulele Pineapple Patterns Kiwi Patterns Watermelon Patterns Hawaii Girl Patterns
By Tonya F***
September 03, 2018
I thought the product was ok,but the keys were cheapl and won't stay tight after it's tuned.