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Glarry Burning Fire Style Electric Guitar White Black Red Sunset

Glarry Burning Fire Style Electric Guitar White Black Red Sunset

Glarry Burning Fire Style Electric Guitar Sunset
Guitar + Bag Pick Strap + Accessories
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Color White Black Red Sunset

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A good electric guitar, will be your constant companion in your lifetime. Buy a GLARRY electric guitar and pursue your own musical dreams. The GLARRY guitar brand is aim to do one thing, which is let all beginners have good guitars from the start. Buy a guitar and we will send a rich gift package

The Glarry Burning Fire Style Electric Guitar + Bag + Shoulder Strap + Pick + Whammy Bar + Cord + Wrench Tool is a gorgeous, high-performance electric guitar that won't disappoint you. Constructed with a lightweight contoured basswood body, it is a fine-toned instrument with an outstanding look and sound. Comfortable maple neck makes it easy to fly up and down the rosewood fingerboard with ease. The tremolo lets you have tons of whammy bar fun. Easily transportable, accurately intonated and fun to play, it surely is worth your investment. Plus, it comes with full accessories for added convenience.


Brand: Glarry
Style: Burning Fire
Orientation: Right handed
Color: Black; White; Red; Sunset
Number of frets: 24
Nut width: 1.656 in. (42 mm)
Scale length: 25.5"
Number of strings: 6
Face Material: Basswood
Side Panel Material: Basswood
Back Material: Basswood
Fingerboard Material: Rosewood
Neck Material: Maple
Dimensions: (37.01 x 12.80 x 2.36)"(L x W x H)
Weight: 98.77oz / 2800g

Package Includes:

1 x Guitar
1 x Guitar Bag
1 x Shoulder Strap
1 x Power Wire
2 x Tools
1 x Plectrum
1 x Tremolo Bar

Reviews (23)

by W***r, on September 03,2019

Great deal

by R***S, on August 15,2019

Very good beginner guitar. Tuned it plugged it in and my son loved it.

by R***D, on August 07,2019

I really enjoy this guitar. It's a great deal for the price. One of the nicest things about a nice guitar at such a reasonable price is that I can learn to play worry free and totally focus on what I'm doing. It's also great to be able to let my kids play it too. Thank you for making an affordable and decent quality instrument. Roland https://rolandbyrd.co/

by R***i, on July 31,2019

I presently have a Epiphone Dot which sounds great, butI wanted a second guitar, not too expensive and I want a single coil pickup. I happened to come across a review of the Glarry Burning Fire on Youtube, and it was a favourable review. And it's was only $69. Ok, so it might not be a replacement for my Dot, but it's only $69. Going to the Glarry Music site, the sunset was on sale for only $59. It looked a bit funky, I'm mostly a blues player, but it's only $59, and no shipping. So I ordered it, expecting a long wait, but it was delivered after a few days! Packaging wasn't that great, the Fedex guy waited for me to open it up to make sure the guitar wasn't damage since the box was a bit dinged up. The guitar wasn't touched during shipping. So far so good. Taking it out the first thing I noticed how small it is! Plus the body style didn't looked too much heavy metal at all! Looking it over, my wife noticed a little overspray on top of the headstock and wanted to me to return it, but I just said it gave it character. Plus it was only $59. It came with a truss rod allen wrench and a smaller allen wrench for the bridge, a thin guitar cord and a chintzy strap. I put aside the cord and the strap was doable, but I had an extra one. The neck was setup pretty good, so I didn't have to adjust it. One thing amazed me was it had 9-42 strings on it. I was expecting 10-46, so that pretty was nice. The tremolo was locked down so I had to adjust it to float. WIth three springs it was pretty tight, so I removed one of the springs. The action was pretty high, so that needed adjustment. Did I mention it was only $59? It did go out of tune a lot at the beginning, the 9-42 strings sure were stretchy. I graphite the nut and that helped. Now the sound. It's a bit tinny, not full like the Dot. The single coil didn't sound too bad. But did I mention it was only $59? I didn't hear the hum that everyone complained about, but then my amp has a real good noise gate builtin. All in all pretty good for an inexpensive guitar. It's a good guitar to mod, I have a few ideas already. Did I mention it was only $59?

by T***n, on July 30,2019

Fun little guitar to learn on again. Will be making some mods in the future. Couple cons: a-string tuning key was not secured properly and the washer was even crooked. Jack was not secured either and the port was leaning. Small paint blemish on head stock. No major problems but quality control was a bit lax. Good little guitar for the money. PS: I did a full setup on the guitar and it plays great now.

Service Team:

We appreciate your support for Glarry. We have already reflected your question to our development department and quality control department. We would censor more rigidly on our products and improve their quality. If you have other questions, please contact our customer support center cs@glarrymusic.com, we will do everything we can to help you.GLARRY

by m***l, on July 30,2019

my kid had a bc rich warlock, loved the look of this one tho, got it in red. He loves it, great guitar for him, great price. May buy again soon

by e***h, on July 27,2019

I love this guitar, but I didn't buy it to keep it as it came from the factory. I intended to upgrade everything in it, and am having a blast doing just that as monies allow. Had to buy a guitar case to fit an explorer body, added foam to the lower bout cavity, will fur that and the guitar is stable in a good case. If you love teching out a guitar this is the route to go, if you are a beginner guitar player you cannot go wrong with the quality for the price!

by d***n, on July 26,2019


Service Team:

Dear customer, this guitar is 36 inches, it is full size, the product is special, it will be shorter than the ST series, but it does not affect the use.If you have any questions, please contact our customer service.

by T***m, on July 25,2019

For the price it is the tops. Been messing about with guitars since my early teens. Study jazz guitar for around ten years as a form of stress relief. These guitars they have on offer will inspire many more to try out top quality products at very reasonable prices. I worked on & off for over a year in Vietnam. In fact most of my family is out there now. This gear is so good l would love them to act as agents for this company out there

by d***y, on June 01,2019

Great guitar for money pros loud pickups setup good good mix of pickup tones Only 2 high frets frets well finished Cons Truss rod does not work very well still too small a gap when rod is slack (put 10 gauge strings on and gap is not perfect but passable) Selector switch knob keeps falling off (can't select 5th position had to glue it on ) buzzing No shielding ( rewired with screened wire and shielded cavities with copper tape) tuners stiff (stripped tuners down oiled ,reassembled and made sure locknuts and screws were tight) Worth it just needs a setup and a few things sorted Now keeps tune, does not buzz Would recommend to all

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