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Reviews of Glarry 32 Piano Keys Melodica Pink Red Blue
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Customer Reviews(14)

by P***r

on July 09, 2021

My grandkids were watching TV…until Papa started playing his/their melodica. Even a 3 1/2 year old can play!

by S***l

on March 28, 2021

it's a great instrument and i love it

by J***s

on January 05, 2021

Shipping was delayed, not a problem for me.

by M***z

on September 29, 2020

Great, handy instrument. My 12 year old loves it. Fast learning.

by B***e

on April 04, 2020

I got this as a present for myself for my birthday. It came on time which was lovely :) It smelled kinda terrible (like warehouse-y) which I expected, but a quick wash before use fixed that up. It works really well!! Sounds amazing and every note plays. If I had to buy a melodica again I'd but it from here.

by C***r

on December 18, 2019

I'm quite fussy about sound and this instrument is just amazingly good. I can't believe they sell an instrument of this quality so cheaply and with a carry case too.

by D***2

on October 23, 2019

Perfect so excited to play

by S***r

on October 21, 2019

This is a great product for the price & I received it sooner than promised.

by A***y

on October 19, 2019

Looks good should've took a pic before i wrapped it. Son will love it and will buy more for all the nieces and nephew's

by E***n

on October 01, 2019

This melodica is so adorable, ans the fact that it has the keys on it helps begginers like me so much. I did the fast shipping for it, but it actually came a whole lot sooner then even the quick shipping.

by M***a

on September 28, 2019

It plays so well, it's a perfect size, and I love the color!

by J***n

on September 19, 2019

Came in great condition and was extremely early delivery. I loved the color and can't wait to play it!!!

by M***r

on August 02, 2019

This is gonna be fun to play! Nice that it has a separate mouthpiece if I don't want to use the tube mouthpiece.

by K***e

on October 29, 2018

Ordered one last week and it came in broken. I'll order one more time and hope it's not broken this time. This was requested as a birthday gift.

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