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Glarry GPP-102 88-Key Home Portable Standard-action Digital Piano w/Lighted Keys Black White
By K***r
Aug 15, 2023
Nice keyboard but I wish it came with a more informative booklet. There is also an after sound when you push the keys. On all sounds there is an after sound. Hard to explain but it is there. I just wanted a simple keyboard that I could learn to play on. You get what you pay for. For the price it's okay.
Glarry GPP-102 88-Key Home Portable Standard-action Digital Piano w/Lighted Keys Black White
By J***h
Jul 25, 2023
For the money, this keyboard is fantastic. The only drawback is there is a minor hiss noise present. Fortunately, I personally use headphones mostly at night and play without them during the day, so I can tolerate the subtle hiss noise.
Glarry GPP-103 88 Semi-Weighited Keys Foldable Standard Digital Piano Black
By S***c
Jul 13, 2023
My son, who is the musician in our family, evaluated this piano for me, and he concluded that it is a good option for beginners. While the sound quality from the built-in speaker may not be outstanding, connecting it to an external speaker greatly enhances the audio experience. The added convenience of its foldable design and ability to run on battery power makes it even more appealing. Overall, I would recommend it to anyone starting their journey into piano playing.
Glarry GDP-104 88-Key Home Fully Weighted Hammer-action Keybed Digital Piano Black White
By b***4
Jul 06, 2023
While the manual provided with this piano offers instructions, it can be challenging to comprehend at times, likely due to the language barrier of its author.
Glarry GDP-101 88-Key Home Standard-action Keybed Digital Piano w/Bluetooth Black
By J***i
Jul 02, 2023
Although the delivery was delayed, the quality of this piano is exceptional.The sound and graded hammer action keys closely resemble those of an acoustic piano, creating a soothing and inviting atmosphere. The addition of layer and split functions adds an element of fun to practicing. In conclusion, this piano is definitely worth the investment.
Glarry GDP-101 88-Key Home Standard-action Keybed Digital Piano w/Bluetooth Black
By W***e
May 21, 2023
My only complaint about this digital piano is the strip that runs across the top has been lifting since delivery and cannot be pressed back down. Additionally, it lacks the sticker lettering that new learners typically use. Nevertheless, it has a solid key feel and produces an excellent sound. Other than the strip problem, we're extremely pleased with our purchase.
GLARRY GDP-101 88 Key Home Standard-action Digital Piano w/Bluetooth with Piano Stool
By A***a
May 17, 2023
While the design of this digital piano is lovely and functional, there are some issues with the keys feeling stiff. The speakers are unprotected and require careful handling, and the sound quality is better in the lower half of the keyboard than in the upper half. However, the sustain pedal works fine and the product is visually appealing for the price. Hooking up to an external sound source can also help improve sound quality. Overall, a decent option for those on a budget.
Glarry GDP-101 88-Key Home Standard-action Keybed Digital Piano w/Bluetooth Black
By k
May 07, 2023
This piano is perfect for my son's daily practice sessions, and he loves it! He uses an iPad piano app that plugs into the piano, which helps him track his progress and accuracy. Although the keys have a clicking sound because it's a digital instrument, we did experience an issue when one of the keys became loose and started making a rattling noise. We have contacted the cutomer service for help, and hopefully, we'll be able to solve the issue ourselves since there isn't a piano repair shop near ...
Glarry GPP-102 88-Key Home Portable Standard-action Digital Piano w/Lighted Keys Black White
By R***M
May 02, 2023
Great Compact and Portable Piano. I purchased this piano because I needed something I could practice on that had 88 keys and was compact. This piano is perfect. The sound quality of the instruments is a bit computerized but to be expected in this model of digital piano. However, when connected to a computer music application it can be used as a midi keyboard and play the sounds in your computer application. The sound volume is just right for practicing. This is a very good purchase for a first p ...
Glarry GPP-102 88-Key Home Portable Standard-action Digital Piano w/Lighted Keys Black White
By L***e
May 01, 2023
Decent.Not as loud as I would expect. Wearing headphones sound is much louder.

Digital piano is a type of electronic keyboard instrument designed to serve primarily as an alternative to the traditional acoustic piano, both in the way it feels to play and in the sound produced. In terms of aesthetics and acoustics, the piano is undoubtedly a beautiful musical instrument. Whether at home or on stage, perhaps nothing can truly beat the beauty and majesty of an acoustic piano and the respect it deserves. However, digital piano have come a long way and are definitely worth considering, especially as technology advances and they become cheaper.

Now, it is more suitable than ever to use a digital piano as an alternative to an upright acoustic or grand piano. Digital piano use either synthesized emulation or recorded samples of an acoustic piano, which are sounded through an internal loudspeaker. They also incorporate weighted keys, which recreate the feel of an acoustic piano. Some digital pianos are designed to also look like an upright or grand piano. Purists will stick to their dead ends, so that nothing can match the real touch, weight or resistance of ivory keys or the roar and resonance sound of traditional piano hammers, but modern digital piano manufacturers will undoubtedly try their best to do so.

While digital piano may sometimes fall short of acoustic ones in feel and sound, their advantages include being smaller, weighing much less, and costing less than an acoustic piano. In addition, digital piano do not need to be tuned, and their tuning can be modified to match the tuning of another instrument like other electronic musical instruments, they can be connected to an amplifier or a PA system to produce a sound loud enough for a large venue or, at the other extreme, may be heard through headphones only. Some digital piano can emulate other sounds besides the piano, the most common ones being pipe organ, electric piano, Hammond organ, and harpsichord. Digital pianos are often used in music schools and music studios as a replacement for traditional instruments. All in all, when it comes to the best digital piano, I suggest choosing glarry digital piano, which is very cost-effective.