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Glarry GPP-102 88-Key Home Portable Standard-action Digital Piano w/Lighted Keys Black White
By K***r
Aug 15, 2023
Nice keyboard but I wish it came with a more informative booklet. There is also an after sound when you push the keys. On all sounds there is an after sound. Hard to explain but it is there. I just wanted a simple keyboard that I could learn to play on. You get what you pay for. For the price it's okay.
Glarry GPP-102 88-Key Home Portable Standard-action Digital Piano w/Lighted Keys Black White
By J***h
Jul 25, 2023
For the money, this keyboard is fantastic. The only drawback is there is a minor hiss noise present. Fortunately, I personally use headphones mostly at night and play without them during the day, so I can tolerate the subtle hiss noise.
Glarry GEP-201 54-Key Portable Electronic Piano Keyboard w/LCD Screen, Microphone
By B***s
Jul 23, 2023
The product arrived in excellent packaging, ensuring its safety during transit. It offers a great balance between price and quality, making it a reasonable purchase. Overall, I couldn't ask for more from this product.
Glarry GPP-103 88 Semi-Weighited Keys Foldable Standard Digital Piano Black
By S***c
Jul 13, 2023
My son, who is the musician in our family, evaluated this piano for me, and he concluded that it is a good option for beginners. While the sound quality from the built-in speaker may not be outstanding, connecting it to an external speaker greatly enhances the audio experience. The added convenience of its foldable design and ability to run on battery power makes it even more appealing. Overall, I would recommend it to anyone starting their journey into piano playing.
Glarry GDP-104 88-Key Home Fully Weighted Hammer-action Keybed Digital Piano Black White
By b***4
Jul 06, 2023
While the manual provided with this piano offers instructions, it can be challenging to comprehend at times, likely due to the language barrier of its author.
Glarry GEP-102 61-Key Portable Keyboard with Keyboard Stand
By S***y
Jul 05, 2023
I gifted this keyboard to my 7-year-old grandson on his birthday and started teaching him how to play since I have experience as a music teacher. We've only had one lesson so far, but he's making good progress. However, I must mention that I was disappointed with the flimsy music stand. It doesn't hold his music book securely, which can be frustrating during practice sessions.
Glarry GDP-101 88-Key Home Standard-action Keybed Digital Piano w/Bluetooth Black
By J***i
Jul 02, 2023
Although the delivery was delayed, the quality of this piano is exceptional.The sound and graded hammer action keys closely resemble those of an acoustic piano, creating a soothing and inviting atmosphere. The addition of layer and split functions adds an element of fun to practicing. In conclusion, this piano is definitely worth the investment.
Glarry GEP-102 61-Key Portable Keyboard with Keyboard Stand
By M***y
Jun 11, 2023
This keyboard is perfect for beginners, although the sound quality isn't as good as more expensive models (which is to be expected at this price point). However, it's still good enough to learn on and is a great option if you're unsure about committing to learning piano. If you want to practice quietly with the app, I'd recommend spending a bit more money on the version with a MIDI port.
Glarry GEP-202 61-Key Keyboard with Piano Stool Black
By A***r
Jun 01, 2023
My son received this keyboard from Santa and he loves it! Have been playing this keyboard for five months now. He's been playing the piano tiles app for years and wanted a keyboard with light up keys. This one has lots of features and is a great beginner piano. The only downside is that the keys could feel more like a real piano with a bit more weight, and the speakers can buzz on high notes. But for the price, it's definitely worth it as a first keyboard instead of paying for a more expensive o ...
Glarry GEP-105 61-Key Portable Electronic Piano Keyboard w/LCD Screen, Microphone
Jun 01, 2023
While this keyboard offers good value for its price, there is room for improvement. One issue is the lack of a song list, which makes it challenging to learn specific songs. Even with the keys lighting up, it's not always clear which song is being played. It would be a good idea to include a numbered song list to make things easier.